April 21, 2024

Sunrise at 6:09 and flowers at 1:30.



Trout lilies:






RCOCEAN II said...

Great photos. So many interesting things from the Tucker Rogan podcast. Didn't know he was on it, till Althouse blogged about it.

Aggie said...

I love spring, and the past few days you've had some terrific photos. And for you all up there, the forest floor comes alive ! What a gift. Give thanks.

rhhardin said...

Comparison, St. Matthew's Passion, Erbarme Dich from
The 1982 Soviet Union and
Berlin 2010

Narr said...

I was a pretty regular follower of Tucker's show, and enjoyed and agreed with some of his observations, but that laugh was ridiculous for a grown man. And I haven't missed him enough to do more than sample some of his Youtube offerings on topics of interest. His squawking about the Ukrainian suppression of religion was starting to edge into the hysterical by the time FOX dumped him.

Rogan is tolerable in small doses, depending on guest and topic.

Drago said...

Jews now require escorts at Columbia / Barnard.

The Complete And Full Political And Cultural Alignment between dems/left/LLR-democraticals and their Islamic Supremacist pals has been achieved.

When one considers the long and seemingly unbreakable record of child sex grooming amongst islamists it makes perfect sense that our dems/left/LLR-democraticals are right at home with these dudes.

gadfly said...

What the fuck does asking Jewish students at Columbia to stay home to avoid violence have to do with Democrats, imaginary alignments between Jews and Muslims, and whatever child sex grooming entails?

wendybar said...

Mike Lee

Evolution of House GOP Logic on the Aid Package

1. Give us something to force Biden to secure border

2. Give us a slightly more secure border

3. Give us something that won’t weaken the border

4. Make the media like us

5. Give the Democrats what they want
11:11 PM · Apr 20, 2024

BUMBLE BEE said...

Pretty vacant there gad, but thanks for playing.

wendybar said...

The truth about white supremacy in one comic....


rehajm said...

Rogan is tolerable in small doses, depending on guest and topic

I was stuck in the car and scanned the list of recent Rogan guests and recognized none of the names. I landed on one at random and the guy said ‘turkey tail’ at 10rpms. Who are these people? Alienated, TikTok-famous professors?

Media talking heads are now the same way…yuk.

Humperdink said...

Having slammed Trump for the past several years, former AG Willie "The Chameleon" Barr is now all in for Trump. Just go away please.

Breezy said...

Given the lack of suppression of the antisemitic, anti-zionist, and anti-American protests occurring on college campuses, which are predominantly run by the Blue team, I wonder how long any Jewish pro-Blue media analysts will stick with that team.

Jersey Fled said...

But just for starters, I suggest Gadfly read this post by Karol Markowicz on X.

“A lot of Jewish friends, especially those who are finally awake after 10/7, say things like "how is this America?" or "It's so scary that this Jew-hatred is happening everywhere." But it's very much NOT "America" and it absolutely is NOT happening "everywhere." In south Florida, Jews wear the dinner plate Magen Davids and no one says one word. In rural Michigan, churches put "pray for Israel" on the signs outside. I'm not naive, obviously Jew-haters can and do live anywhere. But they're only thriving, open, proud, in blue areas and I'm not going to let people ignore that. A lot of liberal Jews are trying to parse things right now. They imagine they are still of the left but just on this one tiny little thing, their right to exist, they disagree. No, my friends. It's a house of cards and you're pulling the one from the very bottom. The whole left ideology is corrupt and you're going to have to face it. You can't spread the blame around. The hatred, the rage, the violence, the dehumanization is all coming from one side: yours.”