May 23, 2004

Sopranos! Look out for the glass! Kumquats!

What a truly great episode of The Sopranos! I just have a completely off to the side remark. When Tony was watching TV, the movie was It's a Gift, which is officially one of my favorite movies (see my profile). "Look out for the glass, Mr. Muckle!" "Where are my kumquats?"


Livia said...

I agree that Sunday's episode was exceptional, clearly building toward a potential war between the Sopranos and Johnny Sach. It seems possible, however, that although Tony took a definite step toward confrontation with the New York family, his ultimate demise may be his own weakness. My conjecture is that Tony will ultimately die (and indeed the series may conclude) with Tony's death, not as the result of a hit or a murder by Carmella, but by a massive anxiety attack. This personal weakness has been his Achilles' heel in the past - as in the heist which sent Tony B. away to prison - and it increasingly hindered him in recent episodes. Thus, it would be fitting to end the story with this man, who is rich and powerful (if only in the fictional underworld), ultimately falling because of his own weakness.

Ann Althouse said...

I agree that Tony's anxiety attack problem should play a central role in how the series winds up. And things should wind up badly. I have in the past thought Tony must die and the questions are about who and how and so on. But based on the material on Sunday's show, I'm thinking, a war with the NY people will break out and result in many deaths, of everyone Tony cares about, and he will suffer through seeing all of that, reexperiencing his own impotence at key moments. He's being brought back with Carmella so that when she is killed, it will hurt him more.