April 1, 2023

At the Saturday Night Café...

... you can talk about anything you like.


Big Mike said...

Anybody besides me see the first NCAA semifinal game? What a buzzer beater!

Narr said...

Last night we spent most of the evening watching the weather demolish Wynne AR and damage Covington TN and other places--the local stations pre-empted normal broadcasts and we stayed dressed and expecting some blackout.

Which came at 9:55, after several hours of strong wind but not much rain. The outages were widespread so we went to bed soon after. Our power came back on about 5AM and when I walked this morning there wasn't much damage in the neighborhood.

My brother, who lives where we grew up (two miles east of here, moved there in 1960) said there was a lot of damage out there, and there was. That area was too rough and wooded for much use before the postwar housing boom and when it was developed many of the old trees remained. It's on Sherman's 1862 Map of Memphis and Environs--about a square mile of ravines and thick wood.


Narr said...

When we moved there in 1960, the city limit was a block east, and it took a while for the area to fill in with some really nice homes. In the last decade or so there has been a lot of redevelopment--properties that were just fine have been replaced by even finer ones.

Last night they paid the price for those old trees and slopes. Late this morning I drove through--the same area I used to trudge every Wednesday afternoon to deliver the East Memphis Shoppers News, so I know it intimately--and trees were down on houses and across streets everywhere. But already a lot of very large trees had been sectioned, and about three hours ago, when my wife and I drove through, even more was cleared, and many tarps deployed.

Most of the trees were uprooted by the strong west wind, having a lot of canopy and height but not much root left under the houses and driveways.

I told my wife that our own delayed bathroom reno just got pushed out some more--the demand for materials and labor locally will explode--and that's just one small albeit highly vulnerable area of the city.

Haven't heard of any fatalities or serious injuries, but

Narr said...

After enjoying generally good health for the last few years, I have had a head cold for the last several days. My wife and I tested for Covid a few days ago and were negative; oddly, she had some of the symptoms I have now a week ago--mild headache, sinus drainage, and sneezing fits--but she also had a deep persistent cough, fever, and body aches that I have avoided so far.

She feels much better but not great, I feel fairly lousy but not awful. The seasonal flora makes my eyes water at times so much I can barely see. Made for an interesting return drive this evening from our anniversary dinner (at a restaurant with waiters!), directly into the setting sun at times.

rhhardin said...

Favorite emotion: "would not be surprised."

Lurker21 said...

Watching Devotion, the Korean War flyers flick. It's not terrible, but the beginning was slow going. Biopic Lamborghini also wasn't bad.

ngtrains said...

I miss the photos

what's happening?

Lem the misspeller said...

I'm sure we've all heard "possession is 9/10 of the law"? This encounter may very well have added a whole new meaning to that phrase.


3 the state of being controlled by a demon or spirit:
"they prayed for protection against demonic possession"

effinayright said...

Does anyone need any more proof that Hillary is a disgusting Rosa Kleb-level bitch than to know she didn't object to that guy getting a ten-year prison sentence for dissing her?

It is my fervent hope that she does not die a natural death.

I can dream, can't I?

DINKY DAU 45 said...

FORTE@ 1-5 comes from way out of it to take Florida Derby impressiveand bodes we'll for the 1 1/4 mile Kentucky derby.At 1 -5 coming around far turn looked like he was out of it.Wow impressive $2.40 for every $2.00 bet.My 8-4 exacta missed in Arkansas as ANGEL OF EMPIRE ran big race for win.My win bet finished 3rd and exacta horse was 5th.They ran to 1/4 pole 1and 2 but folded in the stretch ANGEL and FORTE good contenders for 1st Saturday in May.Removed quick $120.00 from my wagering bankroll.Good racing at class tracks

Lem the misspeller said...

Neil Oliver clip : Trump’s indictment is an attempt to provoke another insurrection so as to justify further draconian crackdown on the opposition.

Original Mike said...

"After enjoying generally good health for the last few years, I have had a head cold for the last several days. My wife and I tested for Covid a few days ago and were negative;"

In January, my wife tested negative for two days in a row after she came down with a "cold", before she tested positive on the third day.

BIII Zhang said...

Two federal judges have announced they will no longer hire students who attend Stanford Law School in response to the treatment of Federal Judge Stuart Kyle Duncan ... an act one judge likened to "intellectual terrorism."

Students called Duncan 'scum,' asked why he couldn't 'find the c***,' and screamed, 'We hope your daughters get raped.'

Students at Stanford and other universities are attempting to humiliate judges into altering their judicial opinions more to their liking - an act tantamount to obstruction of justice and illegal influence.


Rusty said...

Lem the misspeller said...
"Neil Oliver clip : Trump’s indictment is an attempt to provoke another insurrection so as to justify further draconian crackdown on the opposition."
It's what nazis do. And let's face it. At this point everyone on the left is a nazi.

You know what we call "The Green New Deal" nazis?
(The original joke has been altered to appeal to a younger demographic. Since it is unlikely that many from the current generation know or understand history)

Humperdink said...

Need another example of the Commie-Pinkos not being aware where we are headed? Some time ago, a Canadian power lifter with testicles enters enters the women's competition. She (he) sets the women's record. A few days ago, the men's power lifting coach, a burly, bearded 300 pounder enters the ladies competition. He did it mock the whole process of permitting men in ladies events. A new record is set. Nice job libs!!

Humperdink said...

"Joe Biden claimed that transgenders shape the soul of our nation.*"

Decadent lifestyles sure ended well for Sodom and Gomorrah. Maybe that was a one of. But then maybe not.


Humperdink said...

Anyone seen or heard from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McTurtle lately? He's flat-out disappeared. Maybe he's been spending time in Walter Reed hospital playing cards with PA senator John Fetterman* (D-Milk Carton).

*Update on the Fetter guy. He's home in Braddock getting some much needed R & R.

Mike of Snoqualmie said...

It's snowing right now. Temperature's 38F, so it's not going to stick. But, this is day 4 of baseball season. Crazy weather!

BG said...

I liked the book better.

I'm waiting for a movie based on "Spearhead," also written by the same author. (Adam Makos)
My dad is sort of in that book, though not by name. My dad was in the same company as Clarence Smoyer (RIP) and they hung out together at the reunions. My dad told us some of the same stories that are in "Spearhead," before the book was even an idea.

Narr said...

Original Mike, I'll test again tonight or tomorrow. Still just a lot of clear snot, some sneezing, and general sluggishness, no worse and even a little better than a few days ago.

farmgirl said...

Narr- I’m in the same boat: head cold. I’m not sick, just stuffy and sting-y. Eyes, ears, nose, throat.
It could be the Spring weather- BP changes and such. Here’s to a better week ahead, even if Holy Week w/it’s somberness.

Light at the end of this long tunnel. The Light.