May 28, 2023

Screen Grab of the Morning.


Hunter Biden's tax payer funded Hooker said...


Did you see the Mrs. Maisel finale?
The skunk joke.. add that in too.

Wince said...

NYT "skunking" those "right-wing lawmakers" with that second bullet point?

As usual, let's see who actually "revolts."

Ambrose said...

Notice how they cling to the hope the "right-wingers" will derail the deal - in order to save their narrative about the GOP holding the nation hostage.

Quaestor said...

Delete those cookies, Althouse.

You can buy a lot of tomato juice for $55 dollars.

RideSpaceMountain said...

McCarthy plays the longed-for female skunk to Biden's Pepe Le Pew. McCarthy needs to hold the line and tell that sniffing uber-creepo what he can do with his $4 trillion increase in the debt limit. That or tell Pepe to take bath, not with Natalie though!

Original Mike said...

"right-wing lawmakers are all but certain to revolt"."

The NYT always has the pulse of the right-wing. (/snark). Wish I could read the article.

House Republicans passed this, didn't they? Has McCarthy negotiated away what was passed? Guess we'll see.

robother said...

The cruelly neutral Judge Althouse: "The jurors will disregard the dead skunk Defense counsel threw into the jury box during Prosecution closing arguments. It was inappropriate and should not have been allowed."

Mikey NTH said...

As expected. Predictions of Doom, Doom Eternal! are generally overblown and rarely occur.

Lem the misspeller said...

Default is old fake news.

Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) said...

PRO-tip. Skunk spray is a low-molecular-weight "thiol", akin to the marker used in propane and natural gas. Such compounds are easily and instantly demolished by alkaline peroxides.

Two tablespoons of baking soda [2 cents] in a quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide [$1.50] does the job. Avoid eyes. No need even to rinse.

Works decently on oral garlic, too, though not perfectly, since the chemistry is a bit more complicated. Brush w/baking soda -- good practice in any case -- and rinse w/ peroxide.

"Better living, through chemistry" as they used to say 60 years ago.

Bob Boyd said...

Listen, Joe, maybe we shouldn't get credit cards with a higher limit. I'm starting to worry about how much we owe.

Kevin, if we don't increase our credit card limit we won't be able to make our house payment.

Couldn't we just spend a little less on other stuff?

(sigh) Really, Kevin? I feel like we go over this like every month.

I know, but...

Okay, like what? You tell me. What do you want to cut back on?

I don't know, spend an awful lot on underage hookers and blow.

Yeah and so do you. And those, I mean young people, they depend on us. They're not rich people. They live hand to mouth, a lot of them.

Sad, but true.

And it's the same for Rico. He told me nobody buys shit from him like we buy shit from him. We'd just be hurting the little guys. That's not fair, Kevin. It's not right.

Okay, Joe, tell you what, let's get the new cards, make the house payment and we'll pinky swear not to eat out so much next month.


Josephbleau said...

"The NYT always has the pulse of the right-wing. (/snark). Wish I could read the article."

Just wait for the article to load and let the you can't see it banner come up, then click on the refresh button, then click a half second later. By timing your click you can read the article.

Josephbleau said...

sorry you cant do this on a screen grab, you need to be on the nyt site

Goldenpause said...

As always with the NYT there is the fear of the nefarious “right wing.” Have to pander to the far left base.

Original Mike said...

Thanks Josephbleau. I'll give it a try.

Anna Keppa said...

Anyone suspect Althouse of consulting AI oracles to advise her on positions to take in her posts here?

She's already admitted she's done so as an experiment.

So why not just save some time and surreptitiously use it as a framework for everything?

Much easier to rely on prog-slanted AI sources masking as "neutral" or even "real"------and pretend they're neutral or objective.

Already, a lawyer out there wrote up a brief using AI sources. Turns out, it made up fake case citations, which were filed in court documents.

The court was not amused.

Henceforth I'd advise everyone here to distrust anything Althouse offers as her own analysis.

She has tasted the Forbidden Fruit---and it was yummy!

typingtalker said...

Not so fast ...

House Leaders Press for Support Ahead of Debt-Ceiling Vote
Conservative defections, wary progressives make fate of borrowing-limit deal uncertain

WSJ May 29, 2023 5:30 am ET

They may have a deal but it ain't yet a done deal.
Of course not.

boatbuilder said...

Well done, Bob Boyd.

stlcdr said...

Quaestor said...
Delete those cookies, Althouse.

You can buy a lot of tomato juice for $55 dollars.

5/28/23, 11:46 AM

I've got an old wives tales book to sell you for 49.95!

Guimo said...

What are those things on McCarthy’s feet?