March 5, 2004

Trump bonds with Heidi. Did you notice, in the boardroom scene on The Apprentice last night, when Heidi rolled her eyes at one of Omarosa's haughty remarks, Trump smirked a little smile at Heidi? He felt like rolling his eyes too, but resisted that. Another thing I think Trump is resisting in the boardroom, which Heidi also resists in the boardroom, is using what Omarosa calls "the F-bomb." Heidi uses the f-word on the street all the time, of course. When Omarosa primly cited swearing in her effort to get Trump to fire Heidi, did you see the big laugh from the usually impassive Carolyn? Carolyn must know that Trump swears all the time around the office, making Heidi a much more appropriate apprentice.

Great Trump quote:
"By the way, all my life, I've been hit in the head with plaster."
He doesn't like complaining--and exaggerating (when did the bump on the head become a concussion?). And crying has not been a good technique. Bursting into the boardroom, unbidden, because you want to display the tears while you've got them going about as good as you think you'll be able to--that was really bad technique.

Anyway, nice to see Kwame get some camera time. I can see why he hasn't gotten much time before. He's cool and sensible and circumspect. He says just enough and it's well thought out. That's great technique.

I love Carolyn. Aside from looking just perfect, she almost always has an expression on her face that is calm and composed, but seems to convey that she sees and knows everything. When occasionally she gets an expression, it's wonderfully effective, like when she looked with disgust at the picked-over food in the losing team's gallery.

Anyway, great show. Great editing and sound effects foreshadowing the problems the team would have trying to sell the creepy looking art. Hope all the artists, chosen and unchosen, get a boost in sales from the appearance on the show. I'm sure they will. How many people does Meghan need to like her? Millions watched the show. Even if 99% were appalled, if .01% of the nonappalled 1% are interested in buying, she has it made.

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