October 22, 2004

Feingold versus Michels.

What, no "Joan of Arcadia"? N0! It's Senator Russ Feingold against Tim Michels, in a big debate. The crawl under their faces tries to appease "Joan" fans (like me!). They'll run the new "Joan" some time late at night over the weekend.

The first question is about the the Patriot Act. The phrase "lone vote against" is inevitable. The format is informal, so both candidates try to take the floor. Michels gets control of the floor. Feingold shrugs and lets Michels run with it. Michels reminds me of Bill Murray. He's an attractive candidate. But Feingold is an institution. When Michels is done, Feingold says: "I took an oath to the Constitution ... and that wasn't an oath of convenience." Oh, now that I've said Michels reminds me of Bill Murray, I've got to be fair. Feingold reminds me of Soupy Sales! Nice debate. Nice debate format. But I'm going to vote to return Feingold to the Senate. Sorry, Tim.