February 15, 2023

200 journalists and writers release an open letter to the NYT to raise "serious concerns about editorial bias in the newspaper’s reporting on transgender, non-binary, and gender nonconforming people.”

Hell Gate reports.
The open letter, whose signees include regular contributors to the Times and prominent writers and journalists like Ed Yong, Lucy Sante, Roxane Gay, and Rebecca Solnit, comes at a time when far-right extremist groups and their analogues in state legislatures are ramping up their attacks on trans young people....
In recent years and months, the Times has decided to play an outsized role in laundering anti-trans narratives and seeding the discourse with those narratives, publishing tens of thousands of handwringing words on trans youth—reporting that is now approvingly cited and lauded, as the letter writers note, by those who seek to ban and criminalize gender-affirming care.
Hell Gate has an interview with Jo Livingstone, "an award-winning critic and writer who helped organize the open letter."

Here's the open letter. I'll highlight what I think are important parts:
The newspaper’s editorial guidelines demand that reporters “preserve a professional detachment, free of any whiff of bias” when cultivating their sources, remaining “sensitive that personal relationships with news sources can erode into favoritism, in fact or appearance.” Yet the Times has in recent years treated gender diversity with an eerily familiar mix of pseudoscience and euphemistic, charged language, while publishing reporting on trans children that omits relevant information about its sources.

For example, Emily Bazelon’s article “The Battle Over Gender Therapy” uncritically used the term “patient zero” to refer to a trans child seeking gender⁠-⁠affirming care, a phrase that vilifies transness as a disease to be feared.

Are persons seeking "gender⁠-⁠affirming care" not "patients"? If they are not suffering from a condition to be feared, then why is treatment provided? Why are they not told they are fine as they are?

We discussed the Bazelon article on this blog, here

Back to the open letter:

Bazelon quoted multiple expert sources who have since expressed regret over their work’s misrepresentation. Another source, Grace Lidinksy⁠-⁠Smith, was identified as an individual person speaking about a personal choice to detransition, rather than the President of GCCAN, an activist organization that pushes junk science and partners with explicitly anti⁠-⁠trans hate groups.

In a similar case, Katie Baker’s recent feature “When Students Change Gender Identity and Parents Don’t Know” misframed the battle over children’s right to safely transition.

I blogged that story here.

Back to the open letter: 

The piece fails to make clear that court cases brought by parents who want schools to out their trans children are part of a legal strategy pursued by anti-trans hate groups. These groups have identified trans people as an “existential threat to society” and seek to replace the American public education system with Christian homeschooling, key context Baker did not provide to Times readers.

The natural destination of poor editorial judgment is the court of law.

I had a lot of trouble understanding that last sentence. I doubt if you would understand it without reading what comes next, but let me translate. The idea is that the NYT articles have been cited in court cases dealing with legislation about children seeking transgender treatments.

Last year, Arkansas’ attorney general filed an amicus brief in defense of Alabama’s Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act, which would make it a felony, punishable by up to 10 years’ imprisonment, for any medical provider to administer certain gender⁠-⁠affirming medical care to a minor (including puberty blockers) that diverges from their sex assigned at birth. The brief cited three different New York Times articles to justify its support of the law: Bazelon’s “The Battle Over Gender Therapy,” Azeen Ghorayshi’s “Doctors Debate Whether Trans Teens Need Therapy Before Hormones,” and Ross Douthat’s “How to Make Sense of the New L.G.B.T.Q. Culture War.” As recently as February 8th, 2023, attorney David Begley’s invited testimony to the Nebraska state legislature in support of a similar bill approvingly cited the Times’ reporting and relied on its reputation as the “paper of record” to justify criminalizing gender⁠-⁠affirming care....

David Begley! 

As thinkers, we are disappointed to see the New York Times follow the lead of far-right hate groups in presenting gender diversity as a new controversy warranting new, punitive legislation.

I think the NYT is showing leadership and not allowing itself to be led around by the doctrinaire left.

Puberty blockers, hormone replacement therapy, and gender⁠-⁠affirming surgeries have been standard forms of care for cis and trans people alike for decades....

Please cite the science. Is there some idea that medical treatments, once they've gone on for a while, must be correct and above question? Obviously not.

In that view, read this: "What the world can learn from a lobotomy surgeon’s horrible mistake." That's in the Washington Post, published yesterday, written by Megan McArdle.

Back to the open letter:

You no doubt recall a time in more recent history when it was ordinary to speak of homosexuality as a disease at the American family dinner table—a norm fostered in part by the New York Times’ track record of demonizing queers through the ostensible reporting of science.

In 1963, the New York Times published a front⁠-⁠page story with the title “Growth of Overt Homosexuality in City Provokes Wide Concern,” which stated that homosexuals saw their own sexuality as “an inborn, incurable disease”—one that scientists, the Times announced, now thought could be “cured.”

And, now, we're in a time when doctors are providing treatments for transgender persons. What is the lesson here?  

The word “gay” started making its way into the paper. Then, in 1975, the Times published an article by Clifford Jahr about a queer cruise (the kind on a boat) featuring a “sadomasochistic fashion show.” On the urging of his shocked mother, Times publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger sent down the order: Stop covering these people. The Times style guide was updated to include the following dictum, which stood until 1987: “Do not use gay as a synonym for homosexual unless it appears in the formal, capitalized name of an organization or in quoted matter.”

New York Times managing editor and executive editor A. M. Rosenthal neglected to put AIDS on the front page until 1983, by which time the virus had already killed 500 New Yorkers. He withheld planned promotions from colleagues he learned on the grapevine were gay. Many of his employees feared being outed. William F. Buckley published his op-ed arguing that people with HIV/AIDS should all be forcibly tattooed in the Times. Obituaries in the Times ascribed death from HIV/AIDS to “undisclosed causes” or a “rare disorder,” and left the partners of the deceased out entirely from its record of their lives. This era of hateful rhetoric also saw the rise of the term “patient zero,” used to falsely accuse an HIV/AIDS patient of deliberately infecting others. This is the same rhetoric that transphobic policymakers recently reintroduced to the American lawmaking apparatus by quoting Emily Bazelon’s Times article.

Yes, there is some bad history there. The NYT should be on guard not to make more mistakes — either similar mistakes or new mistakes overreacting to its famous old mistakes. 

Some of us are trans, non⁠-⁠binary, or gender nonconforming, and we resent the fact that our work, but not our person, is good enough for the paper of record.

What does it mean to say the NYT rejects your "person"?  

Some of us are cis, and we have seen those we love discover and fight for their true selves, often swimming upstream against currents of bigotry and pseudoscience fomented by the kind of coverage we here protest.

I do not see where they have pointed out "bigotry and pseudoscience." Perhaps they mean that the Times articles were not "bigotry and pseudoscience," but they "fomented" "bigotry and pseudoscience" in others.

All of us daresay our stance is unremarkable, even common, and certainly not deserving of the Times’ intense scrutiny. A tiny percentage of the population is trans, and an even smaller percentage of those people face the type of conflict the Times is so intent on magnifying. There is no rapt reporting on the thousands of parents who simply love and support their children, or on the hardworking professionals at the New York Times enduring a workplace made hostile by bias—a period of forbearance that ends today.

The "period of forbearance... ends today."  That made me want to go back to the Hell Gate interview to see what, specifically, this end of forbearance would look like.

The interviewer asks: "Are y'all asking the people who signed on to, for example, agree to not contribute to the Times until there is a response? Is there anything concrete like that being planned?"

Livingstone responds that there was no agreement to do anything other than to sign the letter. She adds that "there will be more letters and more kinds of venues for nonprofits and institutions to sign on" and says, "We made a gathering space that people have just come to us, ready to support."

She concludes: 

And I am proud of and grateful for everybody who is taking a risk on their future engagement by this employer, to stand with us. So when I think about all of that bravery, I feel okay, and can take a nap.


n.n said...

The science was established nearly four decades ago, other than trans/homosexuals and other stable states, there is no indicator of transgender conversion therapy success in the majority of subjects, and, in fact, may progress their dissonance and self-abortive intent, while survivors are left with corrupted bodies and minds.

Jason said...

Fuck these people.

RideSpaceMountain said...

200 journalists and writers release an open letter to the NYT to raise "serious concerns about their editorial bias in reporting on transgender, non-binary, and gender nonconforming people."

It takes a lot of sand to come right out and say that you're biased with a group of 199 other biased people about a 3rd party not being biased enough. Lot of courage. Those 200 biased journalists and writers are "doing better", and the NYT should acknowledge it...they aren't biased enough on this issue.

Tina Trent said...

I stop reading when I see the term "cis," a slur, used by people who claim I'm oppressing them.

Reality will catch up with these people. There is still little condemnation for Canada's burgeoning euthenasia craze, and their trans agenda is so extreme they placed one of the nation's worst infant-rapists in a prison that specially houses infants and young children with their incarcerated mothers, many of whom are complaining that this infant-rapist is repeatedly behaving in a predatory way towards their infants and small children.

He was granted a taxpayer-funded "transition," of course. It is unclear if that included castration, but castration is no cure for rapists: they just use other objects to attack their victims.

The same is happening in Scotland, thus the backlash against the resigning thingy who endorsed placing trans rapists in women's prisons, then leaned down hard on the policy. Backlash to that is one of the main reasons she is resigning.

There is nothing admirable about the Times making up a word salad about a tiny forkful of the insanity they peddle. The grey area doesn't matter much when you're sliding down an avalanche.

Matt said...

I will never understand how something can exist at an infinitesimal level for thousands and thousands of years of human existence, but then show up suddenly demanding immediate acceptance while acting like the other side are the assholes.

Nor will I ever understand how half the fucking country apparently falls for it. What an absolute joke.

Nancy said...

I hope neither side runs out of bullets.

Enigma said...

Condensed meaning:

The NYT's shift in reporting is an effort to scrub off the feces of 5+ years of anti-Trump-mania and open bias. They are trying to cover for all the "Russian disinformation" nonsense that led to winning a fake Pulitzer Prize, and then working with 50+ incompetent slimy bureaucrats to lie about Hunter Biden. The NYT's hard left transgender content during that period was a sop and a bribe to generate votes for Biden. However, publishing Nazi-like pro-child-disfigurement content lost them more credibility than they gained, and are now sobering up.

As as business the NYT likely doesn't care if it offends the crazy left. They want to hold or regain the "paper of record" title following the departure of lefty Bari Weiss and exposure of its internal failings.

Not Sure said...

"Hell Gate"?

Now they're just toying with the normies.

Ampersand said...

Thanks to AA for a great post.
Journalism has an inevitable political dimension. Since WW2, that dimension has been magnified to the point at which every sentence of every piece of "news" can now be scrutinized for political content.
What has magnified the political dimension of "news"?
SUCCESS! Journalism has been key to the enormous success of post-WW2 left/progressive crusades for justice. These campaigns for justice for the blacklisted, for African-Americans, for gay people, and for women have created a template for yet more crusades for a new set of rights for those enmeshed in the variety of pathologies encapsulated in the word "homeless", and now for the current mania among gender dysphorians. At some point, the normies will have to start figuring out that the template for crusades is lazy, tired, formulaic, irresponsible, cynical, dishonest, narcissistic, and seriously corrosive to a society in which free people can flourish.
We won't see an end to the current children's crusades until they end in unambiguous FAILURE.

FullMoon said...

"...who seek to ban and criminalize gender-affirming care."

Cutting off your tits or dick is not "care".

Suspect the surgeons doing this are same type of low quality doctors who over prescribed oxy and other pain meds.

Sebastian said...

The trans vanguard on the march. It really is open war, isn't it?

Of course it's all well and good for us deplorables to scoff at the NYT as the propaganda rag of the ruling class, but this attack from the left shows what they really need to worry about. For now the PTB are still a bit divided over trans ideology, but how much longer?

Amadeus 48 said...

Well, it takes all kinds to make a world, but these folks are carrying their mental illness pretty far. Biology is destiny for most of nature and the natural world.

Speaking personally, I'd say that if a mature adult wants to express him or herself this way, I don't object--but I don't want to pay for their medical procedures (see Chelsea/Bradley Manning).

The Europeans are quite a bit farther ahead than we are on reigning this in with respect to children.

I'm glad these folks wrote a stiff letter to The New York Times. I have been tempted to do it myself many times on other topics.

Dave Begley said...

Here's my written testimony. "The New York Times likes to think of itself as “the paper of record” in the United States. Most people would agree with me that the NYT is one of the most liberal organizations in America today.

So, I took note when the NYT published a story on November 14, 2022 which stated, “concerns are growing among some medical professionals about the consequences of the drugs….” and “[t]here is growing evidence of potential harm from puberty blockers….”

And if it wasn't for Ann Althouse, I would have had no idea that the NYT was actually reporting that "gender-affirming care" was experimental.

So, thanks again Ann.

Witness Luka Hein testified about the counseling her parents received at Nebraska Medicine, “They were told, ‘Would you rather have a dead daughter, or a living son?’ These are not the words of a medical professional, but the words of an activist. I was just a teenager who needed actual help, not surgery.” Nebraska Medicine performed a double mastectomy on her at age 16 and gave her cross-sex hormones a few months later.

I've asked the Nebraska Attorney General to investigate Nebraska Medicine. He might do it as the MO AG is investigating a "gender-affirming" clinic is St. Louis.

Lloyd W. Robertson said...

I love the lobotomy example. Let's rush children into drastic treatments and surgeries because we are so humane, we want to prevent mental illness and other problems that might become evident in the future. We can't wait for research into how to identify the best candidates for these treatments, ways to make sure less drastic alternatives are considered, and so on. Lots of kids go through a time of sexual confusion, pre-puberty and post-puberty. There is some evidence that some adults are exploiting this confusion to foster a relatively new woke narrative: the non-cis and non-binary people have always suffered discrimination, just like women, blacks, and so on. The only cure is to let the kids speak for themselves at an early age, with some coaching (this confusion isn't going to resolve or get better--it's going to get worse) and steer them towards specific therapies, avoiding parental consent if necessary. They might suffer bullying for being identified as somehow weird; are they going to be bullied less if they have hormone treatments and surgeries, so that their bodies are weird without any doubt?

The word "grooming" is being used unfairly in the sense that surely there are more adults in this field building their careers and incomes than actually planning to have sex with kids. On the other hand, why show so much genitalia in a group of very young kids, supposedly to help them decide in what group they belong? Aren't the kids being taught to anticipate that their orifices might be penetrated by someone with an erect penis? That they might not enjoy it the first time, but after all, they might be expressing their authentic selves? At my most cynical, I think progressives are going to argue that very young kids can consent to sex. I guess they have to wait until they are finished with the Catholic Church.

Alas, we can't put all our trust into people who are making careers and money out of channelling particular kids in a particular direction. One doesn't choose one's race, one can't choose to be indigenous, but one can choose to be any gender one likes? Is surgery supposed to be available to go back and forth if you change your mind? Race in practice is very hard to disentangle from things like culture, even climate. The idea that race is natural and immutable was always bullshit--generally right-wing bullshit. Now we have a progressive version, which somehow says race is natural but gender is not.

Carol said...

"an HIV/AIDS patient of deliberately infecting others."

Gaetan Dugas *said* he did not care and no way he was going to stop.

Blastfax Kudos said...

When this horrific fad goes the way of frontal lobotomy in the hindsight of 50 years it will help greatly to have names to afix to the wall of shame forever.

200 psuedo-intellectuals and the monument to their stupidity, as well as their enabling of surgical addiction.

RNB said...

"...their analogues [i.e., of 'far-right extremist groups'] in state legislatures..." I believe those are called "elected legislators."

gilbar said...

patient zero ?
Serious Question: What is the one thing, that trans patients have in common??
Is It.. or Is It NOT... Having friends that are trans?

RideSpaceMountain said...

@Tina Trent

"Reality will catch up with these people."

It already is. I wrote not too long ago that I think we're starting to see the early signs that the alphabet agenda is peaking. Even among the degenerate founding communities of gays and lesbians there's some significant pushback starting to emerge vis-a-vis the trannies 'sucking all the oxygen' out of the room.

The people who have done this to themselves are lost. Even if they 'de-transition' (which I'm not sure even exists) their entire lives will still be centered around their before-and-after selves as trans-personed, and accepted after the fact as unwelcome in either world.

The coming decades of fallout from this, as many other previous decades, will yet again be a monument to the astronomical hubris and vanity of mankind as lawsuits and torts the likes of which haven't been seen before are thrown back and forth among these people and the industries that enabled their mental illness. For some there will be financial victories, and for the vast majority a thoroughly ruined life with no way back and no friends left if they tried.

Truly pitiable. Worthy of pity...that was until they started asking us to lie for them. All they had to do was keep it off our wave. Well fuck them now. They couldn't do them, so now society will have to do it for them, and it won't be nice.

Dave Begley said...

If you don't click through to the video, here are two other things that I said.

1. I was educated by the Society of Jesus. That was personally satisfying to me.

2. Gen. George Marshall would ask himself, "What if I am wrong?"

That's why these kids should wait until 19. They - and their parents - could be wrong.

Rabel said...

As has been noted at Althouse, the Times has the right man in place to lead them in this socks-off pillow fight.

But seriously, the letter was openly threatening. That's how these folks operate. The Times will fold.

Achilles said...

Trans people are being set up here by the globalist Regime.

There is a backlash coming and it is mostly going to be based on the forced vaccinations and the deaths from myocarditis/periodcarditis.

But the grooming and mutilation of children is also causing anger.

Most gay and trans people are not on board with this grotesque movement to destroy as many children as possible. They want to be left alone just like the rest of us for the most part.

But they are being set up to take the fall for it as a group.

I very much hope that the people responsible for this like the Pritzker family are held to account for their disgusting attack on society and not little people like us who have issues with their sexuality.

But that is not how history has flowed in the past and I am not optimistic.

Old and slow said...

I'll say this for them; they aren't afraid to play offence!

Mike (MJB Wolf) said...

Whoever Fisking an article is named after should give up the title to Althouse. Her defense of the Times is and will be better than any defense the Time itself attempts.

Nice work, Begley.

PM said...

So much was relying on the scientific discovery of a gay gene.
After that failed to materialize, the focus is on fighting "hate".

Iman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leland said...

The patient zero argument seems like it should be used by those wanting to block children from going to a hospital to receive surgery. If they are not sick, then the surgery is elective and unnecessary for their health. They shouldn’t be using a hospital and they sure as hell gate shouldn’t be covered by health insurance. Using David Begley”s example comment “would you rather have a dead daughter or a living son”, if they are not sick, what is the threat to life?

Abdul Abulbul Amir said...

Frontal lobotomies were once all the rage also.

Roger Sweeny said...

Of all things, it makes me think of this recent article, 'You Are an Enemy of Mine,' Warns Bing AI to Tech Writer.

RideSpaceMountain said...


"Most gay and trans people are not on board with this grotesque movement to destroy as many children as possible. They want to be left alone just like the rest of us for the most part."

I take a small exception to the above, especially the last sentence. I don't think it's true. These people can't actually be left alone. Their entire existence relies on and revolves around other people at every juncture of their interaction with society.

They need people to talk to
They need people to affirm something is or isn't wrong with them
They need medication...for life
They need people to operate on them
They need people to acknowledge their self-actualization as they perceive it
They need a cottage industry custom-fucking designed for them to draw breath

They don't want to be left alone, they can't be left alone. Their very existence would be impossible WITHOUT the enabling forces in society that helped create them.

Regarding the first sentence, I take a slight exception. Gays and lesbians are absolutely on the hook for this shit. It started with them, and they and many people thereafter have taken their lifestyle choice to its logical and hideous conclusion. They made this transsexual pansexual pedophile Frankenstein and they are going to live with it. It comes from them and from their id.

I do not agree they are not onboard with this grotesque movement to destroy as many children as possible.

hawkeyedjb said...

Gender⁠-⁠affirming care, safe transition, gender⁠-⁠affirming surgeries... so many euphemisms for mutilation and sterilization. These should be abandoned in favor of the words that describe the actual, horrible, barbaric reality of what is being inflicted on children.

Lilly, a dog said...

Well done, Dave Begley!

The open letter's hostility is unsurprising. Open promotion of trans ideology is required by all "good" people. Its manufactured surge in popularity has become the most important part of the progressive faith.

Carol said...

"but then show up suddenly demanding immediate acceptance"

They went to work right after Obergefell, in boardrooms, conferences, nonprofits... deliberately low profile.

They bragged about how discreet they were.

It was all in the Abigail Schrier and Helen Joyce books.

gilbar said...

200 writers? So, this is FOUR TIMES more legitimate than the Hunter Biden laptop letter?
serious question: what is FOUR TIMES zero??

Dave Begley said...


Some gays and a trans man testified in favor of the NE Bill to protect kids. The trans man said it cost $1,000,000 for him to change from a woman to a man.

Lloyd W. Robertson said...

I guess I need more education on whether the progressive view is that gender is purely a matter of choice. Some "experts" apparently do old-fashioned tests of preference, with the assumption that girls like pink/hate baseball, boys like blue/love baseball. Different types of doll may be relevant. It seems unbelievable that this could go on today, but there is supposed to be a theory behind it that there is a "sexualized brain," even in children, that might somehow contradict the very evident sexualized body. The mysterious brain, understood in the crude stereotypes of the 50s, is more natural than the body. Or something.

There are reports in the UK that a high proportion of children who agree to all this have autism.

Dave Begley said...

Amadeus 48.

There was testimony that Sweden, Finland and the UK had stopped "gender-affirming" care for minors. Too many bad results.

lonejustice said...

Congratulations Dave Begley. Keep up the great work, and never let the bastards bring you down.

Dave Begley said...

The funny thing is that I interviewed for a job at Nebraska Medicine as associate counsel. If they would have hired me, no way would I have let the parents of minors consent to this experimental treatment. They knew I was a Creighton alum, so I had no realistic chance of being hired.

Hey Skipper said...

This is from the open letter:

These groups have identified trans people as an “existential threat to society”

Helpfully, the link to the source is in the letter. Here is what the Alliance Defending Freedom actually said:

Confusing a generation about biological reality is an existential threat to society. No society can thrive if it doesn’t understand the purpose of the body.

The authors of this letter are bald faced liars. Even Maureen Dowd would be embarrassed.

Heartless Aztec said...

I was a big supporter of the Stonewall generation - To quote my friend Ben from 1972 "We're out, loud and proud". But by 2023 the whole political ourve of the sexual panolopy is wearing a bit thin. No one really gives a rat's ass about how you live your life. Just go about it quietly for God's sake, have some decorum.

Václav Patrik Šulik said...

"punitive legislation"

Question - isn't all legislation punitive? Does that render it illegitimate?

BUMBLE BEE said...

I can see it now....
Did you suffer from "Gender Affirmative" surgery as a child?
You may be entitled to substantial compensation.
This will make Georgia Tann look like Mr. Rogers.

Dave Begley said...

For the record, the Nebraska Let Them Grow Act doesn't have any criminal penalties attached. Other states, however, do have criminal penalties. Violation of the NE law would result in medical license discipline. And it also creates a civil action which includes attorney's fees.

Daniel12 said...

Ann are you saying it's the Times' job to "show leadership" on the front page?

(Also why did you cut out the second paragaph of the letter, which relates to that very point? I understood you were publishing the letter in full, but you snuck that little ellipsis in there...)

Dave Begley said...


The spin from the Left was that if these kids don't get "gender-affirming" care right now, they will commit suicide.

But there was testimony that even after the gender switch, many do commit suicide.

This all started when the insurance companies were compelled to cover this stuff. Recent events driven by Obamacare per one of the doctors who testified for the bill.

Michael said...

In the matter of the very young wishing to transition I would ask the parent or the doctor if they would let the child get a tattoo.

mezzrow said...

Deftly executed, Althouse. Kudos to Dave Begley.

More of this.

Beasts of England said...

Fine work, Dave!

JaimeRoberto said...

If the Times really wanted to be unbiased, they'd stop calling it gender affirming care.

JohnDeere2Cylinder said...

Starting a sentence with an actual number shows a lack pf proper grammar. I always respected your use of grammar. What happened?

Rosalyn C. said...

I have to agree with RideSpaceMountain who said that for the most part the LGBTQIA+ "community" is fully in support of supporting trans youth in getting all the drugs and surgeries they dream of having, as soon as possible. If you don't agree you are not welcome. I stopped my involvement with the local "Diversity Center," when I became appalled at the way children were talking about "top surgery" like it was minor surgery and they were encouraged by older adults in this. No one was willing to suggest caution or offer other strategies for living. Even older people who experienced gender identity issues as youth, people who would clearly have something to offer, were shut down.

I don't know what a community is supposed to be like. The assumption I had was that a community is inclusive of people with some shared characteristic or geography, etc., but in this case it seems to be a politically organized group of people where people who disagree are banished. Detransitioners who have gone public are a very rare and brave bunch of humans, just as those gays who hold conservative political views are rare and brave.

TickTock said...

Thanks for your work on this Dave.

Yancey Ward said...

This should be a hard rule- you want this "gender-affirming care", be 18 years old.

Bryant said...

The newspaper’s editorial guidelines demand that reporters “preserve a professional detachment, free of any whiff of bias” when cultivating their sources, remaining “sensitive that personal relationships with news sources can erode into favoritism, in fact or appearance.”


Jupiter said...

"ramping up their attacks on trans young people...."

Like, with scalpels? If some asshole with a scalpel is attacking young people, I'm all for putting a stop to him. Where is the rotten bastard?

Lincolntf said...

Good Lord. I remember when calling Gay Marriage a slippery slope to widespread depravity was mocked by many. Well, here we are now. Sexual deviancy involving children, from Drag shows for 1st graders to the literal mutilation/amputation of pubescents genitalia is the required norm. Evil, right in our faces. And the intelligent among us knew it was the goal along. I suspect most of the Gay Marriage advocates knew that too, but they craved it. Well, done, Liberals.

Mike of Snoqualmie said...

"anti-trans hate groups" translates as anyone who isn't totally in sync with their viewpoint. This is a phrase that neobarbarians use to demonize the opposition to their transgender scam.

Jupiter said...

Wait, "seeding the discourse with those narratives"? Oh God, not that! Don't you just hate discourse seeding? Especially with those narratives. Ick!

Wince said...

Hell Gate sounds like a political scandal involving satanic activity.

Well, I guess, if the shoe fits...

William50 said...

When men attempt to build equality on any foundation other than God’s they end up in ethical and political nightmares. Gender identity is but one of these disasters, but it is perhaps the most apparent one. God created us male and female, not blank slates for personal choice.

tastid212 said...

I’m confused - are the 200 writers complaining that the Times is biased because it’s too objective? Because they’re reporting some people argue the transgender supporters are going too far too young? Or is their beef about something else?

n.n said...

This should be a hard rule- you want this "gender-affirming care", be 18 years old.

At minimum wait until she passes through the age of confusion and reaches the age of majority, whereupon she may make an informed choice. Unlike human rites, there is a human life... a whole person at stake. A civilized society should be wary of denying long-established science and unscrupulously corrupt body and mind so that a minority may enjoy vicarious, personal affirmation.

Iman said...

Activists and critics
All dance the poot

The rule of Lemnity said...

Proceed with caution. Mutilations are irreversible.

rehajm said...

When a few hundred lefties from a besmirched profession get out their crayons and stamps…

gilbar said...

tastid212 said...
I’m confused - are the 200 writers complaining that the Times is biased because it’s too objective?

Yes, Exactly.. There is NO PLACE in news media, for objective reporting. Their JOB to push agendas

RMc said...

The newspaper’s editorial guidelines demand that reporters “preserve a professional detachment, free of any whiff of bias”

Pull the other one.

madAsHell said...

Raquel Welch has left the building.

Dave Begley said...

I appreciate all the favorable comments above.

Mea Sententia said...

The open letter is a mixture of scorn, alarm, and righteousness. It reminds me of the reaction to the Tom Cotton essay: "You are literally putting lives in danger" (by publishing something we don't like).

BarrySanders20 said...

The Open Letter is like the ribbon x 10. Why arent you signing the letter, Ann? We and all of your colleagues have signed the letter, Ann. We know you're not an ally, because you have not enthusiastically signed already, but are you actually against us, Ann? Because that's what we have to conclude if you don't sign the letter, Ann.

Ambrose said...

Attacked from the left; this will help their image.

rhhardin said...

A quick read fails to tell whether the objectors are to the right or the left of the NYT, that is to say more normal or crazier.

Dude1394 said...

Wear the ribbon.

Jamie said...

These groups have identified trans people as an “existential threat to society”

Helpfully, the link to the source is in the letter. Here is what the Alliance Defending Freedom actually said:

Confusing a generation about biological reality is an existential threat to society. No society can thrive if it doesn’t understand the purpose of the body.

So, by the transitive property, trans people are confusing a generation about biological reality. And apparently the trans people and allies from the Letter know and acknowledge it.

traditionalguy said...

The common law crime of Mayhem being pushed as a medical treatment by the Medical Industrial Complex is the scandal.

I know several MD/ Surgeons who annually fly overseas at their own expense and spend weeks performing cleft pallet repair surgery on poor children. The day these Mayhem Criminal Castrators guys do their work on children for free is the day I will believe their fake diagnoses making them mega profits.

gpm said...

>>Whoever Fisking an article is named after should give up the title to Althouse.

I know enough to know that Fisk was the guy being Fisked, not the one doing the Fisking.


gpm said...

>> Keep up the great work, and never let the bastards bring you down.

Traditionally, it's "grind" you down."Illegitimi non carborundum . . . "


Bunkypotatohead said...

This is mutants vs the stochastic terrorists at the NYT in World War Trans. Mutants don't fuck around.

Walter S. said...

They are signers, not signees.

Walter S. said...

They are signers, not signees.

Tina Trent said...

Dave Begley, far right hate group member. Dave, you are a man of mystery.

I made an error in what I said before. It was not the Times but these activists creating the word salad. And salad isn't the right word either: this is an outright threat to destroy careers and lives, though it's nice to see Emily Bazelon come in for some of what she normally doles out.

The list of signatories is irritating. Is Lena Dunham a Times writer? Maybe she contributed an article once. But by failing to include their professional job titles, and by resorting to the irritation of listing their names in first-name alphabetical order, the signers are obfuscating. How many are actually writers actually employed by the Times? Which departments? How many are science and health writers? I didn't see many heavy hitters or serious reporters on that list, not even the most lefty and gay-rights preachers with the big names. There are actresses, cartoonists, freelancers, and lame cultural critics.

And isn't it funny that they don't include their preferred pronouns, though they constantly demand that we submit to them?

Also, what on earth do they mean when they say that "cis" people, that slur again, also require and uncritically deserve gender affirming surgeries as children? Are they talking about breast implants and nose jobs for girls wanting to feel more feminine? Advocating for double D silicone and Brazilian butt lifts for pre-teens who want curves? Are they claiming to speak for children with actual hormonal diseases being treated for those diseases? Talk about cultural appropriation -- of chronically ill children, no less.

If the Times thought they could stop the revolution they started by denying the Holomodor, then denying the destruction of minority families, then denying every reality of crime in America, then cheering leftist bombing, social unrest and violence, then catering to the .1% for ad sales while spewing specious socialism at the kulaks, then this letter is telling them they have failed.

Or maybe not, if the signatories just stop showing up for work.

If they actually work there at all.

iowan2 said...

I made this same comment this week about one of the posts

Calling me a hater for wanting to protect children is on you, not me.

I'm not against women's health care, I'm for protecting the most vulnerable people needing protection unborn babies. Sorry your march to make partner just got complicated.

Trans can fully participate in their fetish... after they are able to make their own medical decisions. But doctors sneaking around behind parents back taking a scalpel to kids, is where I draw the line.

I'm really good at ignoring things. Just let me. You cannot force me to participate in your mental illness.

guitar joe said...

What a badly written, poorly reasoned statement! If the Times had standards, any editor there would keep a list of the people who signed this letter on his or her desk and confidently reject, without even reading, any manuscript submitted by any of those writers.

boatbuilder said...

When I was 16, I believed that fighting in combat for one's country was the most courageous and important thing a young man could do, and if permitted and encouraged by society and my parents, and if I could muster the courage, and there was a war going on, would have signed up.

There are and were laws to prevent foolish teenagers from doing what they believe to be courageous.

Jordan Peterson often speaks about the "messianic phase" that most people go through in their teens, when whatever it is that they feel strongly about is by far the most important thing in the world. Most of the time they grow out of it.

That any medical professional--or parent or educator--can ignore this is pure madness.

rwnutjob said...

"far-right extremist groups and their analogues in state legislatures are ramping up their attacks on trans young people...."

Normal people are not falling for our bullshit.


Mike (MJB Wolf) said...

I know enough to know that Fisk was the guy being Fisked, not the one doing the Fisking.

This informative and erudite response triggered in my memory the name Andrew Sullivan. Was it him. Did excitable Andy do the original Fisking? (Now that I've put that down I'll go look it up.) Thanks for the hint Man!

Kirk Parker said...


Yes, Excitable Andy was the first.