October 26, 2004

Why not talk about al-Qaqaa?

The story I get the feeling the we-miss-Glenn readers of Instapundit most want me to write about is the news of the missing explosives at Al-Qaqaa and the possible pro-Kerry bias of news media like the NYT in suppressing information about when the explosives went missing. I acknowledge that this story is brewing, but before jumping on the NYT and others, I'd like to understand the facts better. NBC News seems to be a good place to start:
An NBC News crew that accompanied U.S. soldiers who seized the Al-Qaqaa base three weeks into the war in Iraq reported that troops discovered significant stockpiles of bombs, but no sign of the missing HMX and RDX explosives.

It remains unclear, however, how extensively the U.S. forces searched the site in the immediate aftermath of the invasion to topple Saddam Hussein.

I'm not interested in throwing a lot of extra chatter into the mix. I don't mind jumping on the NYT. I've done it before. But at this point, I can't see what's going on well enough yet to talk about it!

Note: one of the other guestbloggers, Michael J. Totten, is keeping up with this issue, updating a post from yesterday.

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