December 6, 2022

Sunrise — 7:07.



Josephbleau said...

Put some brush strokes on it and I would have it over my mantle, Ms. Master of Arts.

MadTownGuy said...

Americans warned about looming IRS audits of Venmo payments: 'They're targeting you'

"The IRS issued a reminder last week to taxpayers who utilize third-party payment processors like Venmo and PayPal about changes to reporting income in an updated explainer on their website. These changes created by the American Rescue Act now require the platforms to report any transaction over $600.

"Joe Biden said no one under $400,000 would be targeted by his tax plan. This is going to hit people making nothing to millions, but it's going to hit the middle class," Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo said on "The Faulkner Focus" Tuesday. "This is wrong."

After the American Rescue Act was passed in March 2021, changes in the U.S. tax code and Internal Revenue Service rules added a new threshold for third-party payment processors. Beginning this tax year, Americans must be prepared to fill out a 1099-K form for any $600 transaction using online platforms.

Dave Begley said...

The walls are really closing on Trump.

Trump organization convicted in NY state court for tax fraud.

New Special Counsel working quickly. Indictment, trial and conviction in DC in 12-18 months.

Ron the Second will pardon Trump. Story over.

Lem the artificially intelligent said...

Met a self ident Republican at the polls this morning. He told me he couldn’t vote for Walker. ‘It’s about character, he said.

Georgia Senate runoff- link to up-to-date results

Gusty Winds said...

I'm a big fan of the birth of Jesus. Huge. Greatest day ever. I'm in hook, line, and sinker.

Why do I always feel like I'm looking down the barrel at another Christmas?

tim in vermont said...

LOL, James Baker was "vetting" the files before Matt Taibbi got his hands on them, and then Taibbi found no evidence of malfeasance by the FBI.

Twitter had hired Perkins Coie, the same law firm that got that Burisma thieving oligarch off the hook in Ukraine, though the good offices of Hunter and his Dad.

wildswan said...

Kanya Wests' antisemitic comments are unacceptable. Whether he wants to think or or not, those kinds of comments lead to pogroms and to the kind of persecutions the Jews suffered under Hitler. Sometimes I wonder, though, whether we don't quite understand what we are asking for when we ask members of the black community to overlook racist comments out of the past. For instance, consider Senator Robert Byrd of the KKK. "Byrd was ... a former organizer and member of the ... In the early 1940s, [he} recruited 150 people in West Virginia to form a chapter of the KKK.... Byrd was unanimously named “exalted cyclops”, which meant that Byrd was the top officer in the local klan... Byrd partook in a lengthy filibuster effort against the 1964 Civil Rights Act..." But the Senator Joe Biden spoke well of Byrd at his funeral. We say to Kanye it's Ok to speak well of Senator Byrd, he had a good side, he did good things, he was even able to change late in life. You have to get past these things.'

And Biden delivered a eulogy for Senator Strom Thurmond, noted supporter of segregation.
"As Thurmond’s 100th birthday approached, Biden honored him on the Senate floor, calling him “a constant force in this nation for the better part of a century.”
We tell Kanye and others in the black community that Biden was overlooking Strom Thurmond's racism and looking at the good. Kanye should get past it all and do the same.

But Hitler's different. Yes, he absolutely is. And Kanye shouldn't be forgiving him and talking about Hitler's humanity as Kanye is supposed to do for men who, in my lifetime and Biden's, supported lynching and segregation.

NorthOfTheOneOhOne said...

Just thought I'd chime in on the Moore Co., NC situation. I grew up around there; the area the substations are in is not too far from Pope AFB and the Ft. Bragg Military Reservation. Someone is trying to gauge a response or see how close they can get to a military installation.

It definitely wasn't over a drag show.

Drago said...

Dave Begley: "Ron the Second will pardon Trump. Story over."

If DeSantis doesn't start making clear that he is not a GOPe RINO-adjacent dude he will never even get close to winning in 2024.

He will be the US equivalent of the Tories who, just a few years after getting their biggest majority in a hundred years, rapidly abandoned all populist/working class/pro-Brexit policies and have openly embraced what they always were: Labour-lite. Thus, Labour is going to crush the tories in the next election. As in, devastating.

Meanwhile across the pond to the west, Mitch McConnell and his band of Merry Backstabbing GOPe-ers are doing their best to deliver as many dem political victories as possible before McCarthy becomes House leader (I'm assuming he will) at which time McCarthy will have to at least pretend he is not a pure McConnell/Luntz clone.

Doubtful he can pull that off.

By 2024 the republican base will see all the threats of subpoenas and investigations and conservative policy promises by the GOPe-er leadership were what they always were: transparent lies. It will be Ryan betraying us on the Wall, McCain betraying us on obamacare, and everything else they can betray us on.

And that will be that for 2024, and it won't matter what DeSantis or any republican says or does: the election fraud/ballot harvesting is now baked into the game, the DOJ/FBI are completely weaponized and I'm betting Ronna Romney-McDaniel fights off the insurgent campaign of Harmeet Dillon and holds the RNC chairmanship for another 2 years which will enable her to completely fail in every regard again.

Carol said...

"Americans must be prepared to fill out a 1099-K form"

They can't get anything right. The payor fills out the K-1 and sends it to the payee and copies the IRS.

They already do it for gig workers like Uber drivers. Now all those Etsy artisans and baseball card traders will no longer be flying under the radar.

It might cut down fencing of looted goods tho.

Mason G said...

"These changes created by the American Rescue Act now require the platforms to report any transaction over $600."

I believe 1099-K reporting is for "over $600 in aggregate for the year", not for an individual transaction over $600.

Gospace said...

So made today's visit to employee health. Tested positive- 3½ days since I came down with symptoms and a positive test. So they cleared me to return to work on Saturday for my normal shift- 8 days from disease onset. So, Inga, looks like horse medicine and Vitamin D work together to fight the dreaded covid.

How well do I feel? It's 2100 and I just gave up at the step of mounting my new 12" sliding compound miter saw to my new folding miter saw stand. Got the stand all assembled, then got to to mounting the locking feet to the miter saw, which requires lifiting in a awkward position, and decided my back has worked out enough for the day. Tomorrow is another day.

So about the covid strain I have- we can now be fairly certain it is very contagious, it's incubation period is 48 hours from exposure to symptoms, and if you're in reasonably good health- very survivable, with symptoms no worse then any bad flu or flu like disease you may have had in the past. WE have to assume my buddy was exposed the day before our Tuesday night meeting- or since he was doubly vaccinated and was lied to that that would keep him from getting covid, possible before that, since the vaccinated can be contagious without showing symptoms, which he showed the day after the meeting. Day after that- I had symptoms. Started both me and my wife on the I-CARE protocol as if we both had it. She developed symptoms 48 hours later, starting treatment early doesn't hurt. The reason I'm stating unequivocally this strain is very contagious is that both my wife and I had multiple CDC defined close exposures to the original covid strain before the vaccine that doesn't work was introduced and jump started the creation of hundreds of mutations faster then otherwise would have occurred. IMHO- prolonged the pandemic by doing so. Covid would be a non=problem if 1: we had let nature take it's course and 2: applied known therapuetics that work for other URIs to the dreaded covid instead of prohibiting and disparaging all treatments.

The I-CARE protocol from includes use of that horse medicine ivermectin. Now the government says, and even recommends, doctors prescribe a new and expensive anti-viral called Paxlovid, which combines two medicines, one an anti-HIV drug, made by Pfizer so Fauci gets his cut, and has numerous bad side effects, including death. It works as an anti-viral, reducing viral load, because it's a protease inhibitor. Ivermectin, with far fewer side effects, cheap, and OTC in much of the world, is, is, wait for it, is A PROTEASE INHIBITOR! And while doctors in the Free State of Florida are free to prescribe it, doctors in the Empire of New York under that noted medical expert Dictator Hochul and before that under that other noted medical expert Dictator Cuomo will lose their license to practive medicine if they do. I don't have a medical license to lose, and I have access to the internet and internationl pharmacies. I do need to order more now. Used most of my supply up.

At 67 for me, 65 for her, we are in a high risk category. So either the high blood level of Vitamin D in both of us before catching it, or immediate use of the I-CARE protocol, or both, has ensured we're doing as well as my more then 30 year younger friend. WHo doesn't do any of these things (that I know of). Questions that can now never be answered- if his immune system wasn't damaged from two vaccinations that don't work- would his younger fitter body have shrugged off the variant he caught and passed on to others?

gilbar said...

so, here's gilbar's $0.02
until the dems get a majority; they can NOT move Kamela up (because without a majority, they can't annoint the next VP).
But, once the dems get to 51 (next jan?); they will be able to tell Biden..
"Hey Joe, you're going to retire.. For your own good; get us? Your Own Good"
Then, Joe will either retire.. Or die, tragically; Probably from Covid-23
Then Kamela moves, up; they annoint the new VP.. And OBVIOUSLY, Kamela will decide to retire too.

So, IF they DON'T Get 51 Senate Seats.. They're STUCK with Biden.. At Least until late 2023
But IF/When they DO get 51... GOODBYE JO

effinayright said...

Anyone notice the physical contact between those two blonde Idaho murder victims in their photos?

Also the reports they slept in the same bed the night of the killings?

I'm guessing this a "Lesbian Love Triangle" case, with a jealous and/or spurned perp.

effinayright said...

Analyzing Kanye's ravings is pointless.

Shakespeare said it best :

" is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing."

Kanye is mentally disturbed. End of story. IIRC a character in "Deadwood" began as a preacher, and descended into madness. It happens. It's happening to Kanye.

(sorry for originally putting this in the wrong thread.)"

Gahrie said...

I had a student ask to leave my class to go to the bathroom today, and he returned with a combo meal from Jack in the Box he had had delivered by Doordash.

I felt like Mr. Hand.

Drago said...

A mixed bag evening for GOPe-er "hero" Mitch McConnell.

On the "win" side, Mitch can celebrate along with Schumer their shared victory over Walker in GA.

On the "loss" side, Mitch and his democratical allies have been forced to pull the astonishingly corrupt pro-legacy media/cartel JCPA bill out of the defense appropriations bill.

Not to worry, after selling out the republicans on a number of issues in the last month, Mitch still has plans to sell out the republican base on the omnibus budget bill, ukraine funding and DACA amnesty (he's already got Tillis lined up to help ram that one thru) while simultaneously making it clear that the Senate republicans will in no way allow anyone from either the House or Senate republican side to hold any democraticals accountable for anything.

The GOPe-ers proudly even declared Mayorkas off limits!!

All in all, objectively speaking, I'd say that's a pretty good day for the democratical/GOPe alliance. Particularly as the weaponized deep state prepares to go to full war against the republican base voters per Mitch's desires.

Baceseras said...

Wrong: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

Right: :"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't."

The point of the remark isn't about how something sounds, but how it is. Not that the thing is too-good-to-be-true, but that if it sounds-too-good / to-be-true, it isn't true.

(The "probably" is litotes -- as it's virtually unheard of something sounding that good proving to be true.)

There. Now that I've corrected the internet, job well done, pat myself on the back, I can sleep the sleep of the just.... Might even treat myself to vanilla wafers with my bedtime cocoa.

Lem the artificially intelligent said...

That's not even the Executive, it's just the Gold. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Readering said...

When is the last time the president's party made off year gains in races for both Governor (2) and Senate (1)?

Gunner said...

Can someone explain why Trump thought that he was good at picking Senate and House nominees? His cabinets stunk, mostly RINOS and people who hate him now. Mike Pence was the most worthless VP in recent history.

Mr. Majestyk said...

Warnock won a squeaker. Gee, what a surprise.

Tina Trent said...

Right as usual Drago. The mutual Party masturbation is even worse in Georgia for three reasons: poultry; other agriculture including pine and blueberries, and Koch Industries, the megalomaniac opens borders loons who take money out of our pockets every time another illegal crosses the border because we're the ones who pay for that family's living expenses through our Medicaid, Medicare, social security and property taxes, while they get another government subsidized customer for their over-valued energy products.

The big farmers, poultry mafia and the Kochs are the biggest welfare queens in America.

Do people even exist who are so stupid they think payroll and property taxes from the middle and working classes don't subsidize all illegals' living, schooling, housing and medical costs? I mean, outside of Reason Magazine and National Review?

As for Walker's lack of principles, I vote for issues, not candidates. But Warnock too is pretty filthy, as you can see, with footnotes, which I collated in a brief GOTV. But I know more than that. For 20 years I did politics within walking distance of his Church and with many of his colleagues. The King Center and Ebenezer Baptist have been untouchable slush funds for decades. Don't believe me: read honest leftists like former AJC editor Cynthia Tucker. Warnock's just another slick minister living large off his poor flock, with his own ugly history of family abandonment and abuse -- not to mention deep association with dictators like Castro through his long mentorship under former rioter and bomber Calvin Butts. Not that Warnock wants communism himself: he wants to get rich off the backs of the poor and taxpayers like Butts did.

The "citizen activists" and pseudo-libertarians in Georgia who temper-tantrumed away three Senate seats in a row to the democrats need to take their toys home, stick their principle binkies in their pie holes, and stop pretending they know how to do politics. They're not too good for it: they're too gullible and too bad at knowing how to fight.

tim in vermont said...

Can anybody tell my why we are intervening in Syria? Why did we invade that country? Why isn't Assad the rightful ruler of all of Syria and why don't we respect that? Because, as I understand it, when somebody intervenes in a civil war in a sovereign country, like in Ukraine to pick an example out of the air, that somebody is supposed to leave immediately, and let the chips fall where they may inside of that sovereign country's borders.

Maybe somebody can tell me why we intervened in Libya? Was it because of the deaths of thousands of civilians in a civil war? Because that's what was going on in Ukraine, right on Russia's border.

I have a lot more respect for people who just admit that the whole farce is a coverup for an undeclared war against Russia that nobody asked the American people about, and that all of this caterwauling about an "unprovoked invasion," is just sop for the rubes.

BUMBLE BEE said...

Follow the money...
Thirteen Million to Dems? Chump change!

Joe Biden Is Corrupt said...

Gunner - good questions. I suspect 3-D chess.

Friendo said...

I like the photo - seems slightly foreboding to me

Rusty said...

Good to hear. My experience wasn't as severe as yours. More like a bad lingering cold. Now go make stuff.

Iman said...

Thanks for the chuckle, Gahrie!

Gospace said...

This is what actual religious discrimination looks like:
The restaurant wasn't asked to bake a pro-life cake,
The restaurant wasn't asked to bake a cake celebrating traditional marriage as opposed to the fake same sex marriage cake.
The restaurant was asked to do one thing- sit and feed people from their menu. And refused because they disagreed with the groups beliefs. If it had been a BLM group- the owners would already be in jail held without bail.

They needed to do absolutely nothing to violate their own beliefs to serve food to a group they opposed. Of course, it's now unsafe for any Christian to eat there because of the likelihood their food will be poisoned or tampered with.

Michael K said...

I have a lot more respect for people who just admit that the whole farce is a coverup for an undeclared war against Russia that nobody asked the American people about, and that all of this caterwauling about an "unprovoked invasion," is just sop for the rubes.

Plus, of course, 10% for the Big Guy.

Mike of Snoqualmie said...

Gospace said:

"How well do I feel? It's 2100 and I just gave up at the step of mounting my new 12" sliding compound miter saw to my new folding miter saw stand. Got the stand all assembled, then got to to mounting the locking feet to the miter saw, which requires lifiting in a awkward position, and decided my back has worked out enough for the day. Tomorrow is another day."

I had the same problems mounting my DeWalt SCMS. The saw is BIG and heavy. Getting a grip on it and getting it to mate to the stand is difficult, especially trying to do it yourself. Afraid to drop the saw. I had help from someone to finally mount it. It's a lot easier with two people.

Great saw. Love it. Though it identifies as non-binary, and it prefers I use "they/them" pronouns. But, since I'm the boss, I'll continue to refer to it as "it."