May 7, 2004

The Google oogle ogle conversation.

So I took a break from the exam room to get some hot coffee and said hi to Gordon and asked him what he was up to. He said Googling. I asked if he was "finding anything ... finding everything." And he specified that he was actually blogging about Google (the whole IPO story, about which he is outblogging everyone, I think). He said he was "oogling Google," but is "oogle" a word? I said I think it's "ogle," but people mix up "ogle" with "oodles," and end up sometimes saying "oogle." "Oogle" was then Googled, it was verified that the word is not "oogle," but "ogle." But how do you pronounce "ogle," with a short "o" or a long "o"? I said I think it's the short "o," and "ogle" was Googled and it was shown that either long or short was okay. I said I liked "ogle" with a short "o," because it reminds me of Og Oggilby.

Hey, remember this?