May 31, 2023

Sunrise — 5:20, 5:20, 5:21.





AZ Bob said...

Today's LA Times had a front page story entitled, "Homeless people fight for their lives amid L.A.'s fentanyl crisis."

But a more provocatively sub-headline announced an apparent unfairness:

"Many are accidentally exposed to the potent synthetic opioid."

Accidents? Are people walking down the street engulfed in clouds of fentanyl smoke? On reading the full article, we find these "accidents" occur when a person smokes a pipe thinking it has meth or cocaine in it but it really has fentanyl instead. It's the old switch-a-roo.

According to the LA Times, personal responsibility should not be expected on skid row, or anywhere else for that matter.

rehajm said...

That season when Spring slowly dies into Summer and based on my yard today a time of plenty for animals who eat other animal’s kids…

rhhardin said...

I've been watching this Technical Doomsayer for a while. His list of daily titles (shown) is amusing. Every day is the end of the universe and you're hearing it from him first.

As far as I can tell, all his data is misinterpreted, but that's what technical analysis is.

Lem the misspeller said...

Via PJ Media: “Claudia Rosett, 1955-2023: One of the Most Courageous Journalists of Our Time“

“Much of her career was spent with the Wall Street Journal, serving as its Moscow bureau chief and editorial page editor for the Asia division. She was fearless and passionate, especially when reporting about repressive regimes around the world. Claudia was the only print journalist who witnessed the Tiananmen Square uprising in 1989, dodging bullets to get the story out to the world (you can read her first-hand account here). She was also a fierce critic of the United Nations and is widely credited with exposing corruption in the international body. She received several awards for her reporting on the UN’s Oil-for-Food program in Iraq. In recent years she had traveled to Hong Kong to cover protests over the encroachment of China. She was also a foreign policy fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum.”

link pasta to your browser ����

Political Junkie said...

I was up then, but was nowhere as pretty.

tim in vermont said...

I am just curious if this bothers anybody:

Through a clinical trial with young men exposed to ibuprofen, we show that the analgesic resulted in the clinical condition named “compensated hypogonadism," a condition prevalent among elderly men and associated with reproductive and physical disorders. In the men, luteinizing hormone (LH) and ibuprofen plasma levels were positively correlated, and the testosterone/LH ratio decreased. Using adult testis explants exposed or not exposed to ibuprofen, we demonstrate that the endocrine capabilities from testicular Leydig and Sertoli cells, including testosterone production, were suppressed through transcriptional repression. This effect was also observed in a human steroidogenic cell line. Our data demonstrate that ibuprofen alters the endocrine system via selective transcriptional repression in the human testes, thereby inducing compensated hypogonadism.

Ibuprofen became available over the counter in 1984. I remember children's ibuprofen became available sometime in the 1990s. We regularly give these hormone disrupters to our children. I don't know that this is why our children have suddenly had a huge surge in identification as "non-binary," but it sure seems suspicious. Maybe aspirin is a better alternative.

Lem the misspeller said...

I see Rh’s doomsayer and I raise…

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Josephbleau said...

Here is a great thriller plot, Hunter Beiden is smoking crack on the White House roof with some girls and gets mad that daddy is still taking his 10%. He goes downstairs to the oval and strangles Beiden in a rage. Kammella walks in and screams, she is strangled too. The cia moves the bodies to a tent in dc skid row and sets a fire. Substitute Beiden and Kammella impersonators are found to rule.

McCarthy discovers the plot and finds ex navy seals who served with Kerry in Vietnam and hate him to infiltrate the cia and fbi and slaughter the deep state, adios mf.

McCarthy becomes president and has a final ugly scene with Trump, who thinks he deserves to be president.

Hillarity ensues.

Dave Begley said...

Saw Ron DeSantis today. Very impressive. Took some veiled shots at Trump. But he must cut 10-15 minutes from his speech. It was over an hour. People can tolerate 45-50 minutes.

TickTock said...

Lovely pictures

Josephbleau said...

I like the third pic, God looks down thru the clouds at Madison.

DINKY DAU 45 said...

FIELD GOAL in picture #2 ?

Kai Akker said...

As dead flies give perfume a bad smell, so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honor.

The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.

Even as he walks along the road, the fool lacks sense
and shows everyone how stupid he is.

... There is an evil I have seen under the sun, the sort of error that arises from a ruler:
Fools are put in many high positions, while the rich occupy the low ones.

I have seen slaves on horseback, while princes go on foot like slaves.

... a fool is consumed by his own lips.
At the beginning, his words are folly; at the end, they are wicked madness --
and the fool multiplies words.

Woe to you, O land whose king was a servant and whose princes feast in the morning.

Blessed are you, O land whose king is of noble birth, and whose princes eat at a proper time --
for strength and not for drunkenness.

[Ecclesiastes 10]. There is nothing new under the sun.

Old and slow said...

Fentanyl is commonly used to adulterate and increase the strength of all illicit drugs these days because it is very cheap and also addictive. It can be ordered online at, as can methamphetamine analogs.

Lem the misspeller said...

Speaking of doomsayers. Out of all the biblical characters, Musk closest resemblance is Noe.

The have a lot in common. Sadly, I don’t have time to go into it now.

Lem the misspeller said...

Tom Segura, Christina P and Tom Dillon offer the Trans community advice by pointing out what they are doing wrong and how to turn it around.

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Big Mike said...

Seen today on the Web:

Chris Christie is going to eat Trump’s lunch. Also DeSantis’s lunch. And every other lunch. Plus all the breakfasts, suppers, and afternoon snacks he can get his paws on.

Wasn’t Christie the guy who recommended Chris Wray for the FBI job? Ought to be disqualifying right there.

DINKY DAU 45 said...

No it was field goal in picture #3!

Drago said...

Dave Begley: "Saw Ron DeSantis today. Very impressive."

Did Ron explain how he was going to take on the globalist agenda, reshore jobs to America, cut China's throat with tariffs if they don't agree to fair trade, force NATO to accept their fair share of costs and burdens, talk about how we exit the forever wars, dismantle the deep state institutions that have been weaponized against conservatives, cut illegal immigration off at the knees, etc?

Or did Ron talk about why he support TPP and TPA while in congress? Just like Hillary and Paul Ryan.

Or was it all about just the woke stuff again? You know, the things his handlers allow him to talk about?

Don't hold back now. Give us the details. If it was "very impressive" it must have provided lots of details that will be music to the ears of republican base voters.

DINKY DAU 45 said...

How much $$$ would the Saudis pay someone who had classified information on Iran for sale? Big $$$ right. I guess you would probably have to be friendly with them (Saudis') at a minimum if you were looking for a "deal". Who the heck would ever do that? You think anyone checking that scenario out? As a lifelong handicapper of all worldly events that interest me, I would wager opening line at 20-1 there is. TBA

Mike (MJB Wolf) said...

Rehajm I hear you. My youngest cat was that animal last week and she barfed up a few embryonic gophers on the back porch. It was worse than it sounds.

Speaking of worse, Begley, I am not surprised at your take on Desantis. He has seemed generally underwhelming and really that “I’ll defeat Leftism” line just made a huge thud. Who talks like that? I found him more charismatic in small chunks as a governor than in the speeches I’ve heard since he declared. I think he can deliver. He needs better writers.

gadfly said...

Drago: There is a video out there that picks up the supposed good stuff that Meatball wanted to talk about at his first Iowa session. He drones on with little change in his too-quick voice pattern. My first reaction was perhaps a little "wokeness" would be good for him.

And he forgot to tell us that he is about to rid the Sunshine State of its largest tourist attraction as Disney begins to take rides elsewhere.

Worse, his almost daily law changes are not pro-conservative, they are more pro-fascist. Book banning, such as “Roberto Clemente: Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates,” will soon expand to book burning or a shutdown of public libraries.

As for TPP and TPA, he likely knows nothing about the subject, but personally, my Medicare Advantage insurance would be nothing without out those third-party folks.

gadfly said...

tim in vermont said...
I am just curious if this bothers anybody:

Through a clinical trial with young men exposed to ibuprofen, we show that the analgesic resulted in the clinical condition named “compensated hypogonadism," a condition prevalent among elderly men and associated with reproductive and physical disorders.

People in pain should be told that ibuprofen triggers atrial fibrillation (A-Fib), as do other NSAIDs. Tylenol (acetaminophen) provides safer pain relief.

Zavier Onasses said...

Happy June 1, everyone! I am so thankful and relieved one of my grandsons is homosexual. His life is already a success. Whatever else he may accomplish, he will always have this achievement to celebrate. Such a tragedy it would be if all the boys were hetero- with no special month for them to be proud. The wife and I are anxious to see whether he or his husband is the first to conceive.

I do wish Hugh was as comfortable about his achievement and sexuality as my brother in law. Although retired and over 70, Norm jogs the two miles down and back from his home for morning Tai Chi at the City Park, barefoot and jock strap.

tim in vermont said...
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tim in vermont said...

These are the people that the neocons are using in our foreign policy.

Nancy said...

Is there a way to send one's contact information to another commenter other than putting it out for the whole world to see?

Tank said...

Had a bit of Fentanyl yesterday while having a port placed in my chest. Nice!

What's going to come through the port will not be so nice.

iowan2 said...

Tylenol (acetaminophen) provides safer pain relief.

And kills your liver.

Aspirin would be over the counter if discovered today.

Water can send you into Defib. IF you drink too much water, it throws the Potassium out of balance, affecting your heart.

The take away, all medications have side affects. That include lots of "all natural" supplements.

Never forget, the dose defines the poison.

Rusty said...

They pluggin' you into Skynet?

Curious George said...

Hey Althouse, another bear sighting in the Milwaukee area.

tim in vermont said...

Remember when China went to Iran and the Saudis and explained to them that the US was both instigating and benefitting from their conflict, and Iran and the Saudis kissed and made up? That just happened. I am sure that the US will do all it can to re-ignite the conflict, our reliable proxies, the Taliban are picking a fight with Iran right now. The Middle East is getting tired of the US foreign policy of creating chaos wherever it goes.

Sudan made a deal to lease the Russians a base? China invested billions in infrastructure there. Civil war it is!

Peru made a deal with China for a sea port? Civil war it is!

Ukraine wanted to live in peace with the Russians? Coup and civil war it is!

Isn't our country great? I don't think we should change a thing!

BTW, all we have in terms of that recorded phone conversation is FBI characterizations of what was said. They wouldn't let CNN listen to it, they just described it vaguely. In other words, it's probably as much bullshit as the Russian collusion fantasy the FBI concocted.

Gusty Winds said...

The AOC parody account on Twitter is hilarious. Jumping up like 75,000 followers a day.

Tank said...

@ Rusty


Dr Weevil said...

'tim in vermont' keeps assuring us that the U.S. started the civil war in Sudan because they were offering the Russians a naval base. The rebel 'Rapid Support Forces' were originally the Janjaweed militia, then hired on as an armed militia allied with the army, and now the leaders of the RSF and the army are fighting each other. The RSF is closely allied with Prigozhin's Wagner PMC, which helps them oppress the people in return for masses of gold from Sudanese mines sent to Russia to help keep the Putin regime solvent and further enrich Prigozhin. The military junta had been promising elections in July and a transition to democracy, but that's now obviously on hold, since they can't even control their own capital and its airport.

In other words, the country that's screwing over Sudan by stirring up a civil war is not the US, but Russia, and they're doing it partly to guarantee their gold supply, partly to screw over and distract the US. Similarly, the violent riots in Kosovo are supported by Russia: the Serb rioters who are beating UN peacekeepers are also painting 'Z' on their vehicles. Again, it's Russia trying to distract from their failures in Ukraine by causing trouble for the US and NATO in other places.

wendybar said...

I wonder when the MSM will start saying that he needs to go via the 25th Amendment like they did when Trump DIDN'T fall, but walked cautiously down a slippery ramp??/s

Drago said...

gadfly: "And he forgot to tell us that he is about to rid the Sunshine State of its largest tourist attraction as Disney begins to take rides elsewhere."

Are you really this stupid, or are you just pretending?

Call us when they begin packing up Epcot.