June 11, 2024

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narciso said...


Narr said...


There's only so much to be said about Kid Biden's bogus journey, and y'all said it.

Musk has this whole region in an uproar over the possible location of his XAI center, which will need a small city's worth of water and electricity. I'm doubtful that it will happen, myself--we are not noted for efficient governance or a skilled and educated work force, and someone will spill the beans sooner or later . . .

Happened at the U all the time, especially in the library. People would withdraw job applications or turn down our offer--"Who talked?" became a catchphrase after a few years of it.

narciso said...


The rule of Lemnity said...

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most perfect of all?

The rule of Lemnity said...

It’s really Trump’s fault that Hunter was found guilty. They had to go so hard for Trump, Hunter’s trial gave Garland’s Justice some semblance of cover.

The rule of Lemnity said...

If Trump wasn’t running again, none of this would’ve happened to poor Hunter 😉

effinayright said...

Here's a dead Gazan for RCOCEAN to grieve:


HistoryDoc said...

Given the fact that Hunter Biden has the mental stability of liquid nitrogen being transported over a rocky road, there is a reasonable chance that the conviction, and his perception of his father's duplicity, makes him lose his shit. After all, he is the one person who has leverage over Joe.

Could be bad for his health.

Chuck said...

Bill Leuders, writing at The Bulwark, has the definitive writeup of the fake electors scheme. Not just details on the recent WI AG indictment of Ken Chesebro, Mike Roman and Jim Troupis; but also a helpful roundup of the other state prosecutions and a valuable explanation of how the national scheme grew out of Wisconsin.

As Leuders reports, Reince Priebus was heavily involved in the origination of the scheme, but urged caution and didn't want anyone to get Trump's hopes up about success with the tactic. Meanwhile Senator Ron Johnson was so involved in the attempted execution of the plot, and later publicly (and doubtlessly falsely) denied that involvement, that he must be fearing possible prosecution.

Original Mike said...

Bill Leuders is still putting out his nonsense?

Original Mike said...

At The Bulwark now. How appropriate.

Jupiter said...

Some say that love is just "a lie of the heart".

n.n said...

Reasonable gun control.

They thought they could abort the baby, cannibalize her profitable parts, sequester her carbon pollutants, and have her, too.

Hoisted by their Fani.

Meade said...

Chuck said...
“Simple! Because absolutely every conversation about Trump, or elections, should include mention of Donald Trump’s psychopathological unfitness for office. As ever, I’m working to drive wedges between the GOP, the Federalist Society, conservatism, etc., and everything “Trump.”

“I’m not trying to be fair or balanced or helpful or anything like that. I’m trying to undermine Trump’s campaign. All that other good stuff comes after we have driven a wooden stake through the vampire heart of Trumpism.“

Meade said…
Absolutely every reply to Chuck should include mention of Chuck’s psychopathological unfitness for commenting here, his Cluster B personality disorders, his under—examined dedication to sadism and maleficence.

wendybar said...

It's all Beau Bidens fault for dying!!

Tom Elliott

Major Garrett (@MajorCBS⁩): “This is a tragedy for the Biden family precipitated in large measure by the death of Beau Biden. For 8 years the attorney general of Delaware. Not the favorite son, but the more prominent of the two.”


Replying to @tomselliott and @MajorCBS
Beau died of gun charges so it hits close to home for the Biden's.
2:08 PM · Jun 11, 2024


Humperdink said...

Logan airport in Boston is now a Motel 6 for illegals. Over 100 illegals are now residing at the airport as all the other shelters in Boston are full. The children are thrilled as they can ride carousel 24 hours a day.

imTay said...

Remember that Uday Biden could have gotten off with referral to treatment if he hadn’t insisted on blanket immunity to any and all federal crimes.

Rich said...

On X/Twitter, Elon Musk said that Apple apparently “isn’t smart enough to make their own AI” and “has no clue” about what OpenAI would do with the data.

Apple is smart enough to know how to make a make-or-buy decision without letting pride get in the way. It would’ve been hugely wasteful spending billions just to replicate ChatGPT’s capability but as Motorola learned with the Rokr partnership, Apple are probably working on something in the background.

As for having ‘no clue’ what OpenAI is doing with the data—Apple use privacy as a core unique selling point. They even mentioned it in the announcement. They will not do anything to jeopardize their reputation here , and making the arrangements for this were probably much more arduous than getting the technology ready.

The fascinating thing about the Apple Intelligence announcement: Despite being nothing new in terms of capabilities and technology, for me this was the most complete vision/articulation of how a future B2C business model with GenAI enablement for a hardware company might look like. And if Apple is really able to create a competition of AI models to be the go-to-model for Apple devices with a flawless Siri integration, this is a brilliant business move.

And the restraint Apple is showing not to take a huge pile of cash and built something that probably will commoditize (see Facebook) even if they could, will probably go down in management literature.
I thought I would leave the keynote disappointed — instead I have to admit that Apple seems to be just way ahead of the competition in terms of strategy and clearness of vision.

It looks like Apple asked a question none of their competitors did… “what would make this technology actually useful to our users?” And then executed on those responses.

Apple have closed down an 18-36 month technology gap by just focusing, while their competitors have iterated modestly on their glorified tech demos.

Musk sounds like a bitter ex rather than the astute observer he thinks he is.

imTay said...

The rumor out of Kiev is that we are going to fly the F-16s out of Romania, bringing them into the war. The idea is probably to stretch the range of the Russian bombers and hopefully bring them within range of our Patriot batteries, which are hopeless against Russia’s best missiles, even though Kiev claims to shoot almost all of them down, but they are very effective against any aircraft that come within range. The fact that this brings the war further into Europe and drags the world closer to nuclear war is just something that people who don’t think that it’s vitally important for the US that every conceivable rival must be humiliated, regardless of the risk, think. After all, the US must never compromise our beliefs about how people on the other side of the planet should live!

Enigma said...

Given the Biden/Bloomberg efforts to twist the screws on guns and gun owners at every opportunity since 2021, they had no cover for Hunter. If Bloomberg had his way Hunter would likely be burned at the stake or waterboarded for a decade. A whole bunch of gun dealers were pressured and/or shut down because of unintended paperwork errors (e.g., wrong zip code or city name), or because random criminals had legally purchased guns from them legally. Biden/Bloomberg still push for zero tolerance (and routinely lose in court) even as Hunter expressly violated everything they desire...

Some of the world's longest and most self-descriptive URLs:

First in 2021:


Again in 2024:


Tina Trent said...

Lem Intelligent: If Trump was not running again, the DNC wouldn't have needed to rescue Hunter from his addictions. By now, he'd probably be dead.

Trump running is the only thing that saved Hunter Biden's life.

The whole Biden clan should send a card or something.

tim maguire said...

Meade said...Absolutely every reply to Chuck should include mention of Chuck’s psychopathological unfitness for commenting here,

I try not to reply to Chuck at all. I’m imperfect in my determination not to feed the trolls, but ignoring Chuck comes easy.

Leland said...

How is that Apple Car coming along?

Jersey Fled said...

“After all, he is the one person who has leverage over Joe.”

Nope. The Chinese Communist Party has too. They were on the other end of every transactions. You think they didn’t keep records?

Rich said...

Mock Apple at your peril. They have a way of taking what is already there, starting small, building slowly and carefully, then suddenly, before you know it, it's the name of the game. I remember mocking the Apple Maps intro. How could it ever catch up with Google Maps? But with user interaction and steady improvement, for me it's the go-to navigation solution —almost entirely because it's so good and integrates so easily with other ecosphere apps — calendar, email, messages. Nobody has a clue what AI can really offer the world. It's infancy all round. My bet is that Apple will leverage other people's tech until it's totally happy with it's own iterations, and then — to the small but profitable global marketplace of devotees — offer all they need.

Jersey Fled said...

From a GM statement by their CFO yesterday:


“GM expects its EVs to be profitable on a production, or contribution-margin basis, once it reaches production of 200,000 units. That milestone is still expected in the fourth quarter of this year, he said.”

For the uninitiated, contribution margin means that they cover their variable cost, like parts and direct labor, but none of their fixed or indirect costs, like indirect labor (accounting, finance, engineering, etc.), depreciation, insurance, the billions they’ve invested in product development, and so on.

Not a happy place to be.

Rusty said...

Shorter, Meade.
Piss off, Chuck.
You creep.
And take the simpleton Rich with you.

Kai Akker said...

Oh. Ann already posted that whole thing. Well, for anyone (like me) who may have missed it, I will leave prior comment in here. So appropriate.

Drago said...


LLR-democratical Rich is tryimg to play technologist again!

Just to deliver another ineffective and moronic dig at Musk!

Too funny!

It seems like only yesterday when idiot Rich attempted to play anti-SpaceX Rocket Scientist and got himself caught up in discussions in which he was sorely embarrassed and had to beat a hasty and hilarious retreat!

So why do these LLR-democraticals (Psycho Chuck, Rich, lonejustice) keep putting themselves in this position? Because the New Soviet Democratical Party requires its members to launch the daily hate upon command, even if its NPC footsoldiers are woefully unprepared and unqualified to deliver effective gaslighting lies.

Lets see where fake technologist Rich goes next! It should be a hoot!

Rich said...

The Vote on Elon Musk’s $56 Billion Pay Package Is Coming Down to the Wire

Let's just put this in perspective:

• $56bn is $10,000 per car that Tesla has ever made
• This is 250x the median CEO pacakge
• This is 33x larger than any other package before
• That next largest package was Musk's last stock based award
• It is 31x the sum of all other employee stock based compensation in 2023 ($1.81bn)
• He is holding the shareholders to ransom with the threat to "go somewhere else and play if they don't cough up"

And the shareholders are being asked to approve this in the context of:
• The share price down 30% since the start of the year
• The share price down 56% since the peak

Yes — there is a widespread problem with CEO compensation and alignment to the long term success of the company (yes Jensen Huang, I am looking at you with your plan to cash out $750m before the stock split of NVDA at what is probably the top), but this is outrageously egregious.

Rich said...

“Visitors will have to check their Apple devices at the door, where they will be stored in a Faraday cage,” ~ Elon Musk

It’s weird to watch someone’s descent into paranoid delusion in real time. I hope he gets the help he needs. It reminds one of Howard Hughes. We have come so far since the 1970’s, but in many ways people are just the same.

Elon Musk drops lawsuit against OpenAI ~ Fox Business

Definitely nothing to do with Sam posting Elon’s email on the website and definitely nothing to do with the emails they haven't published yet...

His lawyers, depending on their levels of cynicism, must either be having a blast or tearing out their hair. Easy, fun billing with low consequences, or capricious dismissal of your hard work. I hope it was the former for their sake.

Drago said...


You just knew Rich would have to double down, didn't you?

Sorry Rich. Its far, far too late for a dolt like you to try and play catch up but if you'd like to continue to devolve further into gadfly blind-man cut and paste territory, who can stop you?

Rich said...

The point is that Musk had such a control of the board that he basically wrote his own pay package. That is quite relevant to a decision to void the award: he gave shareholders money to himself.

Drago said...

LLR-Democratival Rich: "Let's just put this in perspective:..."


Lets: at the time, Tesla was worth $59B.

“If Mr. Musk were somehow to increase the value of Tesla to $650 billion — a figure many experts contend is laughably impossible and would make Tesla one of the five largest companies the United States, based on current valuations…

Mr. Musk’s critics — and there are many — are likely to contend that the new compensation plan is jut the company’s latest publicity stunt. He has been called a modern-day P.T. Barnum who has created the illusion of success while consistently missing production estimates. The company continues to lose money…”

— New York Times, 2018



Elon agreed to take no money at all if he failed to achieve what was considered impossible by Loser Rich's "experts"...and then...Elon achieved it all.


LLR-democratical Rich, the Jim Chanos of Althouse blog!

Drago said...

LLR-democratical Rich: "The point is that Musk had such a control of the board that he basically wrote his own pay package."


Still pushing the debunked lefty lies...as you are programmed to do.

The Board and Shareholders had the greatest possible deal imaginable: Elon increases the value of their holdings to "impossible" levels or Elons leadership services were provided for years for absolutely FREE!

And then Elon achieved the "impossible"...again...as with SpaceX...and then after cutting 80% of the fat at X and getting rid of your left wing censors.

And you hate him for it all and you now want to steal it all for your pals and ChiCom homies.


Drago said...

Meanwhile, back in non-smear-filled non-Rich world, ARK Investments, the most accurate predictor of Tesla value/stock price over time, has this to say just today:

"BREAKING: ARK’s Expected Value For $TSLA In 2029: $2,600 Per Share

• Bear and bull cases for Tesla's valuation in 2029 range between ~$2,000 and $3,100 per share.

• ARK estimates nearly 90% of Tesla's enterprise value and earnings in 2029 will be attributed to the robotaxi business.

• Tesla's autonomous ride-hail revenue in the bull case for 2029 is estimated at $951 billion.

• Tesla's FSD v12 transitioned to a neural network, making Tesla's Full Self-Driving mode ~5X safer than human-driven Teslas.

• In ARK's expected value case, Tesla's vehicle production is projected to increase by 45% per year through 2029.

• Tesla is in discussions to license its FSD software to one automaker, but it's unlikely to significantly impact revenue or earnings within the next five years.

• Tesla's plans to offer distributed AI-inference-as-a-service and Dojo training-as-a-service are outside ARK's five-year investment horizon.

• ARK's price target for Tesla in 2029 is based on its Monte Carlo model, which covers plausible outcomes but is subject to unexpected events.

@ARKInvest @Tesla"

Thanks for playing Rich! You can now return to whatever menial and low level abacus-like spreadsheet "work" you're used to doing.

Enigma said...

@Rich: “Visitors will have to check their Apple devices at the door, where they will be stored in a Faraday cage,” ~ Elon Musk

It’s weird to watch someone’s descent into paranoid delusion in real time. I hope he gets the help he needs. It reminds one of Howard Hughes. We have come so far since the 1970’s, but in many ways people are just the same.

Here Rich reveals his naïve projections and full ignorance of government and technology firm standard operating procedures. Device exclusion and lockup is routine. Total visitor exclusion (i.e., without a direct work need) is also routine. See the U.S. government policies on Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs). Whatever electronic device goes into such a place will likely never return to the outside world in a functional state.


Clueless Rich: Musk's rules may be too lax in this world of spies, economic espionage, and double agents.

wendybar said...

The New York Times is back to spreading LIES about Hunters laptop, and Miranda Devine calls them out for the weasels they are today....The laptop is real, Hunter is a pig and the left are assholes who are lying to the American people to save the corrupt Bidens and the rest of the corrupt Progressives in power.

Miranda Devine
Here I was, thinking the
had recanted their laptop denial: "Hunter Biden’s Laptop, Revealed by New York Post, Comes Back to Haunt Him."
But then came the sub-head:
"Many claims about the laptop’s contents have not been proved, but it played a role in the prosecution of Mr. Biden over a firearm purchase."
Have not been proved.
Played a role.


Rich said...

Pot meet kettle—speaking of cut/paste, Comrade Drago do you actually have any original content?

Rich said...

“Musk's rules may be too lax in this world of spies, economic espionage, and double agents.”

There's a lot of dodgy, libertarian leaning, racist and impressionable young men who still genuinely think he's Tony Stark.

Enigma said...

@Rich: There's a lot of dodgy, libertarian leaning, racist and impressionable young men who still genuinely think he's Tony Stark.

And that has nothing to do with this topic, nor anything to do with silly Rich accusing Musk of having a mental illness for following routine security procedures. If Musk -- as the guy behind rockets, communication satellites, etc. -- DID NOT employ tight security he'd be ineligible for government contracts.

In a world of DEI social promotion, Musk is a textbook example of what is possible when an employer demands skills, abilities, and merit. This is likely why you projected your personal fears and weaknesses on Musk. And why you blindly exposed your own ignorance.

Those who can't DO...

Rich said...

Elon's comment are moronic. It shows that he has neither listened to the Apple presentation nor the more detailed discussions. Even anybody can install ChatGPT on an iPhone....and any other phone..there is no OS integration ..tot the contrary using the "Apple" version of ChatGPT is even more secure,,,as it doesn't hand over IP addresses or data...

I think Musk's outrage can be interpreted that Apple is doing the right thing for Apple, its customers and shareholders.

Drago said...

LLR-democratical Rich: "Pot meet kettle—speaking of cut/paste, Comrade Drago do you actually have any original content?"


Nice try abacus boy!

Drago said...

LLR-democratical Rich: "There's a lot of dodgy, libertarian leaning, racist and impressionable young men who still genuinely think he's Tony Stark."


So that's where you're slithering off to, rhetorically, is it?

Rich said...

The future lies with those who pioneer transparent, secure small language models that users and corporations can manage, adhering to published, secure standards for APIs/protocols between devices, LLM models (open or not), and partners like OpenAI.

Striking a deal with OpenAI is smart, but Apple could pivot if better options arise.

Notably, Apple users don’t need to log in to use OpenAI, ensuring data stays secure within the Apple Intelligence cloud—a subtle win for user privacy.

Drago said...

LLR-democratical Rich: "Elon's comment are moronic.(sic)"

Who is the technology moron, Online Nobody Abacus Boy Rich that gets everything wrong or Elon Musk?

Looks like I'll be going with moron Rich on that one.

Rich said...

More weak sauce from Comrade Drago. Perhaps Catturd™️ has openings in his trolling for dummies class ….

Drago said...

LLR-democratical Rich: "More weak sauce from Comrade Drago."

Writing it does not make it so Abacus Boy.

Again, your "skills" would be better utilized at Democratic Underground or an antifa encampment somewhere.

Old and slow said...

Well Rich, I'm neither impressionable nor young and I'm unfamiliar with Tony Stark, but I can tell you that not allowing electronic devices into a facility is neither paranoid nor unusual. I was required to leave my cell phone and have my bags searched when entering a Motorola factory in Ireland 25 years ago. I would imagine that Elon Musk has quite a bit more to worry about than they did.

I'll omit the many obvious personal comments that might easily be directed at you and your dismissal of Elon Musk. Fish, barrel and all that...

Rusty said...

Rich said...
"Elon's comment are moronic."
Anyone else find this ironic as hell.