May 25, 2024

Sunrise at 5:26.


Wildflowers at 5:28 a.m.:


And a frog, semi-camouflaged, at 10:44 a.m.:



effinayright said...

I saw this on Instapundit earlier today:

"AOC bragged that she finished a jigsaw puzzle in only a week, when the box said 2- 4 years."

As Glenn Reynolds would say:


Josephbleau said...

I love the Bull Frog in the third. When the Supreme Court rules that puddles are not the waters of the United States, Bull Frogs cry.

Narr said...

I'd back away slowly . . .

Looks like a no-nonsense, not a morning kind of amphibian.

rhhardin said...

79. That I am a man and not a woman can be verified, but if I were to say I was a woman, and then tried to explain the error by saying I hadn't checked the statement, the explanation would not be accepted.

80. The truth of my statements is the test of my understanding of these statements.

81. That is to say: if I make certain false statements, it becomes uncertain whether I understand them.

- Wittgenstein, On Certainty

lines less meaningful when I read them 40 years ago.

Howard said...

Picture perfect New England day today. Few clouds light breeze 78°F high temperature. Lifted weights this morning. Full body in six exercises, three legs and three arms. Slow and steady reps until failure. 30-minutes and done. Get after it no dilly dallie. Breakfast of champions including four eggs, four ounces of sardines and salmon, two handfuls of roasted root vegetables all poached in bone broth spiked with 7.5- grams of creatine. Watched the WCF game on tape delay with the thrilling three from Doncic to finish the Wolves. Made up a fresh batch of kombucha to ferment then mowed the lawn. Had a homemade yogurt with frozen berries smoothie with cacao nibs, walnuts and pecans for a snack. Went to our local pond for a mile swim in crystal clear 72°F spring fed drinking water. Fixed supper of grass fed and finished ground beef and root vegetable stir fry. Homemade yogurt with fresh apple for dessert. Made Chia coffee pudding for tomorrow. Watched an episode of Deadwood. Skimmed the Althouse blog.

After this will make up a bone broth drink spiked with 5-grams creatine and 10-grams of collagen to chase down 400-mg of magnesium citrate as magnesium and 50-mg of magnesium ascorbate as magnesium to calm the sore muscles and ensure deep restful sleep.

Say Goodnight Dick

Josephbleau said...

The people are ruled by Nazi Thuggs. And no one cares.

Are Jews better than Gaza rapers? you tell me.

effinayright said...

Howard, I am reminded of an old saying:

"Sound mind, sound body."

From the nature of your inane comments here, and your daily health regimen, it sounds like you've taken your pick.

imTay said...

The United States is sanctioning elected leaders in Georgia, the country Georgia, for passing a law requiring groups participating in politics to report their foreign funding. The US has a very similar law, I believe that Manafort went to prison for violating it. The streets are full of protesters demanding that voters should not be told who is funding these large street demonstrations. The EU is threatening the country with sanctions if they enforce this transparency law, and one European leader threatened the president with assassination, like what happened to Fico, though he claims he was “taken out of context.”

Why does the US think that requiring disclosure of funding by foreign countries is a “threat to democracy,” and doesn’t that make you wonder about how genuine their concern for ‘democracy’ really is.

Joe Smith said...

In the Sotomayor post I veered off on a tangent in a discussion of ships, and posted that Harvey Milk was a pedophile and yet has a navy ship named after him.

Since this is the ‘open’ thread I’ll post it here.

Some people wish to be willfully ignorant of the past.

I am not impugning the reputation of gays in general. As the old saw goes, I have (actually) many gay friends, and my best friend at my first real job was a gay man who was closest to me.

But with Pride Month coming up, I’m tired of revisionist history and the turning of very flawed individuals into saints.

Kathryn51 said...

I'm laughing so hard because the other night, my millennial daughter walked into the house - holding a bull frog in her hand. It was sitting in the middle of our "rural" road. Raised during their childhood on 5 acres with creek and ponds, our kids knew that it was risky to try and drive "around" the frog.

So, frog lived at least one more day as she walked down to the large pond and released it.

I love my kids - somehow we raised them okay.

The rule of Lemnity said...

Uplifting story of survival Althouse likes.

Via r/AmazonFlexDrivers: "Almost died today"

"Hey, it was one of the worst days of my life, honestly been in shock for a while.

This morning, I took a 4-8 block from the new same day sub station. I have never done this type before where you go to the door and give them your ID and then they bring you a cart.

Anyway, I figure out how to do this thing, 9 packages, very many miles. First one is 45 minutes away, second one is 30 minutes from the first and third one is 60 minutes from the second.

Sometime during the 05:00 hour on a rural road it started to rain. The sky was very active with lots of lighting, so much the thunder was a constant rumble. The light rain turned heavy and then extreme. I was driving along between small towns at this time, half way between towns.

Hail then started hitting and lighting popped. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a tornado. I've lived in the Midwest all my life and I have never actually seen one before. The Flex app popped a warning to stop delivery and shelter. I had no where to go and I couldn't see anything. The rain and hail went totally horizontal. I was stopped in the road but not in park. My car then began to slide towards the other side of the road and I felt like it was also being pulled upwards, but I don't think any of the tires left the road.I turned my wheels into the slide and gave it some gas because I was worried that sliding sideways would make my car roll. I prayed and called my wife to say love you one last time. The push on my car stopped about a foot from the ditch so I began driving and within a few minutes the rain had gone back to a reasonable amount.

I called support. They didn't know what to say, honestly they teach these people only enough English to answer FAQ and that's it. The idea a flex contractor nearly died in a natural disaster is beyond their training.

I still completed the block, I was in shock. I should have taken the boxes and just tossed them in the ditch. While I should have looked at the forecast, this megatrillon dollar information business should have seen tornados and thunderstorms likely, canceled the blocks and not risked our lives so Patty in BFE could get her fake press on nails today instead of tommorow."

Dr Weevil said...

People think the Georgian law is a threat to democracy because it's modeled on a Russian law that was in fact used to destroy opposition to Putin. No, I don't know the details, but neither do you. I do know that the Georgian government is sending out riot police who are beating peaceful protesters, including opposition politicians, and that people who seem sensible and know a lot more than you or I do about the region support the protesters.

gadfly said...

effinayright said...
I saw this on Instapundit earlier today:

"AOC bragged that she finished a jigsaw puzzle in only a week, when the box said 2- 4 years."

If Trump had said that, we would have heard: "Donald is so funny!" And AOC is smarter than TFG and tells jokes that fool the good professor at Instapundit.


Mr. Majestyk said...

Howard, if you don't mind sharing, what are the six exercises that allow you to get a full-body workout? I've just started lifting some weights and doing some cardio, but I don't really know what I'm doing with the weights (dumbells).

gadfly said...

“I would like to propose that we go tell Donald Trump to go fuck himself!” one delegate reportedly shouted into a microphone as the Libertarian National Convention got underway. Trump was eventually booed and heckled by the raucous convention crowd as he stood in front of a wall that read "Become Ungovernable" - the 2024 convention theme.

wendybar said...

Like you really care gad, when you are an avid TDS inflicted Progressive pretending to care about what happens to America??

jaydub said...

Tsefly is so full of shit. He omitted the next sentence in his quote which added context.

“I would like to propose that we go tell Donald Trump to go f**k himself!” Kaelan Dreyer, a Libertarian from New Mexico, yelled into a microphone. Mr. Dreyer then began calling the chairman obscene names and absorbed several punches before being led out of the hall."

Dr Weevil said...

Wow! "one delegate" was an asshole? That makes the LNC look a lot worse than it makes Trump look.

The name 'gadfly' reminds me: Was it Lichtenberg or Schopenhauer who said something to the effect that every noxious insect thinks it's Socrates?

imTay said...

The US has the same law. If the political opposition relies on secret foreign funding, maybe it should be destroyed. Didn’t we destroy Trumps presidency on the unfounded suspicion that he had foreign support? If foreign money can fill the streets with mobs opposed to transparency in government, it makes you wonder who paid for the mobs in Ukraine in 2004 and again in 2014, when much to our dismay, the people of Ukraine voted out the anti-Russian government we put in in 2004. Oh, and BTW, Zelensky ran on a platform of peace with Russia and won in a landslide, but was quickly overruled by whoever really runs that country.

Tacitus said...

Although technically, yes, a frog, the more common ID on this fellow is American Toad. If excitable posters here run low on less refined insults to toss about they can in the future always go with: Anaxyrus americanus

Big Mike said...

@Dr. Weevil, were the “peaceful protesters” in (country of) Georgia like the BLM protesters of 2020, or the foreign-sponsored Maidan demonstrations in Ukraine in 2013-2014? Would explain a lot about government responses. As you wrote, there’s a lot we don’t know.

wendybar said...

Trumps response trumps the boos from the Never Trumpers in the audience that gad is bloviating about this morning....

Collin Rugg
JUST IN: Donald Trump makes fun of libertarians at the Libertarian Party Convention after they start booing him, says they can “keep getting your 3% every four years.”


“Win only if you wanna win. Maybe you don't wanna win win. Maybe you don't want to win.”

“Keep getting your 3% every four years.”


Leland said...

Blogger imTay said...
Why does the US think that requiring disclosure of funding by foreign countries is a “threat to democracy,” and doesn’t that make you wonder about how genuine their concern for ‘democracy’ really is.

Good question. It is only disclosure. I never understood why, in 2016, it was wrong for Russia to potentially interfere with an US election, but perfectly fine for the Hillary Campaign to pay an UK spy to make that accusation in order to influence the election. Either foreign interference is bad or not. And no, suggesting a special relationship with the UK over Russia doesn’t work since the Administration at the time, Obama’s, ended the notion of such a special relationship. Seems like “a threat to democracy” is just a threat to Democrats.

Oligonicella said...

Toad - Bufo bufo at first glance.

Around here the dogwoods, redwoods and magnolias are passed and the field flowers are beginning to rage.

William50 said...

"DNA Contamination in Pfizer COVID Vaccine Exceeded 500 Times Allowable Levels, Study Finds."


Oligonicella said...

@Tacitus - Bufo bufo sounds more like an insult.

William50 said...

..."O’Connell also said HHS is in talks with Pfizer and Moderna about developing mRNA-based bird flu vaccines."

What could possibly go wrong?

Bob Boyd said...

The list of great evils and great catastrophes authored by people who seemed sensible and knew a lot is long.

Tacitus said...

"Blogger Oligonicella said...

@Tacitus - Bufo bufo sounds more like an insult."

As I understand it Bufo Bufo is the European toad. American toad has been recently renamed but formerly was Bufo Americanus. A pretty good insult that one. Of course if you really want to make the rubble bounce just go with Ruffalo Ruffalo.

Oddly, I encountered a European toad just last week......

planetgeo said...

It's not often that Howard deigns to share with us a full page from his eponymous epic diary, "On Howard's Pond". So the detailed listing of his daily Olympian exercise and dietary regimen is an unexpected treat. Thanks for sharing. We mortals are grateful. And we hope that your slumber was indeed deep and restful, your splendid muscles recover from soreness, and your coming bowel movement from eating all that shit isn't too Olympian.

Good morning, Dick.

Meade said...

Hahaha! Yes, Be Like Howard. (Except for the dick part.)

Dear corrupt left, go F yourselves said...

that frog is awesome.

Rich said...

Did the Althouse editorial board change the filter/algorithm for comments? They appear to be processing in realtime.

Rich said...

@ Howard: Excellent game. However, given how poorly Edwards and others have shot for the Timberwolves and in particular from the three point range — they still only lost by four points over the last two games. Dallas can't play any better, but the Timberwolves can by just changing their shot selections.

I wouldn't crown Dallas just yet.

wendybar said...

Seán Ono Lennon

When did Dems transition to becoming the War Party?
12:53 PM · May 25, 2024

Smilin' Jack said...

Looks like something out of a horror movie for bugs.

Dr Weevil said...

Anyone who can write the falsehoods you wrote in your 6:22am comment should never comment on Ukraine or Georgia again:

1. Does the US have the same law, or just one on the same subject that looks broadly similar? Is the Georgia law in fact identical to a Russian law, and was the Russian law used to destroy Putin's opposition? The Georgian demonstrators say it's the latter.

2. Do you have any evidence at all that the hundreds of thousands of Georgians demonstrating against the new law are paid by "foreign money"? They seem pretty sincere to me, and it's said to be the second-largest demonstration ever in terms of percentage of the population coming out into the streets. (Only Hong Kong's pro-democracy demonstrations were larger.) For that matter, do you think the Russians might be subsidizing the thugs who are going out and beating them?

3. You think "we" put in an anti-Russian government in 2004? Hahahaha! The fact is that Yanukovych was caught trying to steal the runoff election with open vote-stealing and ballot-box stuffing. Read Wikipedia: one region (Donetsk) had half a million people added to the voter rolls in the 3 weeks between the first round and the runoff! When the people came out in huge numbers to protest ('Orange Revolution'), it was rerun with international observers watching, and his 2.9% "victory" turned into a 7.9% loss. The fact that Yanukovych's opponent (Yuschenko) was poisoned with dioxin (6,000 times the normal level in his blood) and still hasn't recovered his looks 20 years later (it caused severe acne) is also . . . interesting.

4. No one in the U.S. gave a damn that Yanukovych came back and won (or "won") the 2010 (not 2014!) election, even when he (a) locked up his opponent for refusing to concede, (b) packed the Supreme Court and changed the constitution to give himself more power, (c) stole and extorted billions from businesses to build himself a huge mansion with a private zoo. (It's now a favorite tourist destination for Ukrainians.) And no one in Ukraine came out into the streets to demonstrate against him until 2013, when he betrayed them to Russia by breaking a solemn promise of closer integration with Europe to move closer to Putin.

Whether Putin threatened him, bribed him, or appealed to his ideals is unclear, but Yanukovych was and is a traitor. He was recently seen hanging around in southeastern Belarus, hoping Putin would capture Kharkiv and put him in charge of a Vichy-style puppet government of Ukraine. And no one had to pay Ukrainians to demonstrate against him. Many of those Ukrainians are on Twitter: last fall they celebrated the 10th anniversary of the first demonstration.

4. Zelenskyy is "whoever really runs that country", and only a damned fool thinks he isn't. His failure to achieve peace with Russia has a lot more to do with Putin's neo-Soviet ambitions than with anything he could do except resist them.

effinayright said...

I understand the old movie about Kermit the Frog was "Box Office Bufo".

effinayright said...

gadfly, AOC didn't actual say that.

It was a joke.

It's sailing over your head at hypersonic speed right now.

Look up!

(you looked, didn't you)

Original Mike said...

Nothing goes over gadfly's head. His reflexes are so fast, he would catch it.