October 25, 2004

The Instapundit experience so far.

So what's it like scampering onto the big stage? First, I find myself alone. Where are the supporting players? Where are Megan and Michael? Michael posted at 2 am, so at least I'm not worrying that his boat sank. The last time we'd heard from him, he was "sailing to Gig Harbor." He's out there in the Pacific Time Zone, so my guess is, he's just not up yet.

Finding myself alone in a big, unfamiliar place is like something you might have happen in a dream. In fact, I did have a blog-related dream last night. I was sitting alone at a big table in a nice and crowded restaurant, having nothing but a cup of black coffee. The waiter brought the check, charging me $20: $5 for the coffee and $15 for occupying a table that could have been used for customers who would have ordered dinner. I told him if he didn't take the $15 charge off the check, I was going to write about it in my blog. Oh, what? You have more exciting dreams, I suppose?

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