June 23, 2024

Sunrise — 5:06, 5:18, 5:32, 5:43.






BUMBLE BEE said...

Love the textures!

Jersey Fled said...

It seems that even Snopes has finally concluded that Trump did not characterize Nazis as “very fine people.


Rich hardest hit.

Josephbleau said...

Another Ukrainian flag sunrise,

Eva Marie said...

What are Trump’s greatest weaknesses going into Thursday’s debate?
1. According to Scott Adams it’s the fine people hoax.
2. According to teamBiden it’s the felonies, stupid.
This week liberal Snopes labeled the fine people claim as false. Are the techie giants who own Snopes warming to Trump or do they have teamTrump techie friends who persuaded them to run the fact check now?
Also this week Democrat Andrew Cuomo and former NY Governor said, “If his name was not Donald Trump and if he wasn’t running for president … I’m the former AG in New York, [and] I’m telling you that case would’ve never been brought.” Was he disrespected by teamBiden and/or was he courted by teamTrump?
Timing is excellent.
TeamTrump is bringing the heat.

Humperdink said...

Weather looks unsettled in lovely Madison.

Aggie said...

Lovely little lemon slice sunrise!

imTay said...

You should Google "Hero of Russian Democracy" Navalny's stiff-right-arm-saluting rallies, ii you want to see a flag that matches that first picture.

imTay said...

It kind of amazes me that I made a comment on Instapundit, on an article about China's crackdowns on protesters in Hong Kong, that mentioned that closer to home, we have so many of our fellows put in prison by our own government over J6, and maybe this should be a larger concern to Americans rather than stuff that happens in other countries on the other side of the planet, and it was reported and deleted.

Another commenter suggested that we should have a plebiscite in Hong Kong, and if they vote for secession, we should back them up, and I said, "so we should do what Russia did in Crimea?" and this comment was also deleted. You think that Disqus is run by Instapundit, but it's run by those same "Cyber Threat Intelligence League" types Matt Taibbi writes about, you know, "Rich" types.

I used to get angry at how ignorant so many of the commenters over there are, but then I learned that if anybody tries to educate them to maybe read a little history, the mind guards there make sure that as few of them see it as possible. It's not their fault, they are being deliberately kept ignorant.

TickTock said...

A lemon slice sunrise. What a lovely description. It sounds all sherberty and delicious. The start of sweet/tart day of contrasts.

Curious George said...

"Josephbleau said...
Another Ukrainian flag sunrise,"

Nope. Their flag is the blue on top, gold on the bottom. Sky/wheat.

chickelit said...

@Chuck: Snopes had better take down their headline and most of the text because that editor’s note reads like a non sequiturd. Most people will not read that note and it’s too little too late to help Biden this Thursday. What else you got?

Drago said...


The newest LLR-democratical And Violent Homosexual Rage Rape Fantasist Chuck Limited Modified Hangout on the New Soviet Democratical's Charlottesville Hoax is...

....wait for it.....

....wait for it.....

....We never checked all the individuals who were present to determine if there really were good people on both sides of the statue debate!!

And Chuckles is really going to run with that!

Because of course he is!

What a fantastically fun way to end the weekend! With Chuck and the Bulwark buffoons all wee-weed up with a brand new spin off their debunked hoax!

Its just perfect. In fact, as hard as it is to believe, this one might just be as good as Chuck's Pecan Pie meltdown!

Its close. I'll have to give it a bit more thought before a final determination is made.

gadfly said...

Drago on the attack again - but he never presented any responsible argument against Chuck's well-researched comments that expose Trump's Charlottesville falsehoods from 2017. Try crying next time, Drago.

Drago said...

The Hopeless gadfly: "Drago on the attack again - but he never presented any responsible argument against Chuck's well-researched comments that expose Trump's Charlottesville falsehoods from 2017. Try crying next time, Drago."


Congratulations! For quite a long time I did not believe you could possibly be as dumb as you appeared, despite your serial plagiarism and clear inability to understand anything you you were copying and pasting.

Your astonishingly moronic posts related to SpaceX and its "competitors" (there really aren't any right now, are there?) remains a tour de force in ignorance.


I am now fully convinced you suffer from quite the IQ deficit. Perhaps related to some cat malady given that seems to be your only area of relative "competence".

As for your debunked Charlottesville hoax, it took only a very short comment to cut through yours and Chuck's newest line of BS.


That you dont recognize that is fully expected because...well, you're simply a dolt.

And your continued suck-uppery to Chuckles is quite embarrassing. And just because Chuckles had the incredible gall to actually publish his sick homosexual rage rape fantasy about Rod Dreher at Althouse blog does NOT necessarily mean he will take a shine to you.

Drago said...

You can just feel the panic amongst the Althouse lefties (gadfly, Rich, Mutaman, Chuck et al) as the polls continue to show increasing black and Latino support for Trump.

They are really angry about losing their Charlottesville hoax wedge right about now and its going to get worse.

Kate said...

Very enjoyable day of women's sports yesterday. Clark and Reese both had great plays in Fever at Sky. Excellent basketball. And we're watching the Track and Field qualifying a day late so we can skip commercials. Richardson's 100m run was thrilling. Pure athletic entertainment.

imTay said...

What is very funny about Chuck's take on the "very fine people on both sides" hoax is that he bases a lot of it is based on an article in The Bulwark, written by a man who allows in the article that he was THERE TO PROTEST AGAINST THE REMOVAL OF THE STATUES, in other words, he was on the OTHER SIDE.

In other words, Chuck's Bulwark article proves the exact opposite of what it says it proves. Unless you are some kind of child who ignores the evidence presented in an argument, and takes the conclusion applied to that evidence as Holy Writ, even the conclusion is plainly contradicted by the evidence presented.

What Chuck and Gadfly are doing is modeling stupidity in the interest of getting Joe Biden re-elected, Rich does the same thing. They are trying to get people to believe the nonsense they spout, so they have to act like they believe it too.

Jersey Fled said...

I promised myself I would not go down another ridiculous rabbit hole with Chuck, but since this an open thread and not Ann’s I will enter Chuck World one last time.

Yes, I read the editors note before I posted the link. In fact, several times. It makes absolutely no sense. So much so that it it could have been written by you. Each sentence contradicts the previous and the next, and finally its conclusion. I leave it to the Ann’s humble readers to draw their own conclusions. Read the whole Snopes piece, not just the part that Chuck selected.

Humperdink said...

Watching the video of Jamaal Bowman's f-bomb laced rant from this past weekend was certainly disheartening. How low have we sunk as a nation? And a former educator no less.

tim maguire said...

gadfly said...he never presented any responsible argument against Chuck's well-researched comments

That’s what you’re going with!?

Whether or not there are fine people on both sides is an opinion not susceptible to fact checking. Snopes’ editor’s note was nothing more than an admission that some Snopes readers are laughably stupid. By holding up that note as a correction (rather than an unnecessary clarification), you are declaring yourself as among the laughably stupid.

Christopher B said...

That "editor's note" on the Snope's "fine people" post simply repeats the consistent Biden/Democrat lie conflating all people protesting the statue removal with the self-titled "Unite the Right" rally organized by Richard Spencer. Trump's comment was always and completely totally clear in differentiation between the two groups.

Chuck said...

Blogger imTay said...
What is very funny about Chuck's take on the "very fine people on both sides" hoax is that he bases a lot of it is based on an article in The Bulwark, written by a man who allows in the article that he was THERE TO PROTEST AGAINST THE REMOVAL OF THE STATUES, in other words, he was on the OTHER SIDE.

Then you didn’t actually read Bob Tracinski’s essay.

Tracinski, a conservative writer of great distinction who lives in the Charlottesville area, was personally opposed to the monument removals. And he knows others who are personally opposed to the monument removals. But he didn’t attend any of the white supremacist demonstrations. Which is what Trump saw (on television). Tracinski didn’t demonstrate. Tracinski doesn’t have any friends who demonstrated with the white supremacists. Tracinski didn’t want any part of any association with the white supremacists.

In his essay, Tracinski observed that Trump stated that the demonstrators “had a permit.” But the people who applied for, and sued for, that permit were white supremacists.

Tracinski’s main essay point is that Trump’s long-running contention, in which he has been trapped for years thanks to his own blundering and inarticulate misstatements, is that among the very bad white-supremacist demonstrators in Charlottesville were also some “very fine people.” But Trump hasn’t, and can’t, and won’t say who “the very fine people who were involved in the Friday night and Saturday protests. The ones with the tiki torches chanting “Jews will not replace us,” or the Nazi paraphernalia and flags the next day, or the years of white supremacist advocacy like their protest leaders.

Drago said...

Its absolutely perfect that all "Snopes" had to do was actually watch an entire unedited clip of what Trump said, similar to simply watching a full unedited clip of the feeding goldfish im Japan hoax, to debunk the Charlottesville hoax...years later!

Note: they probably already had and were simply carrying forward on the lie a la Harry Reid, "well, it worked, didn't it?".

So then, what likely drove the Snope's public capitulation is the fact that so many democrats, including quite a few silicon valley types, wised up and were shocked that they had been lied to by the dems/LLR-democraticals and have spoken publicly about it!

A big uh oh for the left/LLR-left! What are they going to say? Its just a bunch of dumb Trump supporters?


This has led to surprising reevualations of Trump by key tech sector and other business players and a significant increase in donations to the Trump campaign.

This is all on top of an important chunk of urban minority voters moving away from the New Soviet Democraticals because they are living in the horror of dem/LLR-dem policy hell.

So whats left for a LLR-democratical And Violent Homosexual Rage Rape Fantasist Chuck?

Dude! Just read this Pierre Omidyar/Reid Hoffman far-left billionaire funded tripe over at the "conservative" Bulwark!

As though it were STILL 2016 and not 2024!

This is after Chuck's hilarious attempted Rupar-in-reverse lie to pretend obambi didn't have to lead Dementia-Glitch off a Hollywood stage!

We have also seen an attempted New Soviet Democratical push to relaunch ALL the debunked hoaxes against Trump, even the most insane. These idiots are STILL claiming the pee tape exists and the Althouse blog LLR-democraticals are still pushing the drink bleach lie!

Because what else do they have when the general public isnt buying the economic/jobs/imflation lies?

"CNBC - Tech For Trump: Silicon Valley imvstors turn against Biden"


Narr said...

Insty links to a very interesting article by Edward Luttwak at Unherd, one with relevance to prospects for major power conflict.

J L Oliver said...

Golden band sandwiched,
Darkness roils above, below
Swallowing the sun.

Drago said...

BTW, Trump going on the "All In Podcast", the most influential podcast from the Silicon Valley crew, was unthinkable in 2016.

And Trump nailed it with some of the sharpest thinkers/investors/do-ers we have.

If you missed it, I've linked it below and it beats the hell out of any of Chuck's psycho links:


MadTownGuy said...

Duck Duck Jeep Founder Allison Parliament Passes Away

"Allison Parliament.

You may not know the name. But you definitely have seen the ducks.

They are hard to miss when you see just about any Jeep these days.

On dashboards. Fenders. Hoods. Almost wherever.

Unfortunately, though, the founder of this whole Jeep duck movement, Parliament, passed away June 22, her family announced in a statement. She leaves behind a legacy that has inspired Jeep enthusiasts all over the glove to better enjoy their hobby.

”Allison's impact on the Jeep community worldwide was profound, spreading kindness and joy through her simple yet powerful initiative,” her family said. “Her vision brought smiles and created connections among Jeep enthusiasts around the globe, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie.”

Back in 2020, Parliament was driving from Alabama to visit her cousin in Bancroft, Ontario, during the earlier stages of COVID-19.

Rubber ducks were the last thing on her mind when she pulled off the road to put some fuel into her 2018 Wrangler Sahara at a rest stop.

While there, Parliament said someone spotted her Alabama license plate and took offense, saying she was just a ‘dirty’ American and only wanted to spread COVID to hurt people.

”It was very scary,” Parliament said when Quadratec met up with her during a summer Jeep event. “He put his hands on me and knocked me back into my Jeep.”

Bruised and shaken, Parliament quickly sped off and safely reached her destination, but spent the next few weeks unable to leave the house.

owner will immediately see the thing.

"There really are not any strict rules about how to duck someone's Jeep, but the idea is to keep the act within polite and noninvasive gestures," Parliament said. “You don't really need a reason for Jeep ducking other than to connect, bring a smile to someone's face, and have fun."

She added that appropriate spots on a Jeep to duck someone are on top of the side mirrors or door handles, the front bumper, the front of the engine hood, or on the front fenders.

These things aren’t just for Jeeps, either, as Parliament said “Everybody needs kindness.”

“We don’t know what each other is dealing with in each other’s lives,” she said. “We could walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and never understand. So kindness goes a long way, no matter what you’re going through.

MadTownGuy said...

This fell off the Internet and hit me on the head. On Facebook, a group dedicated to Fred Harvey's hotels and restaurants had an article about horseshoe sandwiches. I wasn't familiar with them, so I looked them up:

Horseshoe Sandwich

"The horseshoe is an open-faced sandwich originating in Springfield, Illinois, United States. It consists of thick-sliced toasted bread (often Texas toast), a hamburger patty or other choice of meat, French fries, and cheese sauce.


A smaller portion, with one slice of bread and one serving of meat, is called a pony shoe.[1]

A breakfast horseshoe is also available. The hamburger and french fries are replaced with sausage or bacon, eggs, and hash browns. The cheese sauce can also be substituted with milk gravy.

Ross' Restaurant in Bettendorf, Iowa, was known for a similar dish called the Magic Mountain before closing permanently in February 2023. Instead of a hamburger patty, the sandwich contains steamed loose meat. It has been enjoyed by politicians and celebrities including Barack Obama and Bette Midler.

I bet President Obama got "the look" from the Missus while enjoying his repast.

imTay said...

" among the very bad white-supremacist demonstrators in Charlottesville were also some “very fine people."

DO you have a link for that quote? Or are you just filling in the blanks based on your hatred for everything Trump?

imTay said...

"Which is what Trump saw..."

So Chuck knows everything that Trump knew. Are you a title lawyer, naah, even title lawyers have to be able to do logic. Well here is a little point you might have learned if you ever took a class in the philosophy of logic, Logic 115 in my school, it's this, what you are asserting is a *negative*, you are asserting that Trump did *not* know something, and even further you are asserting that he could not possibly have known that there were people like the author of the piece you claim "proves' that Trump could not possibly have known that people like the author of that Bulwark piece were also at the demonstrations, because he wasn't on that particular TV clip? And the only thing that the President of the United States could have known, this is you contention, was what he saw in some little clip on some channel that you are perseverating on.

Well, proving a negative is notoriously hard, and the fact that the writer admits that he and others were there in Charlottesville, now you have to *prove* that it was impossible for Trump, who access to all kinds of information that you and I could never even dream of, that it was impossible for President Trump to have known that.

Good luck. Plainly Trump was not talking ab out skinheads, or the that Ukrainian, mystery Ukrainian, who appears in photos at Charlottesville, where fascist red and black "blood and soil" flags and torches were on display, the same kinds of things we saw on display in Kiev among demonstrators for the far right government there, and this same guy was photographed at J6, though he claims that he was at sea in a sailboat off of the Galápagos Islands at the time of J6, and therefore had disappeared entirely from the grid, but nonetheless his face showed up there, and, and, wait for it, this guy was at the demonstrations in Maidan Square that led to the overthrow of the democratically elected government there.

It's almost as if this guy was a trained agent provocateur, trained in the art of the false flag... Oh, that's right! No such people exist, unless they are employed by the perfidious enemies of the United States! We have magic dirt that keeps our leaders from using such tactics against their own population? I keep forgetting.