July 26, 2004

Monday morning.

Rising to the top of my to-do list is a final edit due today, a matter of going through a Word document and clicking my approval (I hope!) of various edits and then, with blissful convenience, emailing the attachment back to the law review. This article is the written version of a presentation I gave last November at a symposium at Brooklyn Law School called "Our New Federalism? National Authority and Local Autonomy in the War on Terror." If you go to the symposium website and scroll down to the bottom and click on the first "Presentation" link, you can see your humble blogger giving a presentation called "The Vigor of Anti-Commandeering Doctrine in Times of Terror." I'm the first speaker after the introduction. There's a roundtable discussion later too. [I speak at 0:11:00 and 1:34:52.] I've never watched this video: I hope the extemporaneous version of the article is coherent. Time for me to hone the paper version. So feel free to watch that video, or look at this pretty flower:

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