July 15, 2004

First Lady hair.

What's the most amazing thing about Teresa Heinz Kerry? It's that she's getting away with wearing her hair like that. Consider this passage from a NYT report about Heinz Kerry:
Noelia Rodriguez, who was until seven months ago Mrs. Bush's press secretary, said Mrs. Heinz Kerry's outspokenness was refreshing.

"Teresa is comfortable saying things that are off the script, and Mrs. Bush would never do that, or rarely do that," Ms. Rodriguez said. The two could have an intriguing dinner conversation - or, perhaps, a summit meeting on "Oprah!" - Ms. Rodriguez observed, adding that Mrs. Heinz Kerry "definitely needs to see Mrs. Bush's hairstylist" to tame the unruly mane that often hides her eyes.

Has anyone with hair that moves around ever gotten to be First Lady? Classic First Lady hair--sculpted and lacquered--symbolizes the steely self-control we've come to expect in a First Lady.

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