November 3, 2004

I'm back.

I've finished my Instapundit guestblogging gig and posted one last piece, a kind of sign-off where I invite people over here. Oh, why am I telling you that? Chances are high that you came here after reading that. I'll be interested to see what my readership will be, but even though I think I've picked up some new readers, blog traffic all around is likely to sink now that the election is over. I am excited about blogging about new things now that there is not the daily pressure to keep track of that one (excruciatingly dragged-out) event. It's an opportunity to talk about other political news and to get back to writing about TV shows other than news shows and maybe to get out to the movies once in a while. It is the time of year when the best movies should be coming out.

Of course, the election season is not entirely over. Now is the time to analyze what it all means, and I intend to do some of that. In fact, I'm sorry I haven't done more of that today. This morning, here and on Instapundit, I concentrated on advice to the winners and losers about the emotional processing of the outcome of the election. I am now watching a bunch of news analysis shows I TiVo'd today to stimulate some thinking about what the outcome of the election means. But I'll probably have to wait until tomorrow to write anything of substance, because the fact is I'm really tired. I stayed up far into the night watching the election returns, woke up two or three times during the night and listened to the NPR coverage, and then still jumped out of bed at 6 a.m. So, until tomorrow ...

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