March 17, 2004

The party of love, the party of fear. Prof. Yin is surprised by the nice, signed photo he received in the mail from the Bush campaign. They laid it on thick thanking him for his grassroots leadership, even though he is a registered Democrat. I get tons of stuff like this from both parties, presumably because I subscribe to a wide range of magazines. I always find it weird that they assume you're a hardcore supporter, but they must find that the assumption helps make people feel needed and willing to chip in. I even receive membership cards to things I've never joined and letters inquiring why I haven't "renewed" my membership, letters full of wacky self-examination, mulling about what they could have done wrong to turn me away, like some needy old lover. Those last few things are all Republican moves. The Democratic letters are always trying to scare me about things that are about to happen, how I'm about to lose all my rights and so forth. I would have thought the Democrats would be more about love and the Republicans more about fear, but not so, at least when speaking to people they think might have some money to hand over. The Democrats try to scare me about the Republicans, and the Republicans just want to be loved.

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