October 26, 2004

The Return of Justin Guarini.

In a cruel but enticing new reality show, Guarini is one of the second-rate actors who are in on the joke of tricking struggling actors into to delivering lines like "You may bite through my flesh, but you'll never bite through my soul," and see if they notice the joke is on them.

The day will come when someone who actually is trying to make a real movie decides to salvage the project by reframing it as a trick on some of the actors, telling them it was somehow all a joke and filming their reactions.

UPDATE: Just fixing the time stamp on this.

A MORE SUBSTANTIVE UPDATE: Okay, here is what really bugs me about this new show. It doesn't take into account two things. First, an actor in a movie often has no workable overview of the film and can't tell if it is good or bad. Second, most movies ARE terrible. Someone who is grateful for the work is not going to speak up and say this movie seems to be bad. That isn't the role of the actor, and the actor isn't an idiot not to outwardly manifest recognition that the film is bad.

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