March 17, 2004

Searching ... not finding. It's hard not to find it funny when people come to your site after searching for something that has so completely nothing to do with the site. Today, somebody searched for "mickey mouse magnetic pages photo album," and I sure hope she (he?) found it. But really, why would you click here, when the snippet that appeared in your search results was:
... is a good folky album--and were dismayed to see ... John Kerry the "Best Photo Op" honor for his appearance ... motifs like skulls with Mickey Mouse ears, marijuana plants or ...

You want a Mickey Mouse photo album. What are the chances that skulls with Mickey Mouse ears could possibly take you in the right direction? Or did I lead some innocent soul astray? She just wanted a Mickey Mouse photo album and then she got all fascinated by the idea of skulls allied with her darling Mickey. And nothing was the same ever after. Good luck, o websearching Mickey fan!

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