July 26, 2004

Ooh, cool new color tones at Technorati!

A nice change to go along with the beginning of its Democratic Convention blogging coverage. (Crazy typo just corrected: "Demoncratic.") Now, if only Technorati could get itself to work consistently and at a decent speed!

Yes, yes, why am I checking out Technorati instead of doing that editing project? I just relocated to a State Street café to do the edit. I've got my large cappucino, I'm checking out the new art exhibit, and just trying to settle in. They're playing Creedence Clearwater Revival here. "Fortunate Son." No, not some kind of Madison Bush-bashing effort to mark Day 1 of the Convention. They're playing the whole album. No, not "Willy and the Poorboys," unfortunately. Some greatest hits thing. This one. I would never have thought, back when I used to listen to "Willy and the Poorboys" in my college dorm room, that the kids in 2004 would be listening to this. Well, I'd "better run through the jungle" of my law review edit now.

UPDATE: Ah! Editing project completed. The "track changes" function on Microsoft Word really makes going over the changes in a law review article much easier! Some law reviews still send out paper copies by FedEx for the author to mark up and FedEx back. I really can't understand why. Quite aside from the trouble and expense of using FedEx instead of email, the process of clicking through the changes works to keep you focused on the task of getting through the document. Maybe it's the clicking itself that creates a pace, like a metronome.

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