June 3, 2023

Sunrise — 5:12, 5:32.




Lilly, a dog said...

I receive numerous "urgent" text messages from banks with whom I do not have accounts, telling me my funds have been frozen. All of them contain misused words and poor sentence structure. Didn't Al Gore assure us that India would be under water by now?

William50 said...

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Destroyed 12-0 by Team of Older, Male Wrexham Players

The Wrexham men’s team, made up of former and current players — some in the 40s — took on a team of U.S. women being coached by famed U.S. soccer player Mia Hamm. The U.S. team was made up mostly of former U.S. National Women’s Team players, including Heather O’Reilly and Lori Lindsey, according to GiveMeSport.

The U.S. women came on strong ahead of the game, with Heather O’Reilly boasting that the older men’s team was “about to go down.”

But despite O’Reilly’s braggadocio, the men scored four goals only 14 minutes into the game. By halftime, the men were up seven. And before the 40-minute game was done, the men had scored 12 goals. The women? Nary a one.

After the game, O’Reilly had changed her tune a bit from bragging to “we don’t care” that the women lost because it’s all about “living,” or something.

The game is notable considering the long fight the USNWT engaged in to get equal pay in U.S. soccer. Yes, the U.S. team was comprised mainly of former women’s national team players, but to not even score a goal against a bunch of forty-something retired Wrexham players?

Not making a strong case for equal pay.

gilbar said...

does this surprise ANYBODY? Any Body at ALL?
Former North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Mandy Cohen has reportedly been selected by President Joe Biden to be the next director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention..
During Cohen’s time at NCDHHS, North Carolina experienced some of the longest restrictions and strictest mask mandates in the country, contributing to significant socioeconomic troubles for the state..
Cohen was also a strong advocate of mandatory masking of children in schools, including those in early elementary years.

Just to remind you all;
Those cloth masks did NOTHING, Nothing Good anyway.. Plenty of Bad effects, particularly in schools

Narr said...

For some reason--the human mind is a curious thing--I thought of AI as being something like The Who's Pinball Wizard, Tommy. He achieves superhuman mastery of a meaningless game, and eventually becomes an object of adoration.

OTOH Tommy, and I suppose most humans in that idiot-savant (for lack of a better word) class usually have some notion of the reality of others because they still act and react in a material world; in that sense AI isn't, and can't be, intelligent.

Useful and sometimes necessary, for sure.

Narr said...
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wild chicken said...

Why are movies all fantasy sci-fi magick now? Is realism that dreary?

Narr said...

I was reviewing comment counts (even for those threads that I've ignored) and the tag lines prompted me to recall this joke. FBIT.

Two Frenchmen board a passenger jet and take their seats at the window and in the middle. At the last minute a German comes panting in and plops into the aisle seat. After takeoff he kicks his shoes from his sockless feet, and the three begin a friendly conversation about football and the Eurovision Song Contest.

After a while the German gets up to use the w.c. and asks if he can bring something back
for the Frenchmen. Oui, they say, we would be most grateful if you could bring a couple of colas when you come back. Naturlich, I'll be back in a few minutes, the German says.

While he's gone, both Frenchmen spit big hauking lugies into the German's shoes and have plenty of time to compose themselves.

He comes back with the drinks and they chat amiably for the rest of the flight, but when
the German puts his shoes on he realizes what has happened and is crestfallen.

"When will it ever end?" he asks. "All this spitting in shoes and pissing in colas?"

Lem the misspeller said...

MLB 2004 ALCS: Alex Rodriguez slaps ball from Arroyo's glove

Definitely bush league. Cringe? Maybe? I really don't know for sure.

Lem the misspeller said...

For a more current dive into what many people consider "cringe" there is NFL's most prominent active quarterback Patrick's Mahones little brother.

link to a YouTube search "Jackson Mahomes cringe"

I say "many people" because what could be cringe to me may not be to someone else.

Cringe might be a real social construct.

Lem the misspeller said...

If gender is a social construct, can we still call "multiple personalities" a disorder?

Question that may have been conjured in or by the back of my mind, after watching "What is a woman". I say the back of my mind because if there is a transphobe back there, I can always say I had no idea it was there. #PlausibleDeniability.

If the answer to the question is no, we shouldn't call multiple personalities a disorder, somebody has slept at the switch.

Lem the misspeller said...

Twitter video: There is going to be an avalanche of people coming forward, when they feel safe to do so

That is what I would hope.

But then, it feels like this is where we are: "Seeing they may see and not perceive, and hearing they may hear and not understand..."

Rt41Rebel said...

I was shocked to learn after a Family Guy episode and the subsequent rabbit hole query of Yacht Rock that the Year of the Cat album was done by Al Stewart and not Rod Stewart. What else are they hiding from me?

walter said...

Pence can ride a motorcycle!!

"Like a true harmless child
He was born, born to be mild
He can climb so high
And only wanna die

Born to be mild
Born to be mild"

walter said...

The Gesundheit 2.0 coughs in your general direction.

gilbar said...

this is confusing, to me. I'd THOUGHT, that corporations were ALL ABOUT JUSTICE?
One Twitter user commented 'What could possibly be the reason?'
Companies such as BMW, Pfizer, Cisco, Mercedes-Benz, and Bethesda all display the pride-themed logo on Twitter in celebration of pride month in June, but their Middle Eastern accounts refrain from using it at all.
Pfizer, for example, displays the pride themed logo for its Twitter accounts in countries such as America, Mexico, and Canada, but is absent for countries like Saudi Arabia.

Comedian Leo Kearse also jumped in to call out the corporations, writing "Corporations: celebrating pride where it makes them money, not celebrating it where it doesn't."

Seriously? it CAN'T Be all about Money... Can it?

tim in vermont said...

Remember when Ruth Bader Ginsberg fell, and we were all assured everything was OK, but in fact medical history told us it was a very ominous sign for her future as a living denizen of this planet? Well, Joe Biden's fall is not a good sign if you are banking on him living the next five years in vigorous health.

Iman said...

+1 walter @1:31AM!

West TX Intermediate Crude said...

I'm waiting for Sloth Month, Gluttony Month, Greed Month, Wrath Month, and Lust Month. I think we can combine Envy into Pride Month. We know they are all envious of normies.
Goldman Sachs could sponsor Greed Month. Tinder could take Lust, Golden Corral Gluttony. La-z-boy for Sloth. Wrath? I'm thinking maybe the Republican Party.

gilbar said...

West Tx, i've Often thought that it was interesting that people would be Proud of their Pride.

There used to be a saying, that i misquote (or, at least truncate): Pride Goeth.. Before a Fall.

gilbar said...

West TX Intermediate Crude said...
I'm waiting for Sloth Month

Actually, i'm surprised that The Animal Planet hasn't done that one yet!!

Hmmmm.. maybe No Mow May is Sloth Month?

wendybar said...

"Attorney General Andrew Bailey is holding the federal government’s feet to the fire when it comes to them censoring social media and free speech. This thread is a doozy so we’ll let Bailey do the talking. Or would that be tweeting?

Anyway, take a look:"


Hunter Biden's tax payer funded Hooker said...

Good morning.

If it is OK - I'm going to post this a few times.

founder of Greenpeace understands CO2.

lonejustice said...

Interesting article: Where Woke Goes to Die:


gadfly said...

A prior obscure agreement invoked by Disney in the feud between Governor Ron DeSantis and the company renders the new board's power essentially obsolete because of a property law known as the Rule Against Perpetuities.

A legal agreement between the Reedy Creek Development Board and Disney states that the expiration date of that agreement is set for "twenty-one (21) years after the death of the last survivor of the descendants of King Charles III, . . . living as of the date of this Declaration." That likely will be granddaughter Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor who turns two in June and the Windsor clan has enjoyed long lives.

"This essentially makes Disney the government," Ron Peri, a member of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District board, said during a meeting on Wednesday. "This board loses, for practical purposes, the majority of its ability to do anything beyond maintain the roads and maintain basic infrastructure."

An agenda from the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District's Wednesday meeting includes letters from two law firms agreeing to represent DeSantis in his fight against Mickey Mouse, the King of Florida Tourism. Cooper & Kirk PLLC will bill the Florida government at $795/hr., and Lawson Huck Gonzalez PLLC will add $495/hr., meaning, in total, DeSantis' government could owe up to $1,290 per hour for legal services rendered. Each firm tacks on additional hundreds of dollars for any work done by legal assistants and paralegals.

So the CFTO board will hire two high-priced firms simultaneously to call up Westlaw Edge Quick Check to discover everything available as a way around the Rule Against Perpetuities. But politics are at play financed by Sunshine taxpayers. Principals in the Lawson firm include Alan Lawson, who recently retired as a Florida Supreme Court justice, and Paul Huck, whose wife Judge Barbara Lagoa, resides on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.