October 25, 2004

Self-criticism heightened.

I find myself being much more critical about fussy details of writing for my Instapundit posts. For example, when I described Nina's writing as "discursive, digressive," I not only felt the need to look up "discursive"--is it really a word?--before using it, but I also fretted afterwards that "discursive" and "digressive" were redundant. I see I wrote "who," when I should have written "whom" in this one. Damn! And after I wrote "extra-shamelessly," I thought about and even had a conversation with Gordon about how it doesn't make sense to say "extra-shameless," because once you have no shame at all you're "shameless," so how can you have less than no shame?

UPDATE: And, of course, if I'd written "Where are the supporting players?" over there, I'd be really kicking myself, because of the obvious implied statement that I see myself as the star of the "show." Which I don't really ... but if they don't show up soon ... I'm getting a little nervous!

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