March 31, 2023

At the Friday Night Café...

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BUMBLE BEE said...

Nancy's guilty until proven innocent applies as well to Paul P and his late night boy snack.
Nothing proven, everything hidden, including his history pf substance abuse. Says a lot.

William50 said...

Last Wednesday evening my ex-fiance and myself celebrated our 54th wedding anniversary. It's amazing how time flies when you're having fun.

Nancy said...

How long has the tag line been "an endless succession of beans and nuts"?

madAsHell said...

So, if Meta can create life-like above-the-waist avatars, and the AI bots can produce a content stream, then why do we pay talking-heads on TV??

Lurker21 said...

Much piling on in the opinion media about every sin Donald Trump has ever committed in an effort to justify the unjustifiable indictment.

Jupiter said...

Congrats, William50!

Joe Smith said...

The D party is just a domestic cartel at this point.

It rewards its friends and punishes its enemies.

Bob Boyd said...

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Unicorn with Sharks for Arms Tattoo
(with apologies to Wallace Stevens)

Among twenty pale addicts,
The only moving thing
Was a tattoo of a unicorn with sharks for arms.

I was of three minds,
Like a goth girl
On which there are three unicorns with sharks for arms.

The unicorn seemed to move it's menacing shark arms.
It was a small part of the pantomime.

A man and a woman
Are one.
A man and a woman and a tattoo of a unicorn with sharks for arms
Are one.

I do not know which to prefer,
The beauty of inflections
Or the beauty of innuendoes,
The unicorn's blazing eyes
Or the shark arms snapping their teeth.

Neon tubing filled the facade
With barbaric glass.
The specialty of the artist
A unicorn with sharks for arms
The mood
Traced in the shadows
An indecipherable cause.

O thin women of the suburbs,
Why do you imagine rainbow unicorns?
Do you not see how shark arms
Wrap around the bodies
Of your sisters in the dark city?

I know noble accents
And lucid, inescapable rhythms;
But I know, too,
That a unicorn with sharks for arms is involved
In what I know.

When the unicorn with sharks for arms vanished into her Levis,
It marked the edge
Of one of many circles.

At the sight of a unicorn with sharks for arms
Rearing in a green light,
Even the bawds of euphony
Would cry out sharply.

He rode over Connecticut
In a glass coach.
Once, a fear pierced him,
In that he mistook
The shadow of his equipage
For a unicorn with sharks for arms.

The river is moving.
The unicorn with sharks for arms must be near.

It was evening all afternoon.
It was raining
And it was going to rain.
A unicorn with sharks for arms came into being
on sallow skin.

The Vault Dweller said...

An endless succession of beans and nuts sounds like a Greek mythological punishment. I'm not sure if it is Sisyphus or Tantalus though.

Nice said...

How about a rant: I will never fly Southwest again. Their select-a-seat policy is bananas!

It looks good on paper, you sit anywhere you want, no reserved seating, just find an open seat and take it. I head for the back of the plane because---nobody ever sits there, plus I don't have to worry about people behind me coughing or tapping. So, all good, I got the seat I wanted, no worries. Well, not quite. Flight attendant stops by and tells me if a handicapped or disabled wants a seat closer to the bathroom, I'll have to move. Say what? Where would I move to? The plane is full, plus there's no sign saying back seats are disabled/handicapped. Attendant tells me they don't need signs, and they can move anyone for any reason. No seat is guaranteed, but don't worry, nobody needs the seat right now, and she'll be sure to let me know when I need to move. Gee thanks.

So, I go online, and sure enough Southwest gives away people's seats all the time. They move people around pre-takeoff, mid-flight, for any nonsense reason at all.

This "open seating" on Southwest is a complete scam. Back to Jet Blue, where I'll pay for the seat I want in advance, and have some guarantee, and none of the drama of scrambling for a seat. Plus, if you don't like who you're sitting next to, you can just upgrade right then and there, which I've done many times, nearly free using points.

Southwest needs to get it together, quick.

Humperdink said...

Checking red flag laws in both Delaware and DC, it appears our beloved President Soiled Pants qualifies in both localities. A person qualifies to have his weapons removed "who poses a danger to self or others by owning, possessing, controlling, purchasing or receiving a firearm". Soiled Pants has bragged he owns 2 shotguns, presumably kept in his Delaware home under his confidential papers. In DC, he controls the nuclear codes, a major league firearm if there ever was one. He clearly doesn't have all his faculties. Time to take his finger off the trigger and the button.

Narr said...

Congrats William50! Mi esposa and I celebrate 47 years on April 2. And we dated for many years before that.

Seems like only yesterday. (She's binging on "Outlander" now. From season one episode one until the new [7th? 8th?] season starts. One taste we don't share. She didn't seem the least bit interested in the books I used to read about British Isles and 18th C history back in the day, and now I know too much to enjoy the time-travel hijinks.)

Speaking of history, I'm halfway through "Drunk" by Slingerland, and am very impressed with his cross-cultural and cross-discipline approach. Very well done. Whoever mentioned it here a few years ago has my thanks.

Lem the artificially intelligent said...

The silver lining in Trump's indictment is that when and if the people convicting Trump will have to defend Biden, the "unprecedented" argument they will definitely use will be null and void. That doesn't mean they will abstain from using it. Having it both ways is the nature politics today.

You know what? Never mind. I thought I had something to contribute.

Saint Croix said...


If I remember right, Althouse had a post on diets and some dietician suggested beans and nuts and some Hillbilly said "an endless succession of beans and nuts" applies to the Althouse blog and that cracked her up and we are the beans and the nuts. Which is funny, I think.

Ampersand said...

I often find myself complaining about the many defects of our media/political elite overlords. And then I wonder: who should we be electing and appointing to run the US government? It's not enough to complain. We need a plan. If I had one, I'd let you know.

Saint Croix said...

I looked around for Turner and Hooch in my apartment and it turns out I don't own Turner and Hooch and I was like, "how can I not own Turner and Hooch, the only truly funny thing Tom Hanks ever did, a classic in dog love cinema? So I went to the used DVD store and they didn't have Turner and Hooch (possibly because I didn't know how to spell "Hooch" and I threw a T in there and AI hates that shit, so maybe they had it and the computer was wrong, totally possible, that's how AI destroys the fucking planet, human error, just saying you damn brainiacs). Anyway, I had to order it on Amazon, like $7 (new!) and I'm in the middle of the movie, right at the part where Tom Hanks and the dog fall in love, and my damn dog is about to pee on the carpet again.

No woman is coming to my apartment until May or possible June, I did not think of the celibacy implications of puppy training in the springtime. Urine + Feces = not my apartment, baby. I guess I could spring for a hotel room if I had to, but my Scottish ancestors would keep me up at night. Or we could do it in her apartment but that just means more urine and feces in my apartment.

She's picked up door scratching skills, which is a step in the right direction. This morning I was at my computer, trying to make money on the internet like I do, and in the back of my mind I hear this little "scratch scratch" at the front door. And some part of my lizard brain says, "puppy needs to pee" and I'm like "oh shit!" and simultaneously with my oh shit moment, my other dog Vanna comes racing into the room to get me the hell out of my chair because puppy is scratching at the front door.

Anyway, we're all learning non-verbal communication skills in the Carmichael house on a Friday night. Now I get to get back to my movie.

effinayright said...

Anyone besides me savoring the irony of the police NOT releasing a crazed killer's "manifesto"?

Isn't a manifesto SUPPOSED to be published?

Bushman of the Kohlrabi said...

Congrats William. I hope you and the Mrs. enjoy many more happy years together.

Narayanan said...

when did American language get so confusing?
I am seeing blue square + 'jewish hate' and trying to figure out who is hater and who is hated?

Iman said...

Congratulations, William! That’s impressive.

Big Mike said...

@William50, congratulations!

Saint Croix said...

"my ex-fiance"

that's funny!

had to read that sentence twice and then I was like, oh, right

Saint Croix said...

So, if Meta can create life-like above-the-waist avatars, and the AI bots can produce a content stream, then why do we pay talking-heads on TV??

sex fantasies?

avatars don't do it for me

technically, news anchors don't do it for me, either

I don't watch the news

but if I was watching the news, I would watch hot babes over avatars

my review of Avatar

Avatar (2009) It's really an amazing achievement, with spectacular imagery. On the other hand, the acting is really bad. I think James Cameron has decided that he doesn’t like humanity any more. So he’s not going to pay any attention to his actors at all. If you want to sum up this movie, the CGI is amazing and the people suck. In fact, Cameron’s eco-politics are so sappy and anti-human that it's kind of hard to enjoy the damn thing. This movie does for humanity what Aliens does for aliens. Kill the human slime!

I got kinda freaked out by the aliens plugging into their rides. They'd plug into giant birds, they'd plug into trees, they'd plug into anything. They were really promiscuous about where they would stick it. If it was me, I'd be worried about some kinda avatar v.d. Or, I dunno, a computer virus. I mean, he was going from flying dragon to plant to girlfriend to flying dragon to girlfriend to plant. Put on an alien condom, at least.

You'd think James Cameron's head would explode as he makes his 3-D geek boy movie about how technology sucks and we ought to go back to nature. I think if he went camping once in a while, stepped on a beehive or got ants in his pants, he wouldn't be so gung-ho about life in a tree. One of my earliest memories is when I sat down on an anthill. I remember it cause ants suck, man. I also remember sitting in our man-made bathtub, using our human-devised water distribution system to pump water through the faucet and get those ants off my ass. If I was living in James Cameronville, I wouldn't be allowed to shower. I'd have to learn to live in harmony with my new ant buddies. Oh sure, I could squash 'em, but I'd have to issue like a zillion apologies.

Saint Croix said...

The cartoon show trial that Nancy Pelosi did in the House for two years was insane.

I just didn't watch the show.

But a sizable number of people watched that fucking ridiculous, one-sided, utter violation of our Constitution take place for two years.

If you want any conviction of Donald Trump to stick, Democrats (good luck with that shit!), you'd have to remove from the jury pool anybody who watched Kangaroo Court TV, where ridiculous charges were made over and over against Donald Trump without any counsel, without any cross examination.

Anybody who watched that shit-show, and believed it, their mind has been poisoned and they will be unable to sit fairly in the jury.

Non-lawyers don't understand what a fucking joke that Pelosi cartoon was.

There is no fucking way a conviction for Donald Trump would stand with jurors watching Kangaroo Court prosecutions of Trump for various made-up offenses for two years.

Talk about prejudicial!

Another consideration a judge might make is to exclude anybody who voted in 2016 or 2020 from the jury pool.

Rt41Rebel said...

If you haven't moved to a red state yet, it may be too late. My home in SWFL has appreciated 225% in the last 3 years. If you can't afford to move, I would advise investing in lead, if that's still possible. Good luck, suckers.

walter said... many of the big donor Rotary members gave 3rd world recipents Polio via their ego stroking droppers?

Owen said...

William50: congrats and many happy returns.

mezzrow said...

@Saint Croix

re: beans and nuts.

This is accurate but I must insist on being identified as a cracker, not a hillbilly.

wendybar said...

"Bragg is operating directly out of Comey’s handbook on “ethical leadership.” After all, it was Comey who joked about how he violated department rules to nail Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn. He delighted audiences with how he told underlings “let’s just send a couple guys over” to trap Flynn.

It was Comey who was fired after former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein cited him for “serious mistakes” and violating “his obligation to ‘preserve, protect and defend’ the traditions of the Department and the FBI.It was Comey who violated federal laws and removed FBI material (including reported classified material) after being fired and then leaked information to the media.

Despite those violations, Comey was heralded by the media and made wealthy on book and speaking tours."

Humperdink said...

@ Big Mike. Yes, Washington Redskin .... Commanders owner Dan Snyder is a terrible owner, but at least he occasionally fields a competitive team. Pittsburgh Pirate owner Bob Nutting refuses to spend any money to field a decent team. He is known for two things: counting his revenue from baseball's screwed up economic structure and developing high level prospects, only to dump them a few years later for more prospects.

DINKY DAU 45 said...

Arkansas Derby may have some value where as Florida Derby with most likely 2-5 favorite wont.I like Two Eagles River with the hot trainer Hartman and Reincarnate with Johnny V.I will wager a $40.00 box exacta 4 and 8($80 wrappers) and $40.00 win on the 8 for $120.00 for this race.Tough race opportunity to catch couple good prices.FORTE in Florida looks like a cruise but you do have to race.I'LL leave that event favorite will be too short to bet unless I could get 2-1'pays $6.00 to win that ain't happening.Start to get serious now.

Rusty said...

effinayright said...
"Anyone besides me savoring the irony of the police NOT releasing a crazed killer's "manifesto"?

Isn't a manifesto SUPPOSED to be published?"
Not when that "manifesto" is an indictment of your left wing policies. Yes I as an adult would like to read it. The trans movement is a movement of mental illness. We are being asked to make believe on a national scale for the mental well being of the mentally ill. Don't participate. It would be morally wrong to encourage them.

Yes. William. Congratulations. The fabulous and charming Mrs. Rusty goes to bed at night fervently praying that I don't live that long.

Iman said...

lên ass của bạn, Dinky Dau.

wendybar said...

As long as we let Progressives get away with their corruption, the faster America dies....

Congressman Russell Fry
Federal funds = congressional oversight.

DA Bragg’s letter rebuking Congress falls flat on its face
Quote Tweet
House Judiciary GOP

Lurker21 said...

The San Antonio Commanders were a short-lived football team. The name made more sense in San Antonio -- or at least it did when people could still take pride in the defense of the Alamo. DC should have gone with Commodores, in honor either of the Navy or the 70s vocal group.

I am seeing blue square + 'jewish hate' and trying to figure out who is hater and who is hated?

Yes, I pass by a "Stop Asian Hate" sign every day and wonder about it.

BUMBLE BEE said...

And many more William50!

lonejustice said...

"Former President Donald Trump raised more than $4 million toward his presidential run in the 24 hours since he was indicted by a Manhattan grand jury, his campaign announced Friday." The New York Post.

What a huckster.

wendybar said...

Comment on Ann Coulter substack....which would break Progressives heads...

Michael Zilkowsky
23 hr ago
Trump should troll them by saying the money wasn't to silence her about an affair but rather to pay for an abortion, and any other abortions she may want to get

wendybar said...

Hard to blame WHITE MAGA voters if you give a description of their appearance. Our Government becomes more of a joke every single day. They got to protect their violent Tranny's and blacks. How does this help ANYTHING?? (except their agenda?)

Rollo said...

Who in politics isn't a huckster?

Jamie said...

From that Emily Miller person's substack:

At [the time that she was awarded the covered blue check], Twitter was giving verification to government accounts and journalists who worked full-time for media outlets. ... You just had to be able to send an email from a work account. I was a senior editor at The Washington Times when I got verified.

Bold type mine. And in the very next paragraph, in fact in its first sentence:

The blue check gave credibility that the information that I shared on the platform was trustworthy.

The cream of the J-school crop, gentlefolk. Didn't they use to teach logical fallacies?

Narr said...

I do have one quibble with Slingerland's retailing the "Hungerover Hessians" at Trenton story in reference to alcohol use in 18th C armies.

The tale is colorful and not implausible, but there is no contemporary evidence for it--it was a post hoc explanation by people who weren't there.

Drago said...

lonejustice: "Former President Donald Trump raised more than $4 million toward his presidential run in the 24 hours since he was indicted by a Manhattan grand jury, his campaign announced Friday." The New York Post.

What a huckster."

lonejustice, fresh off his previous moronic "hot take" that the threat of an indictment was something Trump made up as a grift (Note: lonejustice, the very very very "principled" legal beagle has yet to retract that last lie) now does what we all knew he would: double down on the stupid.

Yes lonejustice, its all hucksterism for Trump to raise money during a political campaign and to fend off weaponization of govt hoaxed up lawfare attacks.


Looks like LLR-democratical and Violent Homosexual Rape Fantasist Chuck has some competition coming his way!

Hmmmm, now that I ponder it a bit more as I am wont to do, like lonejustice, LLR-democratical Chuck also claims to be a legal beagle par excellence as well as a self-annointed blog monitor....

....that cant all be just a coincidence, can it?

boatbuilder said...

"Huckster" Donald Trump somehow gets Alvin Bragg to indict him on the flimsiest of legal pretexts so that he can raise money. 3-D chess AND mind control! What can't the man do?

BUMBLE BEE said...

Doesn't look good for the home team...


walter said...

It wa also Comey who made the case against Hildebeast, then backpedaled re prosecution.

Drago said...

Rollo: "Who in politics isn't a huckster?"


According to lonejustice et al, only Trump nefariously raises money during campaigns. I mean, can you imagine how corrupt Trump has to be to actually solicit and raise funds during a campaign?

I have no doubt lonejustice (what a handle, eh?) is literally shaking.

wendybar said...

Read it and weep. The ones calling her a FASCIST are the ones trying to silence the other side, using the media. They all need to look in the mirror, because THEY are becoming what they are protesting.