September 20, 2023

Sunrise — 6:37, 6:38, 6:40, 6:49.

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rehajm said...

So WaPo is going after Dave Portnoy. So I don’t understand barstool nut I like the pizza reviews and he used to live near me…

Portnoy called Emily…Heil, who sent an email to the sponsors if his pizza event, presumably trying to intimidate them i to pulling out of the event. So Portnoy called her and filmed it. I haven’t heard that much baby girl babbling since Trump posted the prequel to his Diane Sawyer interview…

Here’s the link- I suspect YouTube will pull it down once they have a meeting…then they’ll pull down the pizza reviews…

Portnoy calls WaPo

rehajm said...

First Russel now this. The polling with college educated white women must not be in their favor. College educated white women must love them some cancelling. Do they love it more than they hate Democrats coming for their kids? Hard to say…

William50 said...

Shout out to Clyde...

Last night Clyde posted a link to a Molly Tuttle video of white rabbit. I'm here to let you know that Molly is one heck of a guitar player.

Here is a link of her and one of my guitar idols Tommy Emmanuel doing a remote studio recording of White Freight Liner. This is some kick ass guitar playing.

Molly Tuttle and Tommy Emmanuel studio collaboration

Here's Molly and Tommy live doing White Freight Liner again along with 2 other songs. You can't hide f-ups live and these are awesome examples of some great pickin'.

Molly Tuttle with Tommy Emmanuel Live - 3 Songs

BUMBLE BEE said...

Ukraine graft just sloppin over with taxpayer's dollars.
Clue #1
Clinton Global Initiative is involved.
They excelled in Haiti.

Caroline said...

Exceptionally Glorious!

Biff said...

The best ones yet!

Original Mike said...

So the City Council, in its infinite wisdom, has decided it shall be lawful to possess a pig in Madison. Only 1 pig, mind you, and it shall not exceed 300 lbs and must be on a leash when it is out and about. Really? A leash? I have some experience with 300 lb pigs and we generally controlled them with anesthesia.

Josephbleau said...

"So the City Council, in its infinite wisdom, has decided it shall be lawful to possess a pig in Madison."

I got a pig, he's home in a pen.
I got corn to feed him on.
All I need is a pretty little girl
To feed him when I'm gone.

Gerry Garcia, noted sexual abuser of young groupies, never canceled.

Naww, but the former was a different time of peace and love and such, now with Trump saying woemen let bad boys grab their nethers! That is a problem, OK?

Lem the artificially intelligent said...

Via r/Unexpected : Lemurs get high up the trees

SteveWe said...

I've occasionally seen posts here about English grammar. Often the posters cite their Strunk and White. Please put that midget book away and never remove it from your bookshelf again. Get a good copy of Fowler's Dictionary of Modern English Usage. It's organized to allow anyone to easily lookup the situation in question. Recent posts here about number agreement between subject and verb can be found as "Number" and described in detail over four pages plus a column-inch (2nd Edition, 1965). Then for fun, lookup "That."

Lem the artificially intelligent said...

Tucker : Ep. 25 Liberals like Karl Rove just tried to annihilate Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. It didn't work. Paxton just joined us for his first interview since his acquittal.

Paxton has sued the Biden administration's bad policies and won over 70% of the cases. Paxton says that's why the Biden White House engineered an impeachment on phony charges to try to take him out, and ultimately, the impeachment didn't work.

Lem the artificially intelligent said...

Good Question via X: If genitals don't define gender, how does removing them affirm it? (Link Safe For Work)

My rushed theory is that when something is so irrational, it literally dumbs me down as to how to logically and effectively combat it. I'm not ashamed to say it, but I need help sometimes, and that's what we are all doing here... I suppose.

Gospace said...

So I'm certain Althouse readers are experts on all sorts of non-political things.

Tonight while perusing blog comments in all the blogs I read, I'm enjoying a glass of Cupcake Wineries Black Forest Decadent Red. Usually I have one glass of of wine a night when I drink, I'm now on my second. Why? I started early. Normally don't get home from work until 0100- but I'm taking a week off. I plan on being in bed by midnight, and tomorrow I'll strive for 2300. My wife is usually there by 2100.

But anyhow, the wine I'm drinking tonight meets all the things I want in a wine, not sweet, and not extremely dry, red, and inexpensive. Almost all the red El Gato Negro wines meet that expectation, except substitute cheap for inexpensive. The most expensive wine I drink on a regular basis (defined by me as twice a year or more) is a Rothschild wine, Mouton Cadet Bordeaux. I like many Merlots, but find that many also have what I call a medicinal taste that I don't like. I was told by someone else what that flavor was- I forget- but it appears in wines made from grapes grown in cold weather areas. Like central NY, where I live... I tried some Malbecs several years ago, available mostly from Chile and Argentina, and have yet to find one I haven't liked.

My better half, OTOH, likes sweet wines. Quick story, many years ago, several decades now, was driving near Vallejo with a shipmate that said he didn't drink wine, none of them were sweet- just as we passed a winery entrance. I braked hard, backed up, and into the winery we went. Right to the tasting counter. I asked if they had any sweet wines. Yes, they did. Ordered one up for him, and- he REALLY liked it. Ordered a bottle without tasting it. The man behind the counter looked confused. "Aren't you going to taste it?" "Nope. My buddy said there was no such thing as a sweet wine. He liked it. My wife likes sweet wines. I'm getting it for her." She liked it. Up here, we discovered ice wines. Sickingly sweet. Grape syrup, as far as I'm concerned. NY or Canadian, she prefers Canadian. But- will gladly drink either. Bought her a case of Vidal Ice Wine from a nearby winery for our last anniversary. Did I mention I like inexpensive wines? Somewhere between 7 and 8 hundred dollars for the case. And ice wines come in smaller bottles... A case of Canadian would be more. One of my daughters-in-law enjoys splitting a bottle with her. Why are they called ice wines/ I'm glad you asked. After the grapes still on the vine freeze- they're harvested in their frozen state, and the wines are made from the frozen grapes. A few years back the nearby winery only had two days worth of harvest... A very weather dependent product.

I recently- meaning in the last few years- started trying some red blends. Some are surprisingly good, and others, well, not so much. But single grape wines or cab-merlots seem more reliable.

I was talking to a 20 something employee of the wine shop I frequent most often. He recommended a bottle of $300 Bordeaux he had at a wine tasting for employees one day. Had never bought a bottle for himself- but said it was the most heavenly wine he ever had. At $300 a bottle, they didn't pay him enough to buy it. I keep wondering- should I try it?

Actually, I wonder if I try any wine > $20. a bottle. So I imagine there are some wine snobs on Althouse. So a question, Are there any expensive wines you would recommend I try based on what I've told you I like? Or should I just stick with the inexpensive ones I like, remembering Admiral Gorshkov's admonition- "Better is the enemy of good enough."

Lem the artificially intelligent said...

Serious question: Why won't BLM, DEI, #MeToo and Cancel Culture die? If they are not viable, why are people paying attention to them?

It's very simple: People just want to know what the rules are, a clear set of rules that will let others know, not me, I'm not like those people in that racist, misogynist, nazi camp. Even if it means the new rules, are fatally flawed. The fact that enough people agree is good enough to relieve the burden. People are desperately seeking to move on and if they agree to whatever, they believe compliance will ultimately get them to that imaginary promised land.

If there are no clear guidelines and rules, it means they would have to exercise judgement. A proposal fraught with risk and little hope of rewardd.

Lem the artificially intelligent said...

HipHop Drake song Search & Rescue : “Tell me what to do. Tell me what to do.”

Drago said...

Readers of Althouse Blog may recall this moronic claim from the 18th by Dumb Lefty Mark whose only apparent purpose in life is to lie about Elon Musk and predict the Coming X/Twitter Downfall-ocalypse every single day---

Dumb Lefty Mark: "Musk floated the idea of a paywall for Twitter today. 'Free' speech getting pricey, at least for US users.

Doubt Indian or Chinese users will pay the same prices."
9/18/23, 7:42 PM

After the Army Of Adolescents,comprised of Dumb Lefty Marks, pushed this fake story forward for a couple of days Musk slapped it down by explaining, once again, as always, for the umpteenth time, that a potential lower tier fee would be for premium users discussed thoroughly and completely over the past year!

There remains no plans to charge all users just to use X.

One wonders how far Dumb Lefty Mark will sink each day just to try and "score" some sort of bizarre rhetorical "win" against X/xAI/Tesla/Tesla Optimus/SpaceX/BoringCo/NeuraLink etc.

Such a small lefty brain....

Kate said...

No mind-altering techniques necessary. Just stillness and a camera.

Robert Cook said...

In Lisbon (and nearby environs) for the next eight days, (today being day two here), with my wife and her two brothers and their wives. A church just a block away had its foundation laid in 1241, two centuries before Columbus's voyage to the new world. It is ravaged, ancient and beautiful inside, yet still in use as an active church, (even as tourists are free to enter, except on certain special holy days/celebrations). Brings home what young punks we (Americans) are, while our society is also already so decrepit.

Voyage broadens!

wendybar said...

Woke Howard Stern wants to cancel Russell Brand. NON woke Howard said this....

"There were some really good-looking girls running out with their hands over their heads. Did those kids try to have sex with any of the good-looking girls? They didn’t even do that? At least if you’re going to kill yourself and kill all the kids, why wouldn’t you have some sex? If I was going to kill some people, I’d take them out with sex."

Since Woke Howard Stern wants to cancel Russell for things he said or did previously, is it now time to cancel WOKE Howard Stern for being a woke asshole??

wendybar said...


Here’s a video compilation of Lauren Boebert inappropriately touching, sniffing, and fondling children

All caught on camera!

She definitely doesn’t want this shared!!

Kevin said...

“There's business casual, then there's Fetterman's garb.

Philadelphia Eagles fans dress more carefully on game days.”

Clyde said...

@ William50

Thanks for sharing those virtuoso performances!

Mr. Forward said...

"...all the things I want in a wine, not sweet, and not extremely dry, red, and inexpensive."

Try the Squad Fermented. Usually found on the far left side of the aisle, bottom row. Not sweet, not extremely dry, cheap and definitely red.

Owen said...

Lem the misspeller @ 11:04: “… My rushed theory is that when something is so irrational, it literally dumbs me down as to how to logically and effectively combat it. I'm not ashamed to say it, but I need help sometimes, and that's what we are all doing here... I suppose.”. That’s not such a rushed theory IMHO. I am struggling with the same sense of tongue-tied disorientation when these morons come at me with their energized confident/hysterical fact-free claims. I literally have nowhere to start from or go to. There is no common ground, no logical path to follow.

I think that, for them, that’s not a bug but a feature. It means they can let you exhaust yourself explaining science, history, common sense, logic, facts —all that good stuff— while in reply they just shout louder about their hurt feelings and the Terrible Urgency of the Emergency.

Owen said...

Lem the misspeller @ 11:44: You’re crushing it today. That dynamic —why people keep listening to these horrible sh|t-stirrers, I mean activists— sounds exactly right. Mencken’s description of politics is similar. And in a much darker coloration, so does Mattias Desmet’s theory of “mass formation psychosis.”

rehajm said...

So I imagine there are some wine snobs on Althouse. So a question, Are there any expensive wines you would recommend I try based on what I've told you I like? Or should I just stick with the inexpensive ones I like, remembering Admiral Gorshkov's admonition- "Better is the enemy of good enough."

Wine snob here. You will be much happier if you lose Merlot as a frame of reference. With the exception of Petrus and a couple others, pure varietal Merlot ranges from good to awful and all of them tend to be poor values, IMO. It's a great wine for softening Cab, however. For values stick to the Malbecs as a go to- on a thoughtful wine list they are almost always good values. Argentina yes! For more expensive try branching out to other varietals- Cab/Merlot blends yes- Napa, the super Tuscans. How about something with a bit more backbone? Younger Nebbiolo- Barbaresco if you're feeling rich?

To get your other off the Okanogan ice wine order xer a Moscato or get a Mourvedre for dinner.

Cheat code: anything from JJ Prum. Some of the finest wines in the world but not appreciated because of they are sweet. In order of sweetness: Kabinett, Spatlese, Auslese...there are others but they break the bank. These are affordable and great values. Have them with seafood or salads with protein, that kind of stuff...

Jersey Fled said...

“Decedent” might be my least favorite word in the English language.

Mike of Snoqualmie said...

I just fired Chase as my primary credit card. Their CEO, Jamie Dimon, is a WEF "you will own nothing" acolyte. They have de-banked Mike Flynn and others for no good reason; these de-banked customers just exercised bad-think. I don't have to do business with a company that wants to crush anyone that disagrees with its CEO.

I replaced the Chase credit card with one from my credit union.

Jamie said...

Our everyday wines are the most expensive ones I can find that are on sale at about a $10 price point. So, for instance, a wine that's usually $14 but on sale for $10 scores higher than a $12 bottle that's on sale for $10. I keep thinking I need to take note of the ones we especially like so we can easily return to them... but then my husband points out that "especially" is carrying the load in that statement, and so the easier path would be to take note of the ones we don't like so we can avoid them.

For more special home occasions, I'll go up to $20 a bottle, but generally not being, because I've found that usually I can't tell a heap of difference between $20 wine and $50 wine (we have some wine aficionado friends who keep such bottles around). YMMV, and this is dependent on the wine.

There is one expensive (for us) red that we do think is worth it, among the expensive (for us) wines we've tried: Caymus cab sauv from Napa Valley. The 2021 is running around $80-$90 according to Vivino. This wine tends to be gifted to us from time to time by some friends, so we've had it more than once. I've not yet bought a bottle myself, but I'll need to in January when these friends visit from their new home in India.

We were traveling in the Dolomites this summer, and our server at one restaurant recommended a local Gewurztraminer. In my experience, these are sweet, and we don't like sweet wine, but he brought us a taste of a similar one that was available by the glass, and... WOW. We bought the (better) bottle to go with dinner, and it may have been the best white I've ever had. It was maybe off-dry, but with a mineral character that was absolutely fantastic. And I can't get it in the Houston area as far as I've seen. Dang it!

Owen said...

Here’s Mencken: “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” In our version the populace is harassed by woke activists picking off strays and rebels just as sheep-dogs herd a flock, keeping it constantly agitated and eager to be told what to do.

Don’t tell me this isn’t coordinated to a considerable degree. In antitrust theory we talk of conscious parallelism, where members of a cartel need say nothing to one another; their interests align and so their actions “naturally” converge. Who needs a smoke-filled room when you’ve got the internet —and FBI and CIA emailing their daily wish lists to Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg?

Jamie said...

SteveWe, thanks for the advice! I haven't consulted a grammar or usage text in literally decades. I'll see if I can find this Fowler.

Mike of Snoqualmie said...

We are in the best of hands:

Biden appears to wander off UN stage without shaking President Lula's hand at end of joint speech - leaving Brazilian leader visibly irritated - minutes after President walked through a flag to take the podium

One day, he's going to wander off the stage into the orchestra pit, and then Kamala will be president. At least until he wakes up in the ICU.

tim in vermont said...

It's an old technique, Lem. Simply refuse to acknowledge evidence, and declare that it doesn't exist. There are people who insist that Francis Bacon, whose actual known works were extensive and made up the life of one of the great thinkers of Western civilization, also found the time to write all of the plays attributed to Shakespeare, as if he dashed them off over lunch on cocktail napkins. Evidence of Shakespeare's actual existence, contemporaneous, and in the years following his death, is simply wished away or is given bizarre and improbable interpretations. Lots of people still believe that he didn't write those plays.

Part of Hitler's jaw with bridges and crowns, which matched his dental records, was found in the ashes outside the bunker, where he purportedly had hundreds of gallons of petrol poured on him, and his body was burned, and yet there are those who claim that there is no evidence that Hitler died there.

We could go on and on, there are so many cases where obvious evidence is waved away with a simple denial. Humans believe what they want to believe. Most of us are controlled by our subconscious, except perhaps in our work, because thinking is hard, and research is tedious.

tim in vermont said...

I wonder if Russel Brand ever played the song "You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful, and You're Mine." on his radio show? It was a big hit.

Rusty said...

Lisbon, huh? Where Portugal sent out its slaving ships for over 200 years. The monopoly in slaves that is.

wendybar said...

Every single person who voted for Joe Biden should be forced to take at least 5 of these MEN into their homes to support them, since THIS is what they want.

"Enormous group of predominantly single adult men now waiting to be processed by Border Patrol. More are still crossing right now. Never ending line coming in. No fear of consequences for crossing illegally. They expect to be released into the US after processing."

wendybar said...

Every single person who voted for Joe Biden should be forced to take at least 5 of these MEN into their homes to support them, since THIS is what they want. Cry MORE NEW YORK CITY. You deserve to take them ALL in.

"Enormous group of predominantly single adult men now waiting to be processed by Border Patrol. More are still crossing right now. Never ending line coming in. No fear of consequences for crossing illegally. They expect to be released into the US after processing."

Owen said...

Great discussion of wines. We have found good value in the $10-$20 range with "90+" which is a brand that specializes in good stuff made by other wineries that, I guess, have too much stock or want quick bulk sale. Never had a bad one from them.

We like Marlborough NZ whites (Cloudy Bay is the apotheosis but at nearly $30 it ain't happening so much) and Malbec reds. Merlot can be a bit wimpy, Cab or Shiraz is almost too big.


Caroline said...

@Robert Cook @ 3:28 am ... Husband and I just got back from 2 weeks in Germany-Prague-Salzburg. Same observation. The Strahov Monastery in Prague dates from the 12th century -- Norbertine monks still there brewiing beer. Toured the monastery, which includes a library of ancient manuscripts, the library's graceful arched ceilings painted with holy scenes in the Baroque style...the corridors lined with beautifully made glass front cabinets, probably also made by monks, containing specimens from the natural world collected over centuries, studied, written about...gems and stones, fossils, skeletons...then there were maps, globes and atlases of the cosmos. The breadth of their knowledge, contribution to civilization, to education...really sunk into my bones. My husband found the beer the best he'd ever tasted. And this was just one outing. To make a pilgrimage, as we did, through the lands and landmarks of the Holy Roman Empire was deeply nourishing. How much these forebears did for beauty! In Austria, lovely church spires form the heart of every village. I keep wanting to shake people awake: in another generation, these will be restaurants and yoga studios unless people return to the hard but gratifying work of transmitting life, transmitting beauty, transmitting faith, instead of living for oneself.
One more thing! The cities and countryside were unbelievably neat and clean. We saw no litter, no one misusing parks by blaring loud, vibrating bass music. We didn't see any homeless people-- even around train or bus stations, or in parks. We weren't panhandled. We didn't see hollow-eyed young people draped along the sidewalk with syringes next to them. The public spaces didn't smell like urine. It really made me think -- we have normalized all the pathologies. We tolerate way too much. I know they have their problems, but man, it Is well past midnight in American culture.

wendybar said...

Tell me again, that we aren't getting invaded. THIS is atrocious, and Joe Biden should be impeached for opening the border up wide and inviting them in.

tim in vermont said...

"Nobody invades countries that possess (known) nukes. A lesson for the world." - Narrative

A lesson that we had already taught the world in Libya, which gave up their nuclear program, and Iraq, which didn't have one, lessons that North Korea and Iran took quite to heart.

Both those countries are among the countries that were invaded, and whose leaders were executed, by or with the strong aid of "defensive alliance" NATO, BTW. That's another "lesson for the world." I am sure that Putin drew lessons from it

Aggie said...

@Caroline, we recently had a similar trip. The Strahov monastery was one of the high points, but there were so many, as you say - and the Czech Republic, even with so many living and beautiful reminders of the Holy Roman Empire around them, is a strongly atheist country.

I could easily lose a couple of weeks in Vienna alone.

Narr said...

So, Putin, who has numerous nukes that no one expects him to give up, is the real victim?

Yeah, tim-in-vermont, go with that one.

Narr said...

Since tim-in-vermont brought it up, there is substantial reason to doubt that the two burned bodies found by the Soviets outside Hitler's bunker were actually Herr and Frau Hitler.

The reality is complicated. Mark Felton's recent podcasts are a good place to start for a does of reality.

Narr said...

"In Europe a hundred miles is a long way; in America a hundred years is a long time."

Kutna Hora's St. Barbara Church is a wonder, among the many others still extant in those parts.

An American traveling in Europe, and admiring so much about it, should recall how Europeans have always been their own worst enemies, and that memories are long there.

If such travel is possible next year (I strongly suspect that some upheavals might interfere) my wife and I are thinking about setting up at or near, say, Bratislava, and explore by rented car. I could see dozens of battlesites within a few hours drive, not that I'd monopolize the trip with those.

We had thought about doing the Danube on Viking, but for all the advantages and amenities
that offers, one is subject to their routes and schedules. We did the Elbe in '19 and it was great, but there wasn't much free time. Even with four nights on either end (Berlin, Prague) we barely scratched the surface.

gahrie said...

Apparently I'm the only person here content with a $1.50 bottle of Maddog?

Narr said...

I am close to being a t-totaler (after very boozy teens and twenties) but while in Europe I enjoy both good beer and good wine along with the good food.

Here, I never even look at wine or beer menus, and the odd sixpack in the fridge might last a year.

Narr said...

I'm old enough to remember when one single dollar American could pay for a pack of smokes AND a quart of beer (if you call Weidemann's beer).

The Friday Night Special.

Another dollar for poker and life was good.

tim in vermont said...

All I did was list a few historical facts, you are the one who drew the conclusion that I was trying to paint Putin as the victim. If your hatred of Putin makes it hard for you to empathize with Russia's position, well, whatever. Empathize does not mean the same thing as sympathize. If you could empathize, you would understand that the US long ago demonstrated to the world that without nukes, they were under threat of invasion, and it wouldn't come a shock to you.

You would also understand that when NATO gave up its mantle of "defensive alliance," it created resistance to its expansion.

And what I am pointing out with the Hitler bunker thing is that there *is* strong evidence that Hitler died there, and that his corpse was burned there. I would say conclusive evidence, but that's just an opinion that it's conclusive. If there is another piece as strong as a piece of jaw and teeth that matches Hitler's dental records, I am surprised that I never heard about it.

MadTownGuy said...

Staten Island Protesters Arrested After Blocking Bus Carrying Illegal Immigrants
The residents are trying to send a message to the migrants that they are not welcome here.

"Police made 10 arrests after fed-up Staten Island residents took to the street Tuesday night and physically blocked the arrival of a bus carrying dozens of illegal immigrants to a residential school that had recently been converted into a shelter.

“The police are arresting law-abiding American citizens to protect law-breaking non-citizens,” Mark Fonte, a lawyer who has filed a lawsuit on behalf of residents of Staten Island trying to stop the city from relocating illegal immigrants to the borough, told The Epoch Times. “The mayor is using his emergency powers to place these unvetted immigrants in residential communities against the will of the people, and the people are angry.”

“The residents are trying to send a message to the migrants that they are not welcome here,” added Mr. Fonte.

Several dozen protesters were captured on video halting traffic after intercepting the bus, which was headed to the former Island Shores senior assisted living facility. Police say ten people were taken into custody, with nine being issued summonses for disorderly conduct and a 48-year-old man was charged for allegedly assaulting an officer. There were no reports of injuries.
Residents have taken to the streets over concerns that the recent influx of illegal immigrants into the borough is changing the nature of the neighborhood, and because many are unvetted, they would further contribute to already high crime rates, according to Mr. Fonte.

“The residents are frustrated that they are being totally ignored. There is no community input in the decision-making, or consultation with community leaders,” said Mr. Fonte. “It's my way or the highway with the Mayor.”

New York City Mayor Adams responded to the incident Wednesday morning in an interview with NY1, calling the act of protest an “ugly display.”
“We have 8.3 million New Yorkers,” said Mr. Adams. “We cannot allow the numerical minority that's show[ing] an ugly display of how we deal with the crisis to be used as an example of what New Yorkers are doing.”

Mr. Adams continued: “Of course New Yorkers are frustrated. New Yorkers are really concerned and even the migrants are really concerned. We are both stating that this crisis should be dealt with in a manner where the national government carries out the role that it's supposed to. It should not be left on the backs of the New York City residents.”

However, the mayor added that no amount of protests will stop the influx of illegal immigrants into the residential neighborhoods.

“We are not going to allow ourselves to be bullied into not carrying out our responsibilities,” said the Mayor.

Staten Island is facing the consequences of a growing surge of illegal immigrants into New York City, the only locality in the state considered to be a “Sanctuary City.” Where to put the influx of new illegal immigrants has become an issue of controversy and inter-party tensions.

The city has long claimed a legal obligation to provide housing for every resident under the so-called “right to shelter” law, which was first established in 1981. The rule came into existence after advocates for the homeless claimed the right to shelter in a lawsuit. The city agreed with the homeless advocates, signing a “consent decree,” which pledged to provide shelter to anyone suffering “physical, mental, or social dysfunction.”

More at the link.

MadTownGuy said...

It’s No Accident The Southern Border Is Collapsing, It’s Intentional

Salient quote:

"This week, the border began collapsing completely in south Texas. Over five days, about 45,000 people illegally crossed the Rio Grande near the small town of Eagle Pass, Texas, population 28,000. In one especially active 24-hour period, nearly 10,000 people forded the river.

Customs and Border Protection shut down two international bridges to deal with the crisis. The mayor of Eagle Pass, Rolando Salinas, declared an emergency on Wednesday, it seems with good reason. He told The New York Post that the surge of illegal immigrants, most of them single adult men from Venezuela, has swamped the city’s only migrant shelter. Many of them, says Salinas, “don’t want to listen to instructions.” He added, “Not all of them come in peace.

MadTownGuy said...

Another view of the border situation:

Eagle Pass a ‘war zone’ as thousands cross border illegally

Salient quote:

"Amerika Garcia-Grewal, a lifelong resident of Eagle Pass who runs a monthly border vigil to honor those who died crossing the river, says she is upset that her hometown has been turned into a militarized zone. “It’s like a war zone,” she said.

“It’s political theater. Most of what’s going on is performative and does not address the real issues of the situation, which is climate change. And this is the first wave of what will be endless waves of humanity trying to move around the world,” she told Border Report.

“We need to decide how we’re going to welcome people and also how we treat people is going to set the standards for how we, here in Texas, are treated when we have to go to cooler climates. Will North Dakota say, ‘We won’t have you, we’re too populated?'” she said.


Narr said...

Tim-in-vermont, I'm never surprised at what you aren't aware of. STEM and literature aren't the best bases for understanding history.

The two corpses supposed to be of the Hitlers do not match, in significant ways, their known physical and dental attributes. The male's dentures were loose in the mouth, and according to the dentist and technicians, Eva Braun never was fitted for hers. Plus, the female corpse had been killed by shrapnel to the heart, and neither corpse had cyanide in their system.

Felton concludes that the likeliest story is that the poisoned themselves (no solid evidence of suicide by gun exists), were burned, then removed to a mass grave (there were plenty about) and two other corpses (there were plenty about) substituted for them, and burned.

And do let me know what book(s) I should read that will help me understand who tricked the Germans and Russians into war in 1914 to prevent their uniting. Much obliged. (I know Tuchman doesn't make that argument.)