March 5, 2004

"Drama Queen." Prof. Yin, whose blogging veered over into orange backup territory this week, says he's going to miss Omarosa. Yes, she was powerfully entertaining. So was Sam. But both of them had a way of making everyone else's behavior into a reaction to them. It will be good to get a chance to see how people act without the distortion of reacting to Omarosa/Sam.

Miss Alli at Television Without Pity is totally in love with last night's episode. ("Okay, if you're not watching this show? You must start. You simply must start. Although honestly, you must start like two weeks ago, so I'm already sad you didn't.")

Meanwhile, I keep finding people coming to my blog after Googling "Omarosa + suing," so I guess I better find out what that's all about so as not to disappoint people. Especially, now that writing that will cause my site to come up even higher when they Google that. I'm thinking she's trying to sue her way back on the show or collect some cash on the theory that they aggravated her concussion by pressuring her to work for 48 hours straight without a sit-down lunch break. She shouldn't sue though. Omarosa don't sue! Don't you realize millions of people find you immensely entertaining? You could have a whole reality show built around you--I'd call it "Drama Queen"--but who will want to deal with you if you show yourself to be all litigious?

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