February 25, 2024

Sunrise — 6:40.



Mutaman said...

Hey Begley, did you storm the court today?

Josephbleau said...

I wish they would finish that squat little building and get that lifter on the left out of the frame. Those things are not cheap to just leave them siting.

JRoberts said...

Several weeks ago, I commented here that Haley was starting to look like John Kasich in 2016.

She now reminds me of a recent phone commercial with the self important kid trying to karate chop boards while his Dad records him with his smartphone. The sun goes down, the kid keeps banging away on the boards while his now bored father keeps recording due to long battery life.

Haley will keep banging away until her bored “Dads” stop writing checks.

Josephbleau said...

Number One post is mean and ugly. Yar!

Lilly, a dog said...

I really despise Tracey Ullman on Curb Your Enthusiasm. I stopped watching tonight's episode because I've never seen an actor ruin a show so badly. She should be ashamed of herself, but I'll bet the money's good. Larry David gets a pass because he's a member of my tribe (Yankee fan).

Howard said...

Questar said: Sociopathy is not required to be unmoved by Wuthering Heights.

Quip of the month, at least. Bravo.

Howard said...

I want to think that Shane Gillis is funny. His Saturday night live confirmed all my suspicions that he is just not much of a comic. I did find this podcast very entertaining, however. It's great to listen to while you're doing something else.

Shane Gillian and Louis CK the Presidents podcast

wendybar said...

How convenient!!!

Paul Sperry
BREAKING: Hur couldn't determine who had access to Biden's unsecured classified docs or whether they passed thru foreign hands b/c the Penn Biden Center's security deleted all the visitor logs, 2017-2021: “We cannot account for all visitors to the Center”

Humperdink said...

In response to a question on Meet the Press regarding Biden's fitness, CA Governor Gavin Loathsome said: "I revere his record".

Maybe the lefties that frequent this site could elaborate on Biden's record.

Humperdink said...

Follow the Dems immigrants plan:

> Biden reverses Trumps executive orders, the US gets flooded with miscreants and gang members.
> Blue cities roll out the welcome mat.
> Illegals, shockingly, go on crime rampages.
> Illegals get released when arrested.
> Illegals ramp up to more violent crimes, including murder and rape.
> Biden blames Republicans, media nods.

Humperdink said...

For those who think AI is the future, Nate Silver asked AI (paraphrasing) who was worse, Musk or Hitler? AI's response:

"Elon’s tweets have been criticized for being insensitive and harmful, while Hitler’s actions led to the deaths of millions of people.

“Ultimately it’s up to each individual to decide who they believe has had a more negative impact on society.
"(NY Post)

Observing the media for a few decades now, up to the current crop of hacks, I can state unequivocally AI is the future.

tim in vermont said...

I was sure that Mutaman was going to explain why Weiss omitted from his presentation to the grand jury that the statement that he submitted as evidence of animus towards Biden by Smirnov reflected the content of a new conference that happened on the same day that he reported it, a news conference given in Ukrainian, which included the presentation of a recorded conversation that was highly incriminating to Joe Biden.

I guess though, in some twisted sense, it proves your hatred of Joe when you don’t studiously ignore the evidence that he is a slime bag.

Jersey Fled said...

Apparently Joe can’t even read anymore.


tim in vermont said...

I guess it’s a similar tactic to when Zelensky had a man arrested a couple of months ago, for treason for giving evidence against Biden to Giuliani, not because it was false evidence, but because it undermined Ukrainian patron, Joe Biden.

Smirnov will not be allowed to clear his name in a trial before impeachment, and Weiss will not answer questions regarding the charges against him before a trial.

Enigma said...

@Humperdink: CA Governor Gavin Loathsome

Repeat after me: White male Democrats are only allowed to be puppets and figureheads in the lefty intersectional hierarchy. They serve only one function: drive the White vote despite the party having anti-White, anti-straight, anti-religion, anti-merit, anti-police, and anti-free will leadership, plus wealthy business oligarchs, foreign nationals, and incoherent racists setting the Party agenda.

No White male Democrats have held actual power after Bill Clinton, nor lefty cultural power after Jerry Seinfeld stopped doing his lefty-urban stand up routine at politically correct colleges, and after co-star Michael Richards used the "n-word" in responding to a heckler in 2006. In 2008 Obama was elected, and the White male left were reduced to equity / retaliation puppet status.

The current crop of White male figureheads will say or do anything to be a figurehead.

tim in vermont said...

Of course we could say that Smirnov was just a conduit for incriminating information that came out of Ukraine, so why not just go to primary sources? Well, anybody in Ukraine who gives information to the impeachment inquiry faces the death penalty for Treason.


Budanov's, who is also in charge of terrorist operations against Russia, controls the secret police, who have lots of evidence, they claim that the Russians are behind it all. When has a Ukrainian ever lied?

Dubinsky is accused of treason, as prosecutors allege he and others worked with Russian intelligence services to destabilize Ukrainian politics. Sounds like they thought he was another Navalny, only Navalny worked for our side.

So let's look at the evidence used by the treasury department to sanction Dubinsky

According to the US Department of the Treasury, Onyshchenko gave Derkach recordings of conversations between former US Vice President Joe Biden and the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Dubinsky joined Derkach to spread and promote lies about Biden.

Son of a bitch, the same recordings!

"Despite the fact that we have no evidence of corruption against Shokin, I asked him to resign...

OK, I am a man of my word, here's your billion dollars. - BIden

If you want, you can google up the email from Burisma to Hunter a couple weeks prior to these events, that asks Hunter to make Shokin's investigation go away. It's in the New York Post.

This whole thing is abuse of the power of a prosecutor to bury evidence against Biden.

Iman said...

“Number One post is mean and ugly. Yar!”

All one can expect from a half dog/half human cretin.

gadfly said...

[s]o let’s check in on [a] nasty person . . . flailing, Steve Bannon.

Bannon really ought to be in prison by now. After all, his three co-conspirators in the “We Build the Wall” fraud—a scheme that bilked $25 million from gullible donors—are all serving years-long federal sentences. The only reason Bannon is free is because Trump pardoned him.

Of course, that didn’t stop Bannon from later getting convicted and sentenced to four months in prison for contempt of Congress. He’s currently out while that verdict is under appeal.

But the legal walls are finally closing in on Bannon. That federal, presidential pardon didn’t prevent Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg from charging Bannon under New York state law for those same illegal actions. [Bannon's] fake charity defrauded 430 Manhattan-based donors out of $33,600. Across the whole state, there were allegedly more than 11,000 donors defrauded out of more than $730,000. That trial is set to begin in four months.

And Bannon’s primary financial benefactor, the shadowy Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui, is now under indictment for bilking anti-communist dissidents out of one billion dollars. Earlier this month, a superseding indictment alleged that Guo’s business entities, some of which included Bannon as a partner and co-founder, were part of a criminal organization.

And it looks like Trump isn’t the only criminal defendant to stiff his lawyers. Bannon reportedly owes his attorneys nearly half a million dollars, and they are out to recover it.

MadisonMan said...

Am really enjoying your sunrise pictures. The one from yesterday with the reflection in the open water was great, and now a partial sun pillar.
Coffee Table Book! I think it might sell well.

tim in vermont said...

I must have mistyped the link to the video of Biden handing out the billion dollars after being told that despite his innocence, they fired the prosecutor.


BTW, the State Department also said that they had no problem with Shokin, and were a bit distressed with the kinds of lowlifes that Joe Biden was doing business with through his son Hunte.

US diplomat in Kiev sent classified email in 2016 warning that Hunter Biden's business dealings in Ukraine 'undercut the anti-corruption message' his VP father was advancing


If only the Tsar knew!

Mike of Snoqualmie said...

Inch of snow last night. More expected today and tonight. The roads are clear, so maybe Republic Services will be able to pick up the trash tomorrow. It takes just a cross-eyed look for snow to stop those intrepid trucks from executing their routes.

Leland said...

Gadfly, king of the conspiracy theorists!

Wonder when he'll claim his relationship with Fani Willis began?

Rocco said...

Gadfly said…
“…But the legal walls are finally closing in on Bannon…”

I wish I had a dollar for every time a lefty used a variation of the phrase “Teh wallz are closing in!!?!” Over the past several years.

Rusty said...

Mike of Snoqualmie said...
"Inch of snow last night. More expected today and tonight. The roads are clear, so maybe Republic Services will be able to pick up the trash tomorrow. It takes just a cross-eyed look for snow to stop those intrepid trucks from executing their routes."
And in Chicago they put plows on garbage trucks.

tim in vermont said...

It’s amazing the pleasure that Gadfly takes in watching Biden use his power to go after his political enemies. We should not be surprised about all of this, though, because after all, the US security state runs our satellite banana republics, like Ukraine and Germany.

Leland said...

Laken Hope Riley, 22, murdered by a Venezuelan, who crossed into the US illegally in 2022 yet allowed to stay thanks to Biden and Mayorkas tearing down the legal walls for criminals.