March 29, 2024

At the Friday Night Café…

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Narr said...

FOX News runs a lot of AUKUS commercials. Taxpayer money to convince the taxpayer that xis taxes are helping protect xer.

Seems wasteful.

Jupiter said...

Check out your ESG score!

madAsHell said...

Smash-n-grab at the pot shop continues unabated.

It’s almost like Kia, and Hyundai have created a crime wave.

Mike Sylwester said...

I just watched a Paul Anka concert on PBS. He really was a brilliant song-writer and singer.

I was surprised to find out that that he still is alive and looks very healthy.

If PBS plays the concert again, it is well worth watching. There are several songs he made famous along with Frank Sinatra.

rhhardin said...

What's tomorrow? It must be something Saturday. Boxing Saturday perhaps. I've forgotten the deal, Easter never having made any sense in Sunday School.

Bach got a lot out of it though. St Matthew Passion, Easter Oratorio. St John Passion. Just for lyrics alone Martin Luther was really into it.

Josephbleau said...

"Check out your ESG score!"

Sounds like a good class action lawsuit for many people. Lawyers win, Banks lose, clients get a coupon. Yet it modifies behavior.

wildswan said...

I guess Biden thinks that there are more Muslims voters than Jewish voters and so he goes with Dearborn. I kind of think he'll be calling that place Dearbought before we're finished. I can't say what I think will happen because this is uncharted territory. But it's another Budlight ploy. Get rid of the people you know like you in the hope that people who hate you will start to like you and make up for your losses. Doesn't seem like it will work. It's those unknown, downstream effects. Personally, I'm sickened by the treachery but Biden didn't have my vote, anyway. I just wonder what other people whose vote was not locked up will think of this level of pandering.

Will Cate said...

Thomas footnote: my preferred Who

rhhardin said...

From 3/29 Gutfeld, worth listening to, on the Trump Bible an interview with Trump

What do you think of Adam and Eve?

Frankly, as far as Adam and Eve go, I would never take fruit from a naked woman especially Stormy Daniels. Also, I don't eat fruit. I think it's very nasty. Diet Coke? That's a different story. They say, "Sir, we love the Diet Coke." I'd take a Diet Coke from Nancy Pelosi, frankly. Even though she's a nasty, nasty woman. Did you see that picture of her in a Bikini? So nasty. I think she had two Diet Cokes stuffed into that bathing suit, if you know what I'm saying, frankly. I mean, that could have made Lazarus return from his grave.

What about Moses?

Moses, let's talk about Moses. Moses wandered the desert for 40 years. That didn't happen to me in Scottsdale because I learned to play golf so good, frankly. His supporters, think of it, worshiped a golden cow. They say "Sir, a golden cow." I bet they'd love 'The View,' right? No offense to 'The View,' I'm sure they're lovely to some but, frankly, fat women just aren't my type. What can I say? Talk about a view. That's a view, really. A panoramic, you can't even - you gotta do wide angle. We got Easter coming up. He has risen. He / she / they / them has risen. It's all woke. I don't think these women could rise out of a chair. They need a forklift, frankly, or a crane, I think.

What do you think of Noah?

Oh, I love Noah. I talked - I had a great call with him - perfect phone call with Noah today. I see problems before they happen - but I have a bigger boat, frankly. Much bigger. But there's no live animals on mine - except for when I want fresh veal. So fresh. I love fresh veal. They say "Sir, that's going to make the animal rights people go crazy, sir." They already are crazy. Y'know probably, frankly, because they don't get enough meat. They have no nutrients. They're pencil think just like Adam Shiff's neck. "Pencil Neck" I call him.

Jupiter said...

There is a widespread idea, that one should buy gold, because gold is "real money". To put the matter bluntly, when the whole shitshow goes sideways, and dollars are either magnetic blips on a hard drive in a ditch somewhere, or pieces of paper, useful only for starting fires, and not much use for that, gold will still be a valuable instrument of trade. Simply because of the credence that knowledgeable people have always given to the value of gold. Gold is money.

Well, OK. But in the circumstance of shitshow-goes-sideways, another class of asset that will easily hold its value, is ammo. So, which would you rather be? A person with ammo, boxes of it, whole crates of it, trading a little for gold, or meat, or fuel, with a person who has no ammo. Or a person with gold, loads of it. Trying to trade for ammo. With someone who knows that you have no ammo.

Buy ammo. Store it in a cool, dry place.

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Ammo (TM) is a registered zib xab gazurgle ...

Jupiter said...

I have to say, 22, or 22LR, is the way to go. It hasn't got the supposed "stopping power" of your big calibers, but let's be real. The main point of owning a loaded and operable handgun is to let the asshole who thought you were unarmed suddenly discover that you have the ability to make holes in his body. The size of those holes is not actually a critical factor in his swift recollection of an important appointment in a different part of town. Holes in his vital organs, are holes in his vital organs. And you can buy a handgun that will hold 30+ 22LR rounds, that you can tuck under your clothes. If he doesn't get the picture at round 12, well, there's always round 13. Or, 14. Or ...

And that handgun is well under $400, and you can get 22LR at five to the dollar. You basically buy them by the brick, like Chinese firecrackers. A word, to the wise. I look forward to living in a world filled with the wise.

Meade? I trust that you have given some thought to these matters.

Jupiter said...

So Hey, look. A thousand rounds of 22LR, maybe 200 bucks. The guy who delivers them is going to have a pretty good idea what he is delivering, but it won't break his back, or yours. It's a cardboard box, full of cardboard boxes, and you bring it indoors. Put it somewhere safe.

The gun is another matter, depends on your state. But the ammo is a lot more useful if you have a weapon that will cycle it. Like I said, maybe $350, but there are all the issues, depending on your fucked-up state. But even if you have to own it illegally, just keep it untraceable (Dear NSA, ATF, FBI, etc, it's legal in Oregon to own the guns that I own. I make damned sure of it. Just saying). Ammo is still a great trade good if you don't have a gun -- how the fuck does he know? -- but if you want to use it to defend yourself and the people you love, you're going to need a gun.

What, you feel that owning a gun makes you complicit in (ZXG-!!?F)? Well, OK. Go down. When some worthless, sadistic piece of shit from the deplorable but nonetheless existent depths of the (((human))) gene pool kicks your door in, with the intention -- well, what is his intention? I guess time will tell, for you, and for yours. You will find out. I will likely never know. I'm going to subject him to criticism. Stinging criticism.

Iman said...

Disappointed to see Gonzaga get bested!

Jupiter said...

I realize, you've probably seen the videos, about tactical this, and body armor that, and which caliber is most effective at close range, and what's the difference between "concealment" and "cover". And I am not saying that's all bullshit. I'm saying that chances are very good that what they are saying is irrelevant to you. They are addressing the Law Enforcement Officer, or soldier, who needs to go up against someone who is willing to fight them, knowing they are armed. Even heavily armed. If you have to go up against that, you're probably fucked. And if you have to race Formula 1 cars at LeMans, that likely won't go well either. But that really has nothing to do with why you should get your oil changed regularly.

The walking piece of shit you need to concern yourself with has checked you out, and has concluded that you are easy pickings. He is going to walk right up to you, where you live, and pry the meat right off your bones. And yes, he'll make you watch him rape your wife and daughters too, if they appeal to him. The way he describes it is, "I got paid, and I got laid". Sounds like nice work if you can get it, no?

Except. Pew-pew-pew. Pew-pew. If he's counting, that's five. Four more, you're out of ammo, courtesy of the Democrats "large-magazine" ban, and he can get back to doing what he loves best. That's where the 30+ comes in. Let's keep him guessing, shall we? How many pews in this church? Or, maybe YOU get lucky, around shot 27, and put a hole in something he really can't do without, like his cerebellum. Whatever. The bang-bang totally changes the tactical calculation, and the asshole who thought you were easy pickings has got another think coming.

It's sickening, the way police departments will issue pronouncements about how you need to keep your doors locked, and your windows locked, and hire a security firm, etc. What they are saying is that you should try to make it so your neighbor is preyed upon, instead of you. The filthy dirtbag scum is going to eat someone today, and someone else tomorrow. And the cops don't plan to interfere. But they're here to help. It can happen to your neighbor instead of you! Surely that's worth a few million a year.

Pew-pew has a better idea. Pew-pew says, "Dead dirtbag rob no one!".

Dave Begley said...

Intense and competitive game tonight against TN. Creighton lost. TN very good. Great defense.

lonejustice said...

It's very early Saturday morning and I cannot sleep. So I'm listening to some of my favorite Neil Young songs. Yes, I know, he's a libtard, but I love his music.

wendybar said...

Progressives are evil. WAPO is run by assholes who lie to force their agenda on the masses....

Chaya Raichik
Nex’s father r*ped her and m*lested her for years. He was arrested again 2 weeks before she overdosed. WaPo knew this information and still blamed me.

wendybar said...

Sorry about Creighton Dave Begley!!

Rusty said...

Well I reload so.......
I did order another 2000 No. 209 primers because the price was right until the hazmat fees.
Now before the usual suspects get all nervous and scream "arsenal!". I'll go through a hundred on any given sunday. If there is a competition, about once a month, I'll go through 200. Shot is very expensive at 51$ a 25 pound bag of number 8 shot. I get about 400 rounds per bag.

BUMBLE BEE said...

Via Sundance...

MadTownGuy said...

Here's what Toronto PD suggests about managing auto theft:

Auto Theft Home Invasion Prevention Tips

"Home invasion and auto theft occurrences rose 400 percent in 2023. Police are concerned about an escalation in violence, where all sorts of weapons and firearms are being used to steal vehicles, and that includes during home invasions. While Toronto Police have always advised the public to prioritize your safety over your vehicle, here are ways members of the public can protect themselves, their homes and their vehicles:

Park vehicles in garage, if possible

Ensure your driveway is well lit and keep exterior lights on all night

Security cameras are an asset

If possible, install a home security system – activate alarm on STAY when home and AWAY when out

Consider having a motion detection alarm connected to your cell phone

Put security film on glass windows and doors

Have multipoint door locks on your doors

Keep backyard gates locked and ground windows secured

Do not post on social media when you will be away on holiday

Report suspicious vehicles/persons in the neighbourhood to police.

Removed from their website was a suggestion for keeping your smart keys in a Faraday bag near your front door, inside of course, so the auto thieves will take the keys and just leave. Yeah, right.

West TX Intermediate Crude said...

All very interesting, and true, for you.
OTOH, the gun you have, and know how to use, is always the best gun.
Totally agree that having a good supply of ammo is important, but not as a medium of exchange.
Ammo as currency is deficient in that it is not fungible- my 9mm does you no good if your "account" only takes .22LR or .308. Ammo is no good to me if the person who has what I want to trade for has no need for the ammo I have to trade.
I can use gold or silver to trade for the caliber I need, or a box of grits, or passage through the border.
Mileage varies. I have ammo and gold and silver.
You are right about one thing- almost all of my worth is in the form of magnetic blips. When it goes sideways, I'll be way poorer than I am now, but due to my other holdings, relatively wealthy still compared to most people.

MadTownGuy said...

Elon Musk posts:

"The Dem Party goal is to import voters."

AOC responds:

"You’re literally an immigrant."

Hilarity ensues.

lonejustice said...

Do you recognize this English band?

Kristo Miettinen said...

Question for Ann, or any of the other lawyers out there: why don't police refer to rental registries when deciding how to handle the scene of a dispute such as the Andaloro case?

It seems important to decide, at the moment of immediate contact, whether the police are dealing with a rental dispute or a trespass. The police seem not to try to make this distinction, they treat all cases as rental disputes. In Andaloro case, the property seems never to have been a rental, it was inherited from deceased parents and was in the process of being prepared for sale. There should be no presumption that the occupants are legitimate renters with renter's rights to be protected.

I'm not saying that rental registries are determinative; it is always possible to trespass on a rental property, and in most places, it is possible to rent a property (or a room) that is not on the registry. But it seems that the registry should determine who bears the burden of proof in the immediate situation at hand. Either party can go to court later to advance a claim if they have one, but the immediate prima facie determination that the police must make can be (should be) resolved by reference to the registry.

In other words, don't we already have the resources and laws needed to prevent embarrassments like the Andaloro case? Isn't the real problem improper (unlawful) police policies?

Rusty said...

West TX Intermediate Crude said...
A majority of my neighbors are middle class managerial types who tend to liberal to very liberal-think of a neighborhood of Howards-who do not own guns. They are however well prepared for emergencies-tornados and what have you. Like all leftists they overdo everything and have piles of emegency supplies laying about.
I'm set for several years.

Original Mike said...

"Intense and competitive game tonight against TN. Creighton lost."

I was routing for you, Dave.

Candide said...

West TX Intermediate Crude said...

"Totally agree that having a good supply of ammo is important, but not as a medium of exchange.
Ammo as currency is deficient in that it is not fungible- my 9mm does you no good if your "account" only takes .22LR or .308. Ammo is no good to me if the person who has what I want to trade for has no need for the ammo I have to trade."

That is if you subscribe to Barter theory of isolated one-time direct exchanges, which doesn't make sense except between housewives living next door yo each other. People in general were never that dim. People always kept Accounts and Markets always existed and continue to exist. Only medium of exchange varies.

If present financial system breaks down, Ammo is a very good candidate to become one of a most desirable forms of currency. People will figure that (1) .45acp cartridge is roughly equivalent to (2) 9mmm or (4) .22LR cartridges, in one second or even faster. Most likely, ammo will not be directly changing hands in significant quantities. There will be Tokens of some sort and Depots will be set up by enterprising individuals where to redeem them in bulk.

Candide said...

It is somewhat more complicated to figure rough equivalency between .45ACP cartridges and gallons of Gas, so it make take few extra seconds to solve this problem (when push comes to shove).

West TX Intermediate Crude said...

Rusty has one way of managing life when it gets interesting.
Candide has a somewhat different way.
Rusty's way is more efficient.

Rusty said...

I call it an efficient use of scarce resources. ;-)