May 24, 2004

Monday in Madison.

I'm going with alliterative titles now whenever possible, because my alliterative title over the weekend snagged me a couple of key links and produced the second highest traffic I've ever gotten for a single post.

It's a gloomy Monday morning in Madison, with the temperature not yet up to 50 degrees. At least a new, albeit miniature, semester is beginning, a three-week intersession. That means there will be a few more people around, and the in-house snack bar has reopened. Normally, at this time of year, I'd look forward to a jaunt down State Street for a mellow work session in one of the caf├ęs, and the snack bar wouldn't be important. But the weather has been not just cold but threatening. So I will hole up in my office today and do some writing of an academic, not bloggy, kind and grade a segment of exams.

Nothing in the news or at the links I normally check in the morning is inspiring me to write something here at the moment, so I will get to work and maybe come back later.

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