January 24, 2005

The morning after the car wreck.

Here's Tonya's account of the aftermath of the car wreck. She uses the word "hemotoma" and acknowledges the healing effects of chocolate ice cream. Unlike me, she not only considered photographing her injury for the blog, she did photograph it. Refrained from blogging it though.

Here's Nina's account of the aftermath, which includes her recipe for chocolate crepes with sauteed strawberries. There's some talk of why "Serial Mom" was the right movie to watch after the accident. She notes that irony that we talked about the way an accident commits us to taking more care in the future and that, after dropping off Tonya last night, she backed her car into a snow bank.

I've gotten a lot of nice, sympathetic email from readers. Thanks to all for your kind thoughts. One thing about blogging is that you enlarge the circle of people who care about you, and I appreciate that.

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