February 26, 2024

Sunrise — 6:40, 6:42, 6:43.





rhhardin said...

There's Morse code Dickens at 35wpm on 7047.5 kHz, a code proficiency test. Send in a minute of correct copy and get a certificate. It seems very white to me. Rapper lyrics would be better.

They substituted Tabby for Toby to check if you're cheating, and the punctuation is altered.

BUMBLE BEE said...

Trolls Repent!


narciso said...

on to round 2


tim in vermont said...

So Budanov, the spy chief of Ukraine, who the New York Times bragged today has access to extensive CIA provided spy networks inside Russia, said yesterday that Navalny died of natural causes. According to Ukraine Pravda.

Navalny died of natural causes.

Now remember this too that we are. supposed to believe, we are supposed to believe that the US is doing everything we can to topple Putin, but we would never, ever, ever! topple the democratically elected government of Ukraine! And then the New York Times goes and publishes an article how the moment that the democratically elected government in Kiev, I'm sorry, the pro-Putin cabal of traitors, was overthrown, we set up a network of CIA bases in Ukraine, on Russia's border, and used these bases to train Ukrainians in sabotage and assassination, and infiltration into Russia, where assassinations have been carried out, BTW, claimed by Ukraine.

This has been going on for ten years, since the coup, but remember! The war is uNPrOvOkED! These bases, created a decade ago, have been feeding targeting information to Ukraine for its strikes inside of Russia.

Oh yeah, the New York Times allows as to how the CIA and MI-6 helped to fortify the coup, to keep the democratically elected government there from recovering power.

This is the true source of Russiagate, since the US fomented coup, during the Obama-Biden Administration, we have been working towards war with Russia, and Trump might have interfered with that, being basically a man who believes in peaceful economic competition, and live and let live policies regarding countries that also occupy the planet, well such an unreliable guy could not be trusted with the truth of what was going on, so naturally, we accused him of being a Putin stooge. Because that would tie his hands while dealing with Russia, and keep the narrative going that Putin must be toppled.


These 12 bases pre-date the war and represent active US involvement in the Ukrainian civil war that ensued following the coup.

tim in vermont said...

No pushback on blowing holes in the Smirnov indictment? Well, Insty always said that you could indict a ham sandwich, since the complete control the prosecutor has on what the grand jury will see, and the absence of cross examination or evidence submitted by the defense, in our system, we trust the prosecutor to be fair, it's on the honor system, basically, you can basically indict anybody for anything if you are willing to leave out exculpatory evidence, which is what Weiss did.

Doesn't matter though, Smirnov is under indictment, no matter how much bullshit went into the case against him, and he won't be able to testify against Joe Biden in the impeachment, and he won't be tried before the election. So it's a whole line of evidence closed to the House by prosecutorial abuse.

tim in vermont said...

Toward the end of 2021, according to a senior European official, Mr. Putin was weighing whether to launch his full-scale invasion when he met with the head of one of Russia’s main spy services, who told him that the C.I.A., together with Britain’s MI6, were controlling Ukraine and turning it into a beachhead for operations against Moscow.

The following is what is known as a "distinction without a difference."

But the Times investigation found that Mr. Putin and his advisers misread a critical dynamic. The C.I.A. didn’t push its way into Ukraine. U.S. officials were often reluctant to fully engage, fearing that Ukrainian officials could not be trusted, and worrying about provoking the Kremlin. Yet a tight circle of Ukrainian intelligence officials assiduously courted the C.I.A. and gradually made themselves vital to the Americans.

The absurd shit they ask us to believe.

but remember, the war was "uNPrOvOKeD!"

gadfly said...

Am I the only one who is getting audio noise when I open an Althouse post?

Curious George said...

I'm a little surprised that Althouse didn't do a post on the Libs of TikTok creator and Taylor Lorenz. https://www.dailywire.com/news/journo-taylor-lorenz-meets-with-libs-of-tiktok-creator-makes-stunning-admission

Ann Althouse said...

"Am I the only one who is getting audio noise when I open an Althouse post?"

Any post?

tim in vermont said...

"fearing that Ukrainian officials could not be trusted, and worrying about provoking the Kremlin. "

Then the article goes on to detail how the Ukrainians could not be trusted, and often crossed red lines we had set down as conditions of this support, and in the end provoked the Kremlin to war.

Humperdink said...

President Bribe'Em is apparently heading to Brownsville Texas on Thursday to see our southern border first hand. Good choice for the dolt as it is no longer a hot spot. There is no truth to the report that Bribe'Em has ordered wire cutters to be loaded on Air Force One.

rehajm said...

A big part of the problem is so many demonstrated how gullible they are. That’s empowering. Now that there’s just a hint of healthy skepticism look how hard they have to scramble. Backpedaling even…

Leland said...

Marked safe from hearing voices in his head while reading Althouse.

tim in vermont said...

So, wait a minute. We have the results of the trial in Ukraine that found that it was not the government who killed those protesters in Maidan Square, but Right Sector snipers who were behind the coup.*

Now we learn from the New York Times that our CIA chief, Brennan, flew into Kiev in an unmarked plane while the coup plotters were seizing power, and we immediately took over their spy agencies and started purging them of the "pro-Russian" spies that had served the democratically elected pro-Russian government that we overthrew.

*I know 'Dr Weevil' likes to lsay that the new government that took power during the coup did its own tests and they found out that it was actually not them, but the government that they had overthrown who killed the protesters, and somehow the trial got basic ballistic forensics wrong. You can believe that if you want, but it reminds me of O.J.'s book, "If I did it."

It also turns out that these CIA funded bases in Ukraine were centers of disinformation, such as "Russia hacked the DNC computers," which is not true. It was almost certainly a thumb drive, and there was a guy who, as a Bernie supporter, had a beef with the DNC, most of the emails were about how the Hillary used the DNC to kneecap Bernie, and this person had access to a computer on the network, and the access records from his security badge would have put him in a room with the computer where it happened, at the exact time it happened, *if he did it*, and his name was Seth Rich.

They also produced battlefield "intercepts" which are about the most easily faked form of intelligence, to prove that it was not the Ukrainians who shot down that Malaysian airliner, but their dastardly enemies, the Russians.

BUMBLE BEE said...

But Wait... There's More!


Enigma said...

Go woke, go broke at Disney continues:


The brown face Little Mermaid movie flopped like a fish out of water...now back to Hans Christian Andersen's original Danish mermaid from Copenhagen...?


Next up, will the creators of black face Cleopatra and Google AI's black Nazis be fired?

Humperdink said...

How poor is Venezuela? "[One Venezuelan] lamented, “Nobody’s got any money. There’s nothing much left to steal.' "

Very good article from Power Line.


BTW: For you fellow commenters that have been banned from Power Line, I appealed my sentence and was reinstated.

wendybar said...

Welcome to Illegalmerica!!! Where illegals get to take over whole cities, and states, given free healthcare, education, lodging, food, debit cards, I phones, paid for by US!!!!

Enjoy the downfall, and don't forget to vote for Joe Biden, because enriching the Bidens is working out so wonderfully for them!!!

Marc Sallinger

City of Denver says it IS NOT laying off employees to pay for the migrant crisis

But the city IS telling hourly employees they may have their hours reduced to zero

For now, It could impact coaches, lifeguards, front desk staff etc. at rec centers

But don't call them layoffs...

traditionalguy said...

Heads up: Turner Classic plays Babette’s Feast at 10:30 tonight EST.

That movie is hard to find. But it’s worthy of watching to affirm the social power of good food is better than the social power of religion/ideology. And it’s a tragic love story to boot.

Dave Begley said...

There is a Washington Free Beacon story on the illegal alien invasion in Whitewater, WI.

In March, one slide states, law enforcement responded to a "deceased infant … located in a cardboard box." Another individual familiar with the immigration situation described finding a woman living in a shed with her infant during the Wisconsin winter.
Neighboring counties have expressed concern about cartel activity among Whitewater's migrants. One slide describes the surge in fentanyl seizures in recent years“

Biden will burn in Hell for this.

Scott Patton said...

"Nex tells the officer they poured water from their water bottle on the students and that’s when things escalated. They came at Nex..."
No pronoun rant. Ambiguous writing is undesirable.
The second sentence should have been: "The students came at Nex". At least that would've made more sense of the first, regardless of the pronouns.

Scott Patton said...

"rhhardin said...
There's Morse code Dickens.."

Morse Code Dickens. Good name for a country band, or even a rapper (but he would have to be extra cool, or it would be corny).

Iman said...

“Am I the only one who is getting audio noise when I open an Althouse post?”

Try another layer of Reynolds Wrap, ‘fly. Use the Heavy Duty stuff, lol 😆

iowan2 said...

Noise here?

Not me. But my speakers are always muted. I turned them on, and moved around on site Nothing from my comuputer

tim in vermont said...

"“Nobody’s got any money. There’s nothing much left to steal.' "

There were these jokes during Soviet times in Russia where a young man would ask a wise old man questions, here is one.

"When communism is finally built on Earth, where there still be pilfering?"

"No, because under socialism, everything will already have been stolen."

lonejustice said...

This is pretty funny, and I like most of what Carlson does:


J L Oliver said...

I also hear the sounds. Sounded like quiet far-off talking with static. I was in the Nex article and comments. I was trying to listen via to text to speak after hearing the noise and it wouldn’t play. Then the browser closed. When I reopened. There was no sound. This happened before once some weeks ago. That was at around 7 am.

Rusty said...

Clear your browser history. Or check and see if you have a tab open. It's probably some spam advertisement the engages when you log on.

Dr Weevil said...

Here's 'tim in vermont' once again repeating the lies of Russian propaganda, undoubtedly for money. I'll just mention two points here:

1. His claim (6:40am) that it was the Ukrainians, not the Russians, who shot down the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, killing 298 mostly Dutch civilians, is a disgusting and proven lie. Igor Girkin, the man who shot it down, "admits 'moral responsibility' but denies pushing the button" (Moscow Times, via Wikipedia). It was a four-man team, using a Russian Armed Forces Buk missile launcher brought in from Russia the day before and returned the next day. Girkin was commander of the team, so it doesn't matter which of the four pushed the button, he was and is the murderer. 'Timofei in Volgograd' is lying. (Probably still wishing they'd change the name back to Stalingrad, too.)

2. The claim that Russia was just rescuing minorities from a civil war started by evil Ukrainians is disproven by Russia's own medals. Their liberation of Crimea medal (link) gives the campaign's dates as February 20th to March 18th, 2014. February 20th was the day 108 protestors were slaughtered in Kyiv. Yanukovych fled the country on the 22nd. Why were the Russians already seizing Crimea when their buddy was still in power? Because Putin didn't give a damn about him, or Russian-speakers in Ukraine, he's just an imperialist who takes whatever he can. And Girkin arranged that, too: he specifically said the local leaders he gathered for a meeting didn't want to secede but he convinced them - he had a bunch of armed men with him to do the convincing.

To sum up, 'tim in vermont' is not only a bore, and a stupid bore, but a filthy paid liar, who carefully covers every single talking point of the Putinites anilinguists.

Rusty said...

Clear your browser history. Or check and see if you have a tab open. It's probably some spam advertisement the engages when you log on.

gadfly said...

Ann Althouse said...
"Am I the only one who is getting audio noise when I open an Althouse post?"

Any post?

Yes - and only on your site. But the good news is that all is quiet on the Western Front today!

gadfly said...

Rusty said...
Clear your browser history. Or check and see if you have a tab open. It's probably some spam advertisement that engages when you log on.

Not sure how a spam advertisement can get by my Malwarebytes Browser Guard but as I told Ann - her site has been doing this for a while now, but has magically stopped today. And changing from Google to Edge to DuckDuckGo didn't help either.