April 16, 2024

Sunrise — 5:56, 6:14, 6:18.



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lonejustice said...

Well, I've reached a milestone in my life. My last incandescent light bulb. I loved their light more than the new "Eco-friendly" light bulbs. So I bought more on Amazon (via Althouse portal) than I normally would, since I knew they were going to be eliminated. I believe there was a post on Althouse Blog a long time ago about how she also preferred the soft glow of incandescence. Now I'm down to my very last bulb, in my favorite lamp in my home office. Rest in peace, oh great and wonderful incandescent light bulb. May you burn forever in Valhalla. (I'm Scandinavian).

Iman said...

RIP Whitey Herzog.

Narr said...

Very fine.

A few weeks ago I recommended Arthur Herman's "To Rule the Waves" to someone curious about Brit naval and maritime history. I just started "The Wide Wide Sea" by my friend (and Memphis kid) Hampton Sides, about Captain Cook's last and fatal voyage, and so far it is excellent.

While I was buying my copy for signing on Thursday, I picked up a pbk "Catch-22." Been meaning to re-read it for ages--it was, not a life-changer, but at least a life-influencer for me, the summer between 11th grade and senior year.

I wasn't disappointed with Berger's "Return of Little Big Man," which I finished yesterday. Too bad there wasn't a third volume--this one barely got to the 1890s. I enjoy well-researched fiction about the Old West more than I enjoy the straight histories.

So many books, so little time.

Scott Patton said...

this couple taught their rats to drive tiny cars.

Iman said...

Starbucks Starbucks you can’t hide
not ‘til we free Palestine

"We shall fight in the Starbucks, we shall fight in the theater companies, we shall fight in the small literary magazines and in the fast-food restaurants, we shall fight in the non-profits having nothing to do with the Middle East; we shall never surrender"
- Winston Churchill

h/t Jesse Singal

MadisonMan said...

Red Sky at morning. And what was the weather like tonight?

Josephbleau said...

I like the first, the wine dark sea of the lake.

Gospace said...

So on a completely random subject, I had 5, count them, 5 posts appear on my Facebook timeline today from 5 different groups I don't belong to. All with with pictures of Emily Osment. Had to look up who she was- some actress I've not heard of before. Anyone have a clue why she would be being pushed?

Dave Begley said...

“ In response to a question related to the Legislature’s passage last year of a bill restricting gender-affirming care for minors, Gold gave a complex answer, mentioning the importance of supporting “our children in every way possible,” the doctor-patient relationship, and practicing evidence-based medicine.

“The university is not here to be an arm of one political ideology or another,” he said. “The university is here to try to stick to where the evidence is, to try to stay where there is science, and do everything that we can possibly do to empower the next generation of Nebraskans to be thoughtful, concerned and engaged citizens.”

My question to the future President of the University of Nebraska system was about child mutilation and sterilization; not gender-affirming care.

The science completed rejected child mutilation.

And, yes, it was a complex and lengthy answer. I think the new President will invite me to his box for the Badger game.

NorthOfTheOneOhOne said...

Narr said...

...by my friend (and Memphis kid) Hampton Sides...

I read his book about the Cabanatuan Raid; "Ghost Soldiers". Good book.

Also, always thought his name sounded like something out of Southern Gothic novel.

Rich said...

Mike Johnson Vows to Stay Speaker as Foreign-Aid Plan Sparks Backlash ~ WSJ

The case of the MAGA movement is strange — all rage and protest with no solution. They bask in American power, but have no idea where it comes from. They would happily spend ever more on defense — yet don't understand what it is there for. Conversely, if the defense budget were cut — it would let America spend more on social security, public healthcare, or infrastructure — yet they are against all of that too.

They bring the same genius to international strategy as Trump brought to his businesses — bullying transactional performance, a refusal to pay his workers or suppliers, and partners who, having allied with him once, would never do it again. It’s what genius looks like to a fool. They aren’t even all that good at nationalism. The extent to which this is a movement of fools, rather than knaves, gets lost in all the moral criticism it receives.

If the United States and its Nato allies prevail in Ukraine, US and allied interests are advanced everywhere else. Everywhere! Ukraine is surprisingly cheap at even a multiple of the current aid package.

Benefits? A new equilibrium in the Middle East more favorable to Israeli security will evolve; the democratic maritime economies of the Far East will be safer from Chinese encroachment. The North Atlantic democracies will have unprecedented cohesion — that will be money in everyone's banks.

More benefits! The economic growth of the OECD democracies will strongly advance as they both further integrate and as they trade on favorable terms with the developing world. The OECD democracies are the Boardwalk Properties of the global board game. America leads this. More democracy led global economic growth and spreading middle class prosperity advances if not celebrates American leadership.

It's not hard skewering the logical absurdity and contradiction to national advantage of the insularism that characterizes the nativist wing of this carnival tent revival of Republican fundamentalism. Josh Hawley is right out of Mark Twain. Some on the Republican right profess not to care about Ukraine. But the US position in Asia obsesses them like nothing else. If the link between the one and the other needs spelling out to them, we shouldn’t flatter these people as “nationalists”.

Lem the artificially intelligent said...

Via Reddit: Dial M for Meme

Readering said...

A big local story in LA is that USC cancelled the speech to be given at commencement by the valedictorian, who is an American by birth, Palestinian by ethnicity, and a practicing Muslim, as reflected in her clothes.

Valedictorian is not chosen by any formula. Nearly 100 with a qualifying gpa apply, are interviewed, and chosen by a committee using multiple published criteria. Selection was announced at beginning of the month. I have not read anything about her expected remarks. I have read that her social media can be fairly categorized as anti-Israel, but apparently from posts some years ago.

The university claims it was motivated by safety concerns, not the substance of what she might say in her speech.

What a screw-up. They picked her knowing who she was. Fair to surmise that her sex, religion, ethnicity were initially viewed as plusses. (She is also photogenic.) No doubt there were other extremely qualifified applicants in the mix of nearly 100 who could not be second-guessed. I hope some folks get ousted over this face plant.

Jamie said...

lonejustice, I still have several boxes if you want 'em - I'm switching to LEDs as each of the various mismatched bulbs in the house we bought right years ago burns out, but I did buy a bunch of incandescents before LEDs became both really available and tuned to nicer light.

My house still has halogens, fluorescents (some with their curly bits encased, some not), a few incandescents - and an increasing number of both dumb and smart LEDs, the dumb ones in both "daylight" and "soft white" depending on the room's needs and natural lighting situation. The smart ones I will of course take with me when we move; their function is mostly to make me feel like a Jetson.

Never-Biden Never-Putin said...

NBC Rich - are you high?

Who is protesting? Hint - Leftist and pro-Hamas democrats.

Never-Biden Never-Putin said...

NBC Rich - Do tell us where the billion of US tax dollars went -that we already sent to Ukraine?

rosebud said...


Emily Osment is an actress currently playing the sister-in-law of the title character in the TV show Young Sheldon, which is a prequel spinoff from The Big Bang Theory. YS is currently on its last season and only has about a half-dozen episodes left, but it was recently announced that Osment and Montana Jordan, who plays the brother of YS, the husband of Osment's character, will have YS spinoff beginning next year. I assume her current newsworthiness is due to that.

TickTock said...

Always skip Rich's posts as content free.

Drago said...

LLR-democratical Rich spends many meaningless words to lay the blame fir his party's international and geo-miltary relations failures onto, of all things, MAGA!


We all saw this narrative pivot on the part of Rich's beloved democraticals ladt year because these buffoonish failures knew they would be unable to hide their failures past the Nov elections.

Same with the border crisis: it didnt exist until it did exist but was only a small problem until it was a major problem and all Trump's fault!

Same with inflation, which is why the New Soviet Democraticals exclude food, gas/energy and housing from the key inflation measures!

Same with crime.

Same with literally everything else.

And then our hilariously hapless Rich layers in all the other moronic smears to mudfy the waters.

I have to say, reading the astonishingly stupid Rich Hot Foreign Policy Takes are truly the funniest of all. He literally knows nothing and just cuts and pastes pieces of whatever drivel his betters layout for him like a dogs meal of demonstrably fake incoherent BS.

wendybar said...

What drugs are Joe Scarbourough on?? His little meltdown make him sound like vicki from Pasadena. Is there something in progressive water that makes them crazy?? 4 migrants and a hound dog cam (a coyote..that's a hound dog bob)?? Really?? That's what you are calling the invasion??

Joe. We aren't the ones who hate America and are trying to make people hate America. You and the Progressives have done a great job of that...
When you act like Beavis and Butthead with your buddy Al Sharpton, the rest of us laugh hysterically at your grief, disbelief and hatred.

This misinformation is what passes as journalism today. SAD. No wonder this is the pathetic Bidens favorite show.


wendybar said...

Why does Pedo Joe insist on being around little kids all the time?? His handlers have no clue about optics, when he brazenly sniffs them every chance he gets, and showered with his own daughter? What kind of parent would LET their kid be around a pervert like that??


Humperdink said...

One of the approved jurors in NYC Trump case:

"... the woman claimed she didn’t participate in any political gatherings or rallies, only to have a video of her celebrating in the streets upon news of Joe Biden’s win in 2020." (Via Townhall)

The court de Kangaroo proceeds.


iowan2 said...

If the United States and its Nato allies prevail in Ukraine, US and allied interests are advanced everywhere else. Everywhere! Ukraine is surprisingly cheap at even a multiple of the current aid package.

Rich, Tell me how that is going to happen? Ukraine does not have anymore fighting age males to send to their death. How is more bullets, planes and bombs going to push Russia out, and keep them out?

Its a simple, back of the envelope math exercise

I'll hang up and wait for your answer.

Enigma said...

@Dave Begley: Gold gave a complex answer, mentioning the importance of supporting “our children in every way possible,” the doctor-patient relationship, and practicing evidence-based medicine.

The science of medical sexual mutilation is known and has been known since the 1970s. The ulterior motive and corrupting factor is that Obamacare started paying for these quack surgeries, and thereby provided a fat new revenue stream to psychopathic doctors. There are plenty of money-first evil doctors in this world, as the high income and the ability to "play God" with life-and-death decisions attracts a certain type of person. Not all are evil -- there are plenty of compassionate doctors too -- but every single 'compassion' profession provides cover for strategic predators.

See the history of predatory Catholic priests, Boy Scout leaders, and even the female teachers who sleep with their students. The pitfalls of an insurance mandate for "gender twisting care" could have been (and were) foreseen, but Obamacare itself was "deemed passed" because the cowards in congress were predatory weasels too.

Jersey Fled said...

“I have read that her social media can be fairly categorized as anti-Israel, but apparently from posts some years ago.”


I see that “anti-Israel” is the new Lefty euphemism for antisemitic.

Humperdink said...

Salman Rushdie has written a new memoir "Knife" about his stabbing at Chautauqua Institute. The Institute is not far from me and I have visited the lefty haven several times.

There is a Wiki post about the stabbing and the last paragraph contains an interesting sentence: "It emerged that the leadership of the Chautauqua Institution disregarded recommendations for security precautions because they felt it would alienate the audience from the speakers."

An extension of the proverbial "Gun Free Zone".

Tina Trent said...

"Nobody's coming for you ... Bitch"

Those were the words spoken by the black thug beating a white teacher in North Carolina. No sex or race hate crime charges have been filed. They would be if she was gay, or a tranny, or a Jew or a Muslim, or if the assailant was white and the teacher black.

God, imagine the headlines if that was the case.

You wonder why white women are being randomly assaulted in public places -- up som 700% of reported cases (and most white women wouldn't dare report being attacked by a minority unless a number was assigned and she was interviewed).

This is why. Law professors. Law professors too dishonest, too cowardly, too racist towards whites, too misogynistic, to do what the hell they are paid to do and research why the two training facilities, ADL and Simon Weisenthal, colluded so that heterosexual white women would become less human when victimized. ADL wrote the training protocols; SWC trained thousands of police and prrosecutors to not investigate these crimes as hate, even though both sex and gender are categories of hate crime, and every quisling law professor in this country except one carefully averted their eyes to this greatest lack of equality before the law of the last quarter century. Only Gail Heriot spoke out. One law professor. One.

First they came for ... nobody's coming to save you, bitch.

Now that the abuse I've witnessed in K-12 classes is coming for law professors, enjoy your success.

Jamie said...

In the picture wendybar posted, the - not Knowing the correct term, I'll just call it the "pop-up box" at the lower right of the screen covers the hands of the young boys. But my immediate thought was, "Those boys are far too old to be wanting to hold hands with one another. Their moms, maybe, upon motherly insistence or in a particularly vulnerable moment, but not each other."

Biden in the middle of a line of mixed-age children, all holding hands with one another, is such a stupidly obvious set piece that I can't even be "outraged" or whatever. All I can do is roll my eyes.

Drago said...

It appears, per White House gaslighting communications and the parroting of those comms by New Soviet Democraticals like LLR-democratical Rich, that the democraticals truly have shifted from a campaign strategy of saying everything is going great to everything has gone to hell and its all Trump's/MAGA fault and the nation should elect Biden to change it!


Oh yeah, conservatives are nazi racists too!

Evergreen...but collapsing narrative as blacks and latinos (sorry LLR-democraticals and Howitzer Howard, it isn't Latinx or Latine!) shift to Trump in significant numbers....so Merchan better hurry his case up to jail Trump!

gadfly said...

Oops, he did it again: Here’s Frank Runyeon reporting from the courtroom on Day 2 of Donald Trump’s first criminal trial:

Trump's head slowly dropped, his eyes closed. It jerked back upward. He adjusts himself. Then, his head droops again. He straightens up, leaning back. His head droops for a third time, and he shakes his shoulders. Eyes closed still. His head drops. Finally, he pops his eyes open.

Once again, the universe has done Trump a favor. If video was allowed in the courtroom and we had a tape of this obese old man nodding off because he doesn’t even have the vigor to stay awake during a criminal trial, this election would be over.

Jamie said...

I'm observing an interesting phenomenon.

The autocorrect on my phone is periodically capitalizing words in the middle of sentences. At first I thought it was only capitalizing words that could be interpreted as names, like - making this up because I can't think of an example - Sherry. But then I started noticing other words - for instance, though it didn't do it in this case, the first sentence of this paragraph could have been autocorrected to "The autocorrect on my Phone..."

I'm wondering whether The Algorithm (I did those capital letters myself) has noticed that I go to blogs that, if they're not pro-Trump, at least aren't anti-Trump, or that the word "Trump" passes my virtual lips not juxtaposed with curses and insults, and so has decided to try to make my postings look more like his. (That is, to make me look like a buffoon.) Kind of feels as if I should keep a list or spreadsheet or something...

Big Mike said...

Poor gadfly. He keeps forgetting that the election is not between Donald Trump and some abstract ideal. It is between Donald Trump and worthless, stupid Democrats. Obviously gadfly is in on the Democrats’ graft and corruption, and the thought that he might have to do without illicitly-gotten dollars is making his anal sphincter open.

boatbuilder said...

Rich has the AI bullshit generator cranked up again Today.

Funny, Gadfly, that only in the courtroom where there are no cameras does the reporter claim that Trump nodded off.* And of course you buy the whole package.

*Not that it means anything, of course. Have you ever participated in jury selection? I have nodded off on occasion--and I'm supposed to be picking the jurors.

Narr said...

NOTOOO said that the name Hampton Sides sounds Southern Gothic.

Hampton says that after his MLK book, he was accused of being an invention of the CIA--the name was a dead giveaway, according to some.

Iman said...

POTATUS Biden you can’t be hidin’
From the thing in cloak with scythe
On the Pale Horse ridin’

Drago said...

gadfly the Cat Ladyboy: "Here’s Frank Runyeon reporting from the courtroom on Day 2 of Donald Trump’s first criminal trial"

Video, unedited, or it never happened hoaxer.