January 23, 2005

After the wreck.

After the car wreck, the police officer gave me a lift home. I thanked him and wished him well, and he was completely nice to me too. I went in the house and talked to Chris and got a hug and emailed Nina: call me! We email each other all the time, and I didn't know her phone number. When we had our plans interrupted by a car crash, Tonya and I had been on our way over to pick up Nina and go to see the 3:55 show of "Sideways." I guess we went sideways. Tonya ended up going to the hospital in the ambulance with the driver of the other car, and I signed the release refusing treatment. I'll go to the hospital later if I have to, but right now I just wanted to go home.

Nina called me up, and I told her the story. She asked me what she could do, and I said to go over and help Tonya at the hospital. Later, Nina called from the hospital. The place was busy, and she was afraid they'd be there a long time. I invited them to come over afterwards and said I had a lot of steak in the refrigerator. I'd make a dinner. Nina was into that and said both she and Tonya had been talking about going home and making scrambled eggs -- which would be quite a comedown from last night's glorious dinner.

Not that long after, they came by. Tonya was on crutches! An ankle sprain. I got out the two extra thick steaks and sliced them into thinner steaks, making four steaks for Tonya, Nina, Chris, and me. I had a lot of salad greens, and I opened a bottle of wine. We were going to cook and eat and watch a movie to cheer us all up. And we did cook and talk a lot and blog and watch a movie that really did cheer us up quite a bit. What movie? "Serial Mom"!

Here's how we looked, crutches and all -- in the oft-blogged-about, but never-before-seen Althousian "big room" -- as we were getting set up to eat steak and lift our spirits with a movie about a murderous mother.

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