July 14, 2004

Hitchens on Bush in Vanity Fair.

Hey, why doesn't Vanity Fair make its articles available online? I wanted to link to Christopher Hitchens' article about Bush and drinking: "The Teetotal Effect." It's the August issue, the one with Ronnie and Nancy on the cover. Nice article on Sasha Baron Cohen, whose new season of "Da Ali G Show" is about to begin on HBO (I've been catching all the old season episodes this week on HBO on Demand).

I'll just give you my favorite line from the Hitchens article (which rips armchair psychologists who label Bush a "dry drunk," calls AA a "quasi-cult," and thinks he can figure out that Bush was never much of a drunk):
Winston Churchill was half in the bag for the whole of the Finest Hour, if not longer.

His conclusion is that Bush should drink now and then! Hitchens doesn't like teetotaling, because why should you trust someone who can't trust himself? And: "Nobody likes a quitter."

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