November 3, 2004

Those people who are gearing up for '08.

I know they can't help it, those people who are gearing up for '08. I got into my car to drive to work this morning, clicked on the radio, and the first thing I heard was some talk radio guy raving against Hillary Clinton in '08. How absurd! And then there are those pro-Kerry websites that want to keep fighting out the futile battle of the Ohio provisional ballots. Ugh! I'm not going to tell you dyed-in-the-wool politicos to give it a rest. For you, it is like breathing. You must go on. But many of us are glad to have a chance to return to normal life. Politics is part of life, but the election fight is over now. It's already taken too much time. And, oh, how happy I am that the answer is known and that there is no litigation. And I was a litigator back in the day when I practice law, and I teach now about litigation. But that is not inconsistent with my great sense of relief that we are not going to have any post-election litigation. Remember that "army of 10,000 lawyers" Kerry told us he had ready for deployment? Said army melts back into the general populace, to be reintegrated into civilian life. Thank God!

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