June 2, 2023

Sunrise — 5:16, 5:17, 5:25, 5:27.






Inga said...

5:25! Love it.

Inga said...

The Bible is banned in these Utah elementary and middle schools now for ‘vulgarity or violence’

A case of unintended consequences once the books started being banned?

“That decision on the book challenge — which gained national attention when it was first reported on in March — will take effect immediately, said Davis School District spokesperson Christopher Williams in an email to The Salt Lake Tribune this week. {Update: Book of Mormon now challenged in Utah school district that banned the Bible}

“Incest, onanism, bestiality, prostitution, genital mutilation, fellatio, dildos, rape, and even infanticide,” the parent wrote in their request, listing topics they found concerning in the religious text. “You’ll no doubt find that the Bible, under Utah Code Ann. § 76-10-1227, has ‘no serious values for minors’ because it’s pornographic by our new definition.”

The code cited is the Utah law passed in 2022 to ban any books containing “pornographic or indecent” content from Utah schools, both in libraries and in the classroom.”

The rule of Lemnity said...

Gravity is a social construct.

That’s why there is so little at the space station.

Embrace the Woke. Be the Woke.

gilbar said...

reefer madness
Marijuana linked to mental health risks in young adults, growing evidence shows
New research, involving millions of people worldwide over decades, adds to worries that heavy use of high-potency cannabis could exacerbate the mental health crisis in the U.S.

Over the last decade of diagnosing countless young patients with new psychotic disorders, one striking result has stuck out for New York City psychiatrist Dr. Ryan Sultan.

"Of all the people I've diagnosed with a psychotic disorder," he said, "I can't think of a single one who wasn't also positive for cannabis

This is a cue for some (several!) of you to post something along the lines of:
"I used to smoke a little grass, back in the '70's, and it never hurt me any; so this is Bull!"

Are the kids crazy BEFORE becoming potheads? Sure.. Do they get WORSE thanx to the weed? You Know it!

gilbar said...


Young males might be particularly susceptible to the effects of cannabis on schizophrenia. At a population level, assuming causality, one-fifth of cases of schizophrenia among young males might be prevented by averting CUD (Cannabis use disorder). Results highlight the importance of early detection and treatment of CUD and policy decisions regarding cannabis use and access, particularly for 16 – 25-year-olds.
Translation: 20% of schizophrenia cases could be prevented if young men and women simply didn't smoke pot as much as they do.

farmgirl said...

Absolutely, Inga.
The Original “how2” book, eh?

Amazing, the lengths some go to just to be “right”.

gilbar said...

for those that are keeping score, Dylan Mulvaney NOW "claims" to be a lesbian (with a dick).
So, instead of being..
a guy that f*cks guys, or..
a "girl" that f*cks guys, he is now ("claiming") to be..
a "girl" that f*cks girls.. With his dick.

Seems like what he's really doing, is F*cking with people that are SO STUPID as to believe a word he says

Oh, he also claims to want children, so he's planning on getting pregnant from one of the girls he's having lesbian sex with. But we should take him seriously, because we're STUPID

Drago said...

In a "The Hopeless Gadfly Hardest Hit" moment, Boeing Starliner is ONCE AGAIN delayed.

Delayed delayed delayed.

Why does this matter?

Because in 2014 NASA awarded $4B to Boeing to deliver a capsule system that could deliver people and supplies to the ISS to support ongoing operations.

In order to keep a second option open NASA awarded $2.6B to SpaceX to develop a competing capsule system.

Results: Boeing Starliner has never flown, has once again been delayed for who knows how long, is once again asking for more money, etc etc etc.

Meanwhile, over the last 3 years Crew Dragon has delivered and returned 38 astronauts and Mission Specialists to and from the ISS and a number of Cargo Dragon resupply only missions as well.

Which gadfly The Self-anointed Rocket Scientist told us was impossible because all the "real" space guys work for the Old Space firms.

Gadfly is the Inga of spaceflight discussions.

robother said...

The sun whose rays
Are all ablaze
With ever-living glory
Does not deny
His Majesty
He scorns to tell a story!

wildswan said...

In the Ukraine war it is alleged that raiders have attacked border towns inside Russia. Here is a video of a building, allegedly a government building set on fire by the raiders. The raiders have 13 trucks and 135 people by one account and I guess they have artillery to set that roof on fire in several places. Yet how tidy they are. They avoid blowing out all the window glass as always happens in the Ukraine. I wonder if ChatGPT would be critical of this invasion. It doesn't seem ethical.


Political Junkie said...

Here is how Ron can win, https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/uOwnGn2IJd8lekuLqcaWZw--/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTI0MDA7aD0xNDg4O2NmPXdlYnA-/https://media.zenfs.com/en/nbc_news_122/76a870259bdcad616acff57cf9c9fd9e

gadfly said...

Inga said...
The Bible is banned in these Utah elementary and middle schools now for ‘vulgarity or violence’

The Bible but not the Book of Mormon. Does this mean that the LDS Church doesn't permit its bible in Utah public schools?

"Beyond this even, there are in the scriptures more ethically or morally charged issues relating to violence and killing or gender and sex that are challenging to modern conceptions of justice and morality, not just in twenty-first-century society at large but also within a Church-oriented paradigm. This does not simply apply to the Bible. Many of these same issues are also present within Restoration scripture, particularly in the Book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great Price."

wendybar said...

If this were children singing about praises about abortion, this NEVER would have been shut down, but WE aren't America anymore, so this is HARDLY surprising at all. I can't believe that we have fallen THIS far so fast. SAD. I hope Progressives are happy that they destroyed America. Enjoy the downfall.


William50 said...

End the drama

Vote Vivek

tim in vermont said...

Nothing but the head of Ukrainian secret police calmly explaining that Ukraine will have to "physically eliminate" 3 million ethnic Russian Crimeans after Kiev retakes it from Russia. Small cost to pay for the US to control the Black Sea, though, isn't it? Great use of our tax dollars, right Lindsay? Killing Russians is why we pay taxes!


I think that the guy is probably dead, as video came out, not too long after this interview, of what looked like a bunker buster hitting the Ukrainian version of Langley, and seismic activity picked up at the time could conceivably be explained by the collapse of a very large bunker, and the guy hasn't been seen since. This kind of stuff is why Russia has given up on negotiating with Kiev, and now simply plans to kill all of the leaders. I think that the assassination attempt on the Russian defense minister likely changed the calculus on who Russia would shoot at, as well. The guy also claimed that it was his job to assassinate Putin.

Don't worry though, it's probably all made up and the New York Times is giving you the straight dope on the war! Here is Chis Hedges, Pulitzer Prize winning war correspondent, and former Balkans Bureau Chief for the New York Times explaining that the New York Times has purged all of its honest reporters and begun simply spouting whatever the Ukrainians tell the newspaper to say. Again, don't worry, I am sure that the New York Times would never lie to you.


Remember that the Democrats repealed the law, put in place in 1948 after seeing what government propaganda did to Germany, in a "Defense Authorization Act," a law against propagandizing Americans by the government. As one Pentagon person said, it was required to "preserve the national will." Well, "Triumph of the Will" is a favorite movie in Ukraine. Now our own defense officials simply repeat whatever the Ukrainians tell them, without regard to its veracity.

Friendo said...

Lovely photos

Narr said...

gilbar cites NBC News. The same people that have been lying to us about everything for years. Hmmm. (Also, psychiatrists are among the most clueless of all medical and medical-adjacent opinionators. That's my experience anyway.)

I've always advised the young people close to me to be moderate in their use of mind-and mood-altering substances if they must use them.

Why, as far back as the the 1970s I was telling my younger brothers that every toke of weed and every swig of booze was destroying or fogging up some brain cells. Haha. Little did I know that while I was jabbering about pot, they were downing pills of all description by the handful, and continued to do so for years.

The War on Some Drugs has been lost, gilbar

Narr said...

"the Bible as pr0n" is a very old idea, and the only people who should be surprised by the idea and the legal move cited here are those who either don't the bible, or the history of public education, or both.

The OT is chock full of all the stuff mentioned. Either it (and other texts identified as scripture by large numbers of believers) falls within the statute or it doesn't.

And besides, nobody is proposing that parents shouldn't choose what to expose their kids to at home.

Dr Weevil said...

At 9:39am, 'tim in vermont' posted an easily-proven bald-faced slanderous lie. If you click on his link, you find a 'peace-loving' Twitterer also saying that Budanov wants to kill three million Russians, but if you click on the embedded proof, Budanov says that "certain people" will need to be killed. He is clearly not talking about the whole three million. Even if the video is not edited or mistranslated, he neither says nor implies that 3 million, or 3 thousand, or 3 dozen will need to be killed. There are, of course, some Russians in Crimea and the rest of occupied Ukraine who have committed war crimes that deserve the death penalty: cutting off the heads or genitalia of living prisoners, torturing civilians including teenagers, and much more.

Apparently 'tim in vermont' is either too lazy to watch a 46-second video before repeating the twitterer's lies about it, or he knows it's a lie and repeats it anyway.

The second reply to the Twitter post links to the 40-minute original, in which Budanov talks about the difficulties of reeducating the 3 million Russians whose psyches have been twisted by 9 years of lying Russian propaganda. It's perfectly clear that he does not want to kill them. I haven't watched the whole 40 minutes yet, but I'm wondering what exactly (if anything) what he said about some needing to be killed. Was he only referring to those who refuse to surrender when surrounded and offered the chance, like Saddam Hussein's sons? Killing them was not in fact morally wrong.

Finally, it's worth pointing out that many of the Russians in Crimea and other occupied areas arrived after 2014, and are living in the homes they stole from Ukrainians who were forced to leave. Russia has been encouraging Russian citizens to move to (e.g.) Mariupol, to fortify their fraudulent claim to it.

For instance, a friend of a friend is a Ukrainian professor who saved up for years to buy a nice apartment near the beach in Crimea. For 9 years now, a Russian family has been living in it, and have never paid her a penny in rent. Forcing that family to get out of Crimea and find a place to live in Russia would be only fair. In fact, less than fair: the only fair thing would be to make them pay nine years back rent, plus the cost of any damages, and then bugger off back to Russia.

Most of the rest of what 'tim in vermont' wrote is also laughably-false warmed-over Russian propaganda, but this inept lie was particularly striking and blatant.

Josephbleau said...

"Don't worry though, it's probably all made up and the New York Times is giving you the straight dope on the war!"

The "yellow" press tells us all the news that we can't know from our experience.

We used to trust the word of the local newssheets because we lived with them and trusted them.

Now we trust the blather of tribes.