January 4, 2005

Carnival of the Doodles.

Ambivablog has taken up the doodle mantle, which I dropped a while back. She's got some nice doodles at the link and is trying to put together a Carnival of the Doodles, so why don't you help? She's raised the issue of defining the doodle: "Honor system: we'll just have to take your word that it's an honest-to-God, spaced-out doodle and not a deliberate fake." So, what, once you think about the fact that you are drawing, you've deprived the thing of its essential doodlosity? I was more coming at the subject from the other direction: once you call something a "drawing," you invite serious art criticism. By offering your drawing up as a doodle, you fend off judgment. You're thinking people will look with a more forgiving eye and be slightly entertained or say "that's pretty cool." But by Ambivablog's account, you'd be a fraud if you did this.

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