March 29, 2023

Sunrise — 6:47.



madAsHell said...

Unforced error after unforced error.

Joe Biden is a train wreck, but I'm sure he's getting paid.

Jay Vogt said...

Althouse, you've still got me worried on the Audi TT. I had suggested that you swap it for an R8. I think you guys would look great in one. As a multiple Audi owner, I'd say that if won't swap it for an R8, you probably should go with that TT until it doesn't want to be gone with anymore . . . . .and that day will come. On a 20 yr. old Audi, bringing it back to life will not be fun.

Take it to the limit.

What'd you decide?

gadfly said...

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ handpicked board overseeing Disney World’s government services is gearing up for a potential legal battle over a 30-year development agreement they say effectively renders them powerless to manage the entertainment giant’s future growth in Central Florida.

Ahead of an expected state takeover, the Walt Disney Co. quietly pushed through the pact and restrictive covenants that would tie the hands of future board members for decades.

All agreements signed between Disney and the district were appropriate and were discussed and approved in open, noticed public forums in compliance with Florida’s Government in the Sunshine law,” an unsigned company statement read.

“This essentially makes Disney the government,” new Republican board member Ron Peri said. “This board loses, for practical purposes, the majority of its ability to do anything beyond maintain the roads and maintain basic infrastructure.”

Among other things, a “declaration of restrictive covenants” spells out that the district is barred from using the Disney name without the corporation’s approval or “fanciful characters such as Mickey Mouse.” So Mr. Peri has already violated the covenants.

That declaration is valid until “21 years after the death of the last survivor of the descendants of King Charles III, king of England,” according to the document.

Our second favorite authoritarian, Gov. Ronnie DeSantis has suddenly learned that not adhering to the spirit of democracy really sucks.

MadTownGuy said...

Vehicle Thefts Nationwide Surpass One Million For the First Time Since 2008

"Illinois, Washington State Report Largest Increases in Thefts Between 2021 and 2022

DES PLAINES, IL, March 8, 2023 — Law enforcement agencies and communities across the United States continue to be plagued by record and near-record levels of vehicular crime as monthly theft totals nationwide consistently exceeded 75,000 in 2022. According to new analysis conducted by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), the insurance industry’s association dedicated to predicting, preventing, and prosecuting insurance crime, more than 1 million vehicles were stolen last year, marking a 7% increase over 2021.

Vehicle theft data, provided by the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and analyzed by NICB, indicates over 250,000 thefts were reported in the fourth quarter of 2022 alone. California and Texas led the nation with the most reported stolen vehicles in 2022, and Illinois had the largest increase of any top 10 state with thefts increasing by an estimated 35% between 2021 and 2022. Similarly, vehicle thefts increased by 31% in Washington state over the same period.

*Law Enforcement Agencies may still be entering thefts for 2022, and these numbers may change.

Charts, etc. at the link.

Drago said...

I see gadfly continues to post content, created by others, without attribution as if he himself authored it.

So very sad.

Dear corrupt left, go F yourselves said...

Gadfly - it's a special tax district. An old carve-out.

Now - Disney will pay their fair share. I can see why you and other liar leftist democxrats would be unhappy.

Narr said...

I just checked, and Francisco Franco is still dead.

In news closer to home, it looks like we may never know what motivated the Nashville Transharpshooter.

The rule of Lemnity said...

A good question on a tweet: Why don't the 99% of us who aren't offended by everything, quit catering to the 1% who are?

Answer: No one offended left behind.

Mason G said...

"I see gadfly continues to post content, created by others, without attribution as if he himself authored it."

Perhaps he identifies as the author?

Just a thought...

Saint Croix said...

My new puppy Blue is hell on wheels.

Should have named her for a hurricane.

I've got puppy bite marks up and down my arms. She bit my nipple one time. If you like S&M, get a puppy. She's about 75% housebroken. Her new fun sport is trying to swim in the toilet. My landlady is going to kill me. My carpet is over. No saving the carpet. This is my fourth puppy and you'd think I'd remember what it's like. Damn she's beautiful though. Half Great Pyrenees and half mutt, mutt, mutt, and mutt. Some random dog jumped a fence. Blue is extremely confident and happy as a clam.

My other dog, Vanna, is on the other end of the age spectrum, 9 years old. It took her a couple of weeks to get used to the idea but now she loves her too.

Blue is teething so she is chewing on everything. Ate four pages of Joyce Carol Oates' Marilyn, which I haven't read yet. Ate the blinds. Chewing on my sofa, chewing on my chair. Damn I love my little puppy. (I say "little" but she's already massive).

wildswan said...

A beaver invaded the Ukrainian trenches

The invader was expelled but not for long. Brace yourselves - this may be a long war.

[There's a lot of beaver in the Pripyat marshes on the northern border of Ukraine.]

Jupiter said...

The Californians have empaneled a commission of negroes to determine how much money California should pay to negroes, for being California. While there were negroes, I guess. Like, driving while black, except, existing while there are negroes. Same general idea.

Anyway, the commission, which consisted entirely of negroes, since even liberal white women aren't crazy enough to want any part of that madness, determined that probably the best estimate of what the State of California should pay to negroes was about 80 billion dollars. Although additional payments will likely be required as the situation develops.

Now, what's funny about this, and it is really funny, is this; shouldn't someone at some point have told these knuckle-dragging baboons that they could all have four or five hundred thousand or so, and their friends and neighbors could be penciled in for fifty grand, whatever, but this is about making a virtue signal? And in return for being house jiggers, they would get a nice chunk of change, but of course they would have to sell out all their fellow jiggers. There is no conceivable way that the State of California is going to come up with 80 billion dollars to hand out to its least productive citizens, many of whom reside, quite justly, in its prison system. Noisome Newsome can't even come up with that kind of cash for the Train to Nowhere, which at least pays off important constituencies. 80 billion to facilitate more crime is not really in the cards.

But if you examine the logic of the thing, of course there was no one with the sense of a sponge who was willing to get within a dozen miles of this incandescent potato. So, the "Commission" consisted entirely of "people" with no barest remnant of a clue. They took quite seriously the idea that they should receive recompense consonant with their sense of grievance. I can only say that it is fortunate that while some of them may have been introduced to scientific notation, none of them were smart enough to grasp the idea of powers of ten, or California would be looking at reparations represented in terms of Avogadro's Number. And now Navin Gruesome has to figure out how to break it to all those negroes, who have been bidding up the price of Cadillac EVs, that -- well, how should I put it? Actually, like Gavin, I think I will refrain from a concrete exposition of the reality of the situation. Let him start the riots. Racist asshole!

The rule of Lemnity said...

There’s a tweet with a video of Richard Dawkins on with Piers Morgan. Dawkins refuses to give opinions on by now benign issues. Why go on with Piers if you are not going to say something. Does Everything have to be fake as opposed to deep fake now? Not engaging out of supposed genuine fear feels fake.

Drago said...

"They Started Calling Me Joe Bidenopoulos… I’m Not Joking"-– Joe Biden During Greek Independence Day Reception

Joe Biden, the first black, jewish, irish, greek Puerto Rican President in American history.

Big Mike said...

During the day I picked up on a story about how the principal of Covenant School in Nashville was on the phone with someone when she heard gunfire and breaking glass. It is reported that she calmly ended the call, then rushed from her office to confront Audrey Hale. She gave her life to buy some time for others to get away. One would think she would be honored for her sacrifice in the articles written about this horrific event, but so far I have seen nothing about it n mainstream reporting. In fact it was nontrivial to discover her name: Katherine Koonce. Godspeed, Katherine. I hope if I’m ever called upon to put myself between evil and innocence that I am as brave.

@Althouss, in the comment thread on today’s post about the Nashville school shooting you spitefully asked whether we’d advocate taking guns away from transgenders if we thought they were mentally ill. While I seriously doubt every transgendered individual is a threat to themselves or others, judging by their own words a great many people who self-identify as spokespersons for the trans community certainly do represent threats to Christians and need to be disarmed forthwith. Also, based on their reported comments, Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, and doubtlessly the other “ladies” of “The View.”

The rule of Lemnity said...

Walmart, Waffle House and McDonald fights are fake. Or virality reality fake.

The clearing out of a big store like Target doesn’t even make the news.

Is that why a couple DA’s in charge of prosecuting Alec Baldwin have resigned instead?

It’s enough to go full Alex Jones… or just stop following stuff like Richard Dawkins.

That’s how the 99% stays sane.

Saint Croix said...

Waffle House Wendy went on Tucker and she apparently has been blacklisted by Waffle House.

She's legit!

This is a hilarious take-down of Waffle House, followed by interesting liberal commentary on how she behaved in the Tucker interview.

What caused the fight? They were drunk! And she was the only cook in the place and she was overwhelmed with late-night orders.

Waffle House Wendy in Rolling Stone

She's actually named Halie so "Waffle House Wendy" is not accurate.

4.5 million views on Twitter, so it's a meme video, but based on real events, as far as I can tell.

Saint Croix said...

Althouse on the Waffle House melee

no Waffle House tag!

but I found it anyway

Waffle House also held a prime spot in the great golfer movie Tin Cup

that truly is shit food, though

Original Pancake House is where I go for pancakes and bacon. They've got waffles, too. But as far as I can tell, nobody orders waffles at the Original Pancake House.

(49er flapjacks, if you want an amazing breakfast. And don't forget the bacon!)

If you're wondering why Waffle House exists when the food is so bad, some people want to eat at 2:00 in the morning, that's why.

Anyway, while people craft narratives about the events in our lives, people who want to solve the mystery

(why are those people fighting in a Waffle House?)

the answer is

1) they were drunk

2) only one cook behind the counter and the place was mobbed with customers, so people had to wait way too long for their food.

3) ridiculous wait times + drunk ass bitches = Waffle House catfight

mystery solved!

Saint Croix said...

Also if Althouse says it's "crazy" to say that drunk ass bitches got into a catfight

because bitches (i.e. dogs) and cats are two different species

and trans-species isn't a thing


let me pre-empt (preempt?) that insanity criticism by pointing out that I am not a veterinarian and I will leave those difficult biological questions to the experts.

cats, dogs, humans, who can tell?

prove it!

not to give you mad fucking scientists any ideas

when I say I like Catwoman, that doesn't mean you should have a surgery

fantasy is fine!

and reality is a thing and people need to know the difference

Saint Croix said...

Can I say too that if veterinarians started doing surgeries to turn dogs into cats, PETA would be up in arms about that shit, liberals would be outraged, and the owners of those animals would be vilified.

I don't know who decides these liberal narratives -- I suspect four people in the NYT -- but some of these fuckers need to get fired.

New narratives, please!

(And by "new narratives" I don't mean "blot out the sun")

wendybar said...

"Transgender Terrorists have killed more people than any January 6ther combined."
-Meme seen on GAB yesterday

wendybar said...

"Isn't it time that journalists and other Democrats stopped intentionally misleading the public that they believe the Justice Department is impartial and that no one is above the law. It is such an obvious lie -- yet none of the people pretending to be fact checkers call them out because they are just as dishonest."

The rule of Lemnity said...

Full Alex Jones = say heinous school shootings are not really happening.

gilbar said...

what ever happened to lefties pretending that they cared about stare decisis?
i mean, it was Obviously always just a joke.. BUT, they Used to Pretend..
Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Stakes
Protasiewicz pre-judges a case but won’t say if she’ll recuse herself.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has considered the constitutionality of Act 10, upholding it in a 5-2 ruling in 2014. Judge Protasiewicz’s “unconstitutional” comments are best read as an invitation to liberal groups to try again with a new challenge if she makes it to the court. They are also an admission that she won’t defer to the precedents of the state court she aspires to join. She has signaled the same about the state’s legislative maps, which she has called “rigged,” despite their approval by the state high court.

Humperdink said...

"This week Honduras delivered a shock to Taiwan and its powerful backer Washington, as the Honduran government ordered Taiwan to vacate its embassy in the country within 30 days."

Another country warms up to China. Another foreign policy debacle for the President Soiled Pants administration. China never gets tired of winning!

wendybar said...

" Although the USCP has maintained that over 1,400 officers were on hand, Johnson says—not so fast:

“When they used that number of 1,400 people, they were using the number of everybody that showed up for work that day,” Johnson said in the interview.

“That was almost a misleading number because they would’ve counted officers assigned to the library division, House division, patrol division, who would never even have come over to the Capitol. … I’m 99.9% sure they counted all the midnight officers on every single part of the Hill. They needed that number inflated as much as they could. So, they didn’t give an accurate depiction of the manpower we actually had on the Hill that day.”"

Humperdink said...

Grandma Yellin, when asked about the IRS visiting Matt Taibbi's residence while he was testifying about the weaponization of the federal government (paraphrasing): "Beats me". Surprised she didn't use the fallback position of sources and methods.

Humperdink said...

Xi Jinping flies off to Moscow to meet with the US's avowed enemy, ostensibly to offer support for his war with the US .... er ... Ukraine.

Does anyone know where Apple CEO Tom Cook and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla were this past weekend? Why they were in Beijing. That would be Beijing as in China.

"Organizers of the three-day China Development Forum, which opens Saturday in the country’s capital, say that a hundred foreign representatives have registered to attend from sectors like finance, energy, biopharmaceuticals and consumer goods ..... Some corporate leaders like Apple Inc.’s Tim Cook and Pfizer Inc.’s Albert Bourla are scheduled to be physically present, according to a preliminary list of attendees seen by Bloomberg ... "

Rusty said...

"[There's a lot of beaver in the Pripyat marshes on the northern border of Ukraine.]"
I thought you meant something else.

farmgirl said...

St Croix, Blue isn’t a blue heeler- is she?
We named her Bluebird, but it quickly was shortened to Bird.

She thinks she can fly. And she’ll be 7in June.
She’s a PITA, b/c she can’t be anywhere other than at the bottoms of my feet- I’d miss her.

BUMBLE BEE said...

On mass killers...
BTW, she didn't use an "assault weapons".

BUMBLE BEE said...

VOID - Right to a speedy trial.

The list of voids grows.

narciso said...

honduras is run by zelayas wife, remember he wanted to install a chavez style regime in 2009, with obamas assistance, the predecessor who was up to his chin in coke smuggling made the process easier,

BUMBLE BEE said...

Curiouser and curiouser...

What are the odds.

Humperdink said...

I am curious as to whether Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla visited the Wuhan lab to check on Pfizer's next revenue stream.

Lurker21 said...

With all these daily public appearances, when does Bidenopoulos get any work done?

BUMBLE BEE said...

Yeah, we'll never see the manifesto.
Remember this?
"It's not nice to fool mother nature"
Biology vs Peter Pan.

Saint Croix said...

hey farmgirl

are you the farmgirl in Mexico by the way?

just crossing the border back and forth?

(don't get caught!)

or maybe there are two different farmgirls

I guess it depends on whether Bill Gates sent you a check, or it was Carlos Slim

anyway, we have not done a DNA test

but one of her brothers went through the FBI database, and it came out

50% Great Pyrenees (mama was 100%, I think)

and Dad was like Tramp from Lady and the Tramp

Anatolian shepherd
and a little bit of Pitbull

I used to be scared of Pitbulls until one of them came over and gave me a lap dance.

There were a couple of other names in the report, it was about as helpful as anything else the FBI reports on. Damn if I'm paying for DNA tests!

(I had a buddy who got back a DNA report that said "57% unknown" and I asked him if he got 57% of his money back).

Saint Croix said...

She’s a PITA, b/c she can’t be anywhere other than at the bottoms of my feet- I’d miss her.

I have solved the PITA mystery!

"pain in the ass"

Blue has a habit of sleeping under my desk while I'm on the computer and stretching her legs out and taking out the cord or otherwise turning off my computer.

Only done that about six times so far.

It's funny how pain and other sharp emotions can increase our capacity to love.

Mr. Majestyk said...

Has Tucker Carlson done any more shows on the Jan 6 footage? Seems like he did one or two shows on it and now everyone has moved on.

Saint Croix said...

"[There's a lot of beaver in the Pripyat marshes on the northern border of Ukraine.]"
I thought you meant something else.

While I was watching season 1 of Duck Dynasty

(it's pretty good!)

I noticed there were several anti-beaver rants.

I was like, "Are they punking me? Is Dr. Freud in the house?"

But then I decided he was literally talking about beavers. Specifically, beavers dam up creeks or some shit like that. I can't remember why beaver dams are bad. Anyway, if you're watching Duck Dynasty, be prepared for beaver hatred and squirrel love.

I am never eating squirrel brains and I don't give a shit if that makes me an elitist, that's dog food at best. I really shouldn't have a strong opinion on foods I have not tried.

Not surprisingly, the New York Times backs me up on this.

Now I'm suspecting that my Southern movie stars are right and the Kentucky doctors are bigots who went to med school up north.

I did try frog legs recently, they were just okay.

Fried Oreo is amazing, hit that if you get the opportunity.

Saint Croix said...

still haven't done snails yet

Narr said...

Beautiful puppy underfoot, with needle teeth.

Been there, done that. Good luck!

NPR's Nashville story at 10am was--legal challenge to the Drag Show law.

Iman said...

“Oh. I thought you meant something else.”

Beaver Cleaver!