February 24, 2024

Listening to ice melt.

Today, in the late afternoon, the ice on Lake Mendota was melting and flowing noisily.

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Mr. T. said...

Adam Westbrook now accepted into the Brett Blomme hall of fame.

Another far left WI Milwaukee clown caught exploiting minors in Sheboygen, Neenah, Menasha and under the protection of Outagamie Co.

Menasha Joint School District Superintendent says "We're all shocked..."

Westbrook is:
A) Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
B) Milwaukee LGBT Bar (same as Blomme)
C) DEI committee in Sheboygan.
D) Outagamie Labor/Union (teacher) Relations HR director
E) Paid theatre groomer position in Kaukauna and Menasha.

Who the hell is "shocked?"

Ampersand said...

Great use of cell phone audiovideo tech. Let's hope for a short mild winter.

Liam Ryan said...

Good morning from London!!

I am revising for an exam, but just went online to see any blogs posted stuff :)

gilbar said...

which is melting faster? your lake? or Nikki's funding?
Obviously it WASN'T Nikki's hopes of winning the nomination.. it's NOT that those Already melted..
It's that those never even condensed, let alone solidified.. They were never more than wisps of hot air

Candide said...

Beautiful sounds!

I take it, once the ice melts it will not form again until next winter?

Narr said...

Different from the usual. Very n-ice.

Since some people seem to appreciate my taste in some matters, and because YouTube prompted me to click on her video again (I go several times a day lately), I commend Sian Griffiths and Florent Mourier for their performance of Schumann's "Widmung."

I like the male version by Mofidian and Coleman too, part of the Oxford Lieder series.

For the longer solo piano arrangement by Liszt, try Leon McCawley at the Singapore International Piano Festival.

Ten minutes to take in all three.

What a time to be alive.

J Severs said...

Nice video. Thank you!

MikeD said...

If one can "hear" ice melt, why is my bourbon on the rocks so silent? For one who proclaims "her/she" need for concise speech, seems mixing occurrence with resulting, after the fact, noise is???
While I've checked daily with our hostess since she first filled in for Insta, I've known since early on she/her is not good at dealing with us "normies". Hasn't gotten any better with post retirement hours spent swimming in the sewer of Acela corridor media.

Jupiter said...

A lot more fun than watching paint dry.

Jupiter said...

Back in 2000, we went down to Klamath Lake, about this time of year. The Lake does not freeze over, but it has a small arm on the Western side, that is shallow, and does freeze over. We walked out on the ice, which was inches thick, but at the border, where it met the deeper water, there was, of course, an edge. And at that edge, the waves from the lake met the fracturing chunks of ice, clashing them against one another, and they were singing. I remember it still, a high, eerie, continuous song, a little like birdsong -- a flock of birds, singing -- all along the edge, while you are standing on green ice, inches thick. You can smash a stone into it, and it just leaves a white, circular scar.

I had thought this might be the same, but not at all. Not at all. It was singing, and Odysseus heard no sweeter. Remembering that sound ... I would hear it again. Perhaps I shall, before I die.

Jupiter said...

Melting copper tonight. I have a whole bunch of 1/2-inch copper tube, from a failed solar heater project, and I'm melting it down in a propane furnace. The plan is to mix it with a bit of silicon, and make bronze. But right now, I'm just reducing it to ingots.

Clear and cool, and I can see my namesake. As always, I hail him on first meeting; "Ave, Jove!". Pronounced, Ah-Way, Yo-Way. Of course, in some ancient scripts, only consonants were recorded, and vowels were inferred. So, Jove = Yo-Way = Yahweh. Same diff. The Romans chose their gods from among those on offer. But call Him what you will, he is one, bright light in the sky tonight.

Mike of Snoqualmie said...

The latest climate change causing a disaster is a cholera outbreak in Zambia, at least according to Al Jazeera. No, cholera spreads with dirty water. Zambia is not providing clean water to its citizens. Killing the cholera bacteria requires putting Sodium Hypochlorite into the drinking water. Sodium Hypochlorite is easily produced from salt, which Zambia has in abundance.

Another B.S. story about how "climate change" is killing us all. It's government corruption that's killing Zambians.

John said...

The folks in Alaska call this time of year "break-up", and your sounds reminded me of why. Thanks!

Lem the artificially intelligent said...

Those are the sounds of global warming. That's why the hokey stick is so relevant in the science. Nobody will be able to play hokey when the great warming comes.

Crazy World said...


gadfly said...

Big news about CPAC head Matt Schlapp begins with the word that the so-called conservative organization is currently spending a lot of its money defending Schlapp from a lawsuit by a male Senate campaign worker who alleges that Schlapp groped him in the car while he was working for Herschel Walker in Georgia.

On Wednesday, the opening day for CPAC 2024, the Alexandria City Courthouse posted a batch of eye-popping new filings in the sexual battery and defamation lawsuit against Schlapp - including a subpoena to a CPAC official alleged to have overseen document destruction days after the accusations were first publicly reported. Schlapp was on notice at the time about potential legal action.

The court records also show subpoenas to other key witnesses, as well, including CPAC officials and other alleged victims. Two young men who previously reported unwanted physical advances from Schlapp have been deposed, including in connection with an alleged incident where the conservative icon, drunk and stripped to his underwear, rubbed his crotch on a young man at a fundraising event months before the alleged assault at the center of the lawsuit.

Just another MAGAt sucking up Republican funding and tieing up the courts.

effinayright said...

In the late 19th century locals living on NH's Lake Winnepesaukee would wait for the winter's ice, usually three to four feet thick, to begin thawing.

The event announced itself in March with thunderous BOOMs producing cracks in the ice.

Using big saws they would cut the ice into chunks, pack it in sawdust, load it onto horse-drawn wagons they drove 100 miles south to Boston.

There the ice would be stored underground, brought up to be used to cool iceboxes, make ice cream, and offer "soda fountain" drinks such as "ice cold" Coca Cola.

(The reason I offer this: my college roommate's parents had a cottage on the Lake. We used to go up there with girls hoping to "get lucky", when his mom and dad weren't there.

One time, at a particularly sensitive moment, I heard that BOOM I spoke of, and asked my bedmate if the Earth moved for her, too. She said, "What are you talking about?"

--Once again proving ...WMMV.)

Gospace said...

Lem the artificially intelligent mentioned yesterday about the abstract on covid vaccines- a peer reviewed abstract, which is the beginning of the movement to slowly tell people, in the words from Animal House, "You f----d up. You trusted us." (clip link: https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/8f0bd330-f17c-469c-bca2-135488cc6384 ) But also the beginning of them lying through their teeth and saying they were working with bet available information at the time.

They were lying.

Let's take one bit they've admitted to in new peer reviewed studies- there's no off switch for any of the covid vaccines. Regardless of maker and the particular mechanism used, they all do the same thing- invade body cells and force them to make not the covid virus, but one part- the spike protein. Which all by itself is a dangerous pathogen- known before the first shots were administered. Well, some say, the body's immune system will destroy those cells. No, it won't. In fact, the only reason any of the mRNA (or other vaxxes) can get into the cells in the first place is- they're designed to evade the immune system.

Now I'm just a poor innocent boiler operator, but that's a question I had in the beginning- What turns them off? And you know, no one could ever answer that, it was- "Trust them! They're scientists! You're nothing but a poor ignorant layman!" Who turns out to have been correct, but will any of the detractors apologize? No. They believed in "The Science." No, they didn't. They believed the scientists and medical establishment- which were knowingly lying to them.

Some other questions go along with this- questions I asked. Like- "How much spike protein will each shot produce?" Hmm-- no answer to that either. Depends on the individual, how much of the mRNA gets into cells, etc. So- it's different for everyone! Which explains why seriousness of ide effects vary so much.

And another question- about the spike protein being a known pathogen. And these erstwhile researchers wanting so bad for our bodies to develop antibodies against just this one specific portion of the virus. Why not just brew up some yeast, have it produce gobs and gobs of spike protein, separate it put and purify it, and inject a known amount directly into the body? Well, they can't do that- they'd all be jailed immediately. Why? The spike protein is, and I'm going to emphasize this- A KNOWN PATHOGEN! Injecting known harmful pathogens into people is a crime. So instead, they infect the body (and that's the proper term for what all the covid vaxxes do) and force the cells of the body to produce the spike protein, a known pathogen, and release the spike protein into the blood. Anyone care to try and rationalize how this is better? What does a virus do? It enters a cell, forces the body to produce more copies, then- usually- destroys the cells all those copies are released. To infect more cells, or themselves be destroyed by the immune system.

A few quotes on viruses: "1. Viruses are smaller and simpler in construction than unicellular microorganisms, and they contain only one type of nucleic acid—either DNA or RNA—never both. 2DNA viruses all replicate in the nucleus except for the pox virus, which replicates in the cytoplasm. RNA viruses all replicate in the cytoplasm except for the influenza virus and retroviruses, which replicate in the nucleus.. So really, mRNA shots themselves meet the definition of virus...

Gospace said...

Part 2
Were you stupid if you had the "vaccine"? No. You were gullible. A condition which can affect anyone Including people who should know better about wwhat they were just gullible about- ""I thought that I would never fall for something like this," she said. Cowles, a columnist for New York Magazine's 'The Cut,' wrote a now viral article, "The Day I Put $50,000 in a Shoe Box and Handed it to a Stranger." "It unfolded very gradually, incrementally over five hours on the phone," she said."

I can forgive the gullible for getting the worthless covid shots. I can't forgive them for treating me and others like pariahs because we weren't gullible. And I've only seen one or two actual apologies from the militant gullibles who bought the tales hook, line, and sinker.

It's a lesson in how totalitarian regimes get and maintain power- by othering the people who see the truth about them. And you didn't think it could happen here- as there were serious calls for us unvaxxed to be herded into concentration camps to protect the good people. as was done in Australia.

wendybar said...

Rabid LYING Progressives are now running for local offices AS REPUBLICANS....anybody STUPID enough to vote for Stelter, deserves a fundamentally transformed Communist America.


Humperdink said...

I have 4 children. Two are conservatives, one is squishy and the last is a lib, primarily due to her spouse. Being a hardcore conservative, I have to be careful that I don't go overboard with my pronouncements. My mine focus and default position is losing your freedom to the government one drip at a time. It's starting to resonate.

MadTownGuy said...

Border patrol called after bus was pulled over by deputies in Grand Traverse County

"The United States Customs and Border Protection was called after a bus was pulled over by the Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office.

The bus was stopped by deputies around 10:15 a.m. Friday on North Garfield Avenue near the U.S. Postal Service Distribution Center.

The bus was still parked on the side of N. Garfield Avenue five hours after the initial stop.

Deputies said they saw the bus swerving and leaving its lane before the driver was pulled over.

When the deputies tried to identify the driver, the documentation provided didn't make sense, according to Captain Chris Clark with the Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office.

The deputy issued a traffic citation to the driver and then called border patrol.

UpNorthLive News has contacted border patrol for more information and we will update this developing story when details are released.

Photos show a school type bus, painted flat black, with tinted windows and what looks like Michigan license plates.

Nothing to see here...move on. I'm keeping the tab open to see if any updates are forthcoming.

Humperdink said...

It's been rumored that Joe Biden, to prove his fitness as a dog handler, is getting another canine. The White House has changed course and narrowed the choice to either a Rottweiler or a Doberman, as their previous pick of a breed was an unmitigated disaster. Contrary to public opinion however, Kringe Jean-Pierre has flatly declared the Biden's earlier pet experience huge a success, blood stain evidence notwithstanding.

tim in vermont said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tim in vermont said...

Dr Weevil is crying over the death of Navalny, I guess he assumes that Putin did it, and it wasn't natural causes, or one of his many enemies in Russia itself, or the CIA, which has benefited the most from his death. This might be because he is still bitter over how the KGB killed Ukrainian national hero, and Nazi Holocaust collaborator, Bandera, the guy responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, and who is a national hero for fighting alongside the Nazis against the Soviets in WWII, and whose Waffen SS was so loyal to Hitler that they were sent to Slovakia to put down a rebellion against the Nazis, which they accomplished with quite brutal methods.

It's such a tragedy when nazis who publicly call for genocide, like Navalny did, die in prison.

Old and slow said...

Jupiter, why Si bronze rather than tin? Are you making boat hardware or something? I've only used tin for my bronze.

Old and slow said...

Gadlfy tells us all about "conservative icon" CPAC head Matt Schlapp and his degenerate homo ways. An icon is he? I've never heard of the guy, and don't particularly care. It's as though Gadfly were grasping at straws for anything to discredit the Republican party (as if they need any help!). But that mustn't be it, because Gadfly is a self proclaimed conservative. You'll find very few cheerleaders for the GOP around here Gadfly!

Mr. Forward said...

"It's been rumored that Joe Biden, to prove his fitness as a dog handler, is getting another canine. ...either a Rottweiler or a Doberman".

Why not another Chinese lap dog?

rhhardin said...

I fixed instapundit comments on Firefox which had been not showing up that somebody asked about
goto about:config
search for urlclassifier.trackingSkipURLs
click string
edit and enter value for it pj-instapundit.disqus.com,disqus.com

It's a result of heavier tracking blocking on new versions of Firefox

tim in vermont said...

Remember when, a month ago, Gonzalo Lira, an American citizen, and journalist, died in a Ukrainian prison? Why is nobody mad about that? I will leave that as an exercise for the reader.

MadTownGuy said...

We're pondering another trip into Canada, so I browsed the interwebs to see how the entry requirements might have changed since our last visit in August 2022.

What I found was an article about the <a href="https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ArriveCAN_scandal>ArriveCAN scandal</a> on yeah, I know, Wikipedia, that caused major headaches for travelers from all countries. We used ArriveCAN at the time as it was required, but had no big problems, just an annoyance of sorts.... (continued)

MadTownGuy said...

We crossed the border into Manitoba north of Grand Forks, ND. As is customary, we gave the border agent our itinerary which was to overnight in Regina, SK, the next night in Banff (oh it was glorious), and the last two nights in Surrey BC. He reviewed our documents - of course we had our vaccine records - but before leaving, he informed my wife that she was the lucky winner of a random COVID test that had to be completed within 24 hours of entry. He handed us a carton and an instruction sheet, and sent us on our way. One detail he neglected to mention was that we had to contact the Canada Public Health Office in the province of entry, not the one where we were staying. It was late in the day when we got to Regina, so we started by trying to contact Saskatchewan Public Health for directions and a Zoom appointment to conduct the test. It was then we found out that we had no cell service anywhere in Canada so we had to use the hotel phone. We had some issues with matching up the test kit serial number with the online form, so the representative walked us through the process and set up an appointment early the next morning.

Our phones were connected to hotel wifi, so I scanned the QR code on the test kit which returned a "code expired" message. I contacted SK Public Health again, and they said to continue on with the next day's test.

Meanwhile, I started saving screenshots of the error message, photos of the flyer from the border agent, and all sides of the carton...(continued)

Rusty said...

Sounds like an interesting afternoon. How much silicon? I remember having to bore out some silicon bronze bearings and having the ID actually 'grow' after each pass. Apparently there was a lot of strss when the bronze was rolled. After an hour in the furnace it behaved itself. Hard on tooling though.

Humperdink said...

"Why not another Chinese lap dog?"

Or a Mexican Chihuahua. Unlike other imports from Mexico Biden insisted it had to have papers.

BUMBLE BEE said...

MadTownGuy said..

There was an article the other day about illegals getting wised up to becoming squatters.
Cottages at risk.

Mike of Snoqualmie said...

Ford is getting its clock cleaned on its EV F-150 Lightning. They've stopped production for allegedly "quality issues." It's more likely the Lightning isn't selling. The quality issue is really a quantity issue as no one wants an expensive EV when a diesel F-150 is a better bargain and better truck.

MadTownGuy said...

More on our Canadian adventure:

After having documented all so far, I called SK Public Health for guidance. That time, the alert representative asked for the brand name of the test. I provided it and was told that it was the brand used in Manitoba, not Saskatchewan. So then ai started the whole process over again with Manitoba. They said they could send a new test kit to us by Express, but I explained that time was short and we would be in Banff by nightfall. They couldn't guarantee that it would be there, and in any case we were nearly beyond the 24 hour requirement, so I concluded the call and prepared to communicate all with Public Health in Ottawa once we arrived in Surrey.

I was mildly nervous about continuing the trip at that point and kept watch for RCMP vehicles in the rear view. We got to Banff just fine and had a lovely night in a classy place, and a sumptuous breakfast the next morning. The sky was crystal blue with patches of clouds - the most perfect travel day ever - and driving the Trans-Canada Highway was more than we expected. (Continued)

MadTownGuy said...

After our stay in Surrey, with a driving tour of Vancouver, and after the next night's stay, we headed back to the US which was about a thirty minute drive. Once again we came to the border crossing with a little trepidation, but the US Customs agent said hello and waved us through with no questions asked.

About 30 minutes after the border crossing, we got a robocall from Canada Public Health asking if we had completed the test. From the menu we clicked no, and for the reason why, we clicked "Problem with the test."

Then there was a spiel, beginning with that quintessential Canadian phrase "We're sorry," but it went on to warn us that there could be penalties for noncompliance, including fines and levies up to $5,000 (CDN) and additional fines and levies up to $100,000 (CDN). Now we were more concerned, though I was glad to have saved all documentation of conversations with the various vendors and agencies. It would all come in handy later... (Continued)

MadTownGuy said...

On the drive back to PA from the West, I told MadTownGal that if we saw a guy in a red uniform on a horse by our front door, we would keep our heads down and just keep driving.

The end result, after we got home, was a letter addressed to Manitoba Public Health with a copy to the head office in Madison, er, Ottawa, in which I outlined the whole process. After about three weeks we received a nice letter from Manitoba Public Health saying they were sorry (oh so Canadian) and that they understood why we weren't able to comply, and there would be no consequences. In any case, they added, the requirement was being discontinued as of September, so it was moot.


BUMBLE BEE said...

Here Tis...


Dr Weevil said...

Should I be grateful that 'tim in vermont' refers to me by my actual web-name for a change? Not really: it prevents me from saying that every word he wrote in his 5:37am comment was a lie, including 'and' and 'the'. But every word after the first two is a lie.

I'm not 'crying over' Navalny's murder any more than over the hundreds of thousands of others Putin has killed and continues to kill. I never admired anything about him except his courage in returning to Russia after Putin poisoned him with nerve-poison. His racism towards Central Asians and other non-Russians is pretty much universal there: when Ukraine shot down another A-50 (~AWACS plane) a few days ago, RT propagandists complained that the crew were "not Central Asians", in other words, not ethnic minority cannon fodder but educated blond Russians like themselves. Navalny's willingness to appear with out-and-out Nazis is something he shares with Putin and other top Russians. And I notice that 'tim' does not mention one of his severe character defects: he wanted peace with Ukraine but also wanted to keep Crimea, so even he was just another imperialist asshole - like 'tim'.

Like the vast majority of Americans, I didn't cry over Epstein's murder because I thought he deserved to live: he deserved far worse than death. But I do very much object to the Deep State killing people in prison to cover their own complicity. Doesn't everyone? Not 'tim', as long as it's Putin doing the killing.

And I don't "assume" that Putin killed Navalny: I offered four specific reasons in the previous thread (link, 11:50am comment) that clearly point to Putin. I could have added more: e.g. no one except the Russian government would have had access to Novichok for the 2000 poisoning. An honest man would answer them point by point.

The assertion that I am "still bitter" about the murder of Bandera is a lie so contemptible as to be slanderous. Good thing 'tim in vermont' is (a) anonymous, (b) probably not named 'tim' unless it's short for Timofei, (c) probably not living in Vermont, or even the U.S. All I have ever said about Bandera is that the Ukrainians who admire him do not praise him for his massacres, any more than Americans who admire Andrew Jackson or Woodrow Wilson praise Jackson for the Trail of Tears, or Wilson for resegregating the Armed Forces and Civil Service. In each case, they overlook the leader's crimes while praising them for other things. Some (not all, or even most) Ukrainians praise Bandera for opposing Hitler and Stalin and trying to win freedom for Ukraine between the two, while ignoring his crimes. I despise all three of them, because I can't get past their crimes.

I'm still waiting for 'tim in vermont' to tell us why he called Navalny 'Mavalny' 4-5 times. I suspect a Russian-language insult so vile he can't explain it without looking like (a) a native speaker, and (b) a total shit.

tim in vermont said...

Ukrainians just say whatever crap comes into their head, and we are all supposed to believe it. Just following the war, you can see that it the course of it has so far been way easier to predict if you assumed that the Ukrainians are almost always lying, and the Russians generally have been telling the truth. The fall of Avdeyevka, a traditionally Russian city for centuries, and which was captured from the local militia resisting the coup by Kiev only in 2014, could be seen coming for months, like Bahkmut, like the failure of the "summer offensive"

Let me say this again "Ukrainian Nationalism" is not any business of the United States, and is a pox on Europe, the same as German nazism was, except that, fortunately, Ukraine is a backwater of a country, with none of the industrial base that Hitler had at his disposal. Without the parts of Russia gifted to it by Lenin and Khrushchev, Ukraine would be another Latvia, another country rife with nazis.

Cue the Ukrainian counter factual history that Lenin and Krushchev got the borders of Ukraine exactly correct, and then the perfidious Russians, who supposedly never lived there, poured in and took over. This is why Kiev has taken down statues of the founders of so many of its cities, because, for example Catherine the Great, who founded Odessa, well, according to Ukrainians, that never happened! And Ukraine is pressuring museums to reclassify Russian artists who lived in what had always been Russia, and who never thought of themselves as Ukrainian, and who were educated in Russia, as "Ukrainian" because the existence of these Russian painters who lived on what is no Ukraine gives the lie to Ukrainian propaganda.

It reminds me of the story my mother, who lived under Nazi occupation told me of how, in Holland, the Nazis made them cover up the name of Mendelssohn in the concert hall, because, well, great composers couldn't be Jewish, it went against Nazi propaganda!

The loss of Russian art and literature would be a blow to the West. The loss of Ukrainian art and literature would hardly be noticed. This makes the blood of Ukrainians boil, the same as Einstein's success made the blood of Nazis boil. The Ukrainian inferiority complex is not America's problem, no matter how deeply they feel their hatred for the Russians.

tim in vermont said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tim in vermont said...

"Ukrainians praise Bandera for opposing Hitler and Stalin and trying to win freedom for Ukraine between the two, while ignoring his crimes."

That's why Hitler sent Ukrainians to Slovakia to brutally put down an uprising against the German Nazi rule. Loyalty. OUN didn't turn on Hitler until he lost.

Jim at said...

I can't forgive them for treating me and others like pariahs because we weren't gullible.

Yep. I've got family members I'll never speak to again. Fuck them.

Dr Weevil said...

How to demonstrate that you are a lying troll, most likely paid for your trolling:

1. When a claim you've made in the past has been decisively refuted, just wait a few days and repeat it. Avdiivka (that's how it's spelled by the people who lived there) was not "a traditionally Russian city for centuries". In the 2001 census it was 63.5% Ukrainian, 33.7% Russian. I told you that last time you said it, yet here you are again, turning what looked like a possible honest mistake into a bald-faced lie.

2. What "makes the blood of Ukrainians boil" when you talk about the allegedly (how would you know?) superior glories of Russian literature is not any feeling of literary inadequacy: it's the fact that Russia murdered most of Ukraine's best writers, not just under Stalin, but right up into the 1980s. Since they invaded in 2014, they've killed more, most prominently Victoria Amelina. As for art, they cleaned out the Kherson art museum and even stole the raccoon from the children's zoo, demonstrating just who feels artistically inferior. They also blew up the Nova Kakhovka dam and flooded at least one house containing an artist's life work, ruining it.

3. As for there having been Russians in Ukraine for centuries, so what? They were like the English in Ireland, brutal conquerors from an alien land, uninvited and unwanted. The rest of your 'history' is equally idiotic. The borders of Ukraine were set at independence in 1991, when Donetsk, Luhansk, and Crimea all voted to join, the first two by very large margins (5:1 or so). Those borders were guaranteed again when Ukraine gave up its nukes in 1994. Any claim Russia had to any part of Ukraine was terminated, just as any claim Ukraine had to parts of Russia that are majority ethnically Ukrainian (e.g. Belgorod and parts of the Kuban) are also now invalid.

The U.S. once had a claim to Vancouver and most of British Columbia, while Britain claimed Washington and Oregon. However, since the Oregon Treaty of 1846, that boundary is settled, and only a tyrannical bastard - a hypothetical Canadian or American Putin - would try to challenge it. And only a moron would try to justify such a challenge.