November 6, 2022

When a Hollywood movie shows an Arab country.

@rudyayoub Didn’t expect this lmao #guitar #middleeast #hollywood #guitarist #music #musican ♬ original sound - RudyAyoub


gilbar said...

Oh My GOD!!! i've SEEN that movie!!! it was terrible

Joe Biden Is Corrupt said...

Formula. They nailed it.

Why hollywood is so sucky.

Jamie said...

Heh, indeed.

ElPresidenteCastro said...

They don't call it the "Arabic Scale" for nothin'.

gilbar said...

the world is a Bog place
Every American Romcom Set in Ireland

stlcdr said...

I’ve seen that movie, too! About 57 times!

CWJ said...

Made my day.

ex-madtown girl said...

Haha, I don’t always watch the Tik Toks you post, but I’m glad I watched this one. Very true!

gilbar said...

i meant 'big place", as in: It's not just arabia that is stereotyped..
But, thinking more about the emerald isle... bog place seems okay

Wince said...

Team America captured much of this Hollywood trope.

"Fear not, Muslim friends, we're here to find terrorists. I'm clearing your minds of all anxiety."

cassandra lite said...

I laughed.

Then I remembered that right after 9/11 Paramount changed the antagonists of Tom Clancy's The Sum of All Fears from Islamists to neonazis.

AZ Bob said...

My heart says it would like to visit the Middle East but my head says it would like to remain attached to my shoulders.

stunned said...

This clip depicts how American public and American politicians understand the whole world. It doesn't matter whether it's a muslim country, China, Russia or Ukraine. Too ignorant to vote, too ignorant to develop/fix their foreign policy aims. What else is new? Nada.

madAsHell said...

Most people don't understand, the evening news is a formula as well.
1. OMG....the sky is falling.
2. Salvation is here, but it's gonna cost you more.
3. Tear jerker story with kittens, and puppies.
4. Sports.

Lurker21 said...

That is very funny. And true. Would it be nice if all our ethnic conflicts were played out in comedy, rather than in abuse and overt attack? If it ever does happen, don't be too hard on the satirists. They sugar what would otherwise be a bitter pill, or something much worse.

The opening notes, though, almost made me think "Spain." You can hear that there was some influence there.

J said...

Meme stereotypes are shortcutss.And sometimes shortcuts get you very lost.

J said...

Does anybody in their country like to think that Spain ,Balkans, and Sicily dress conventions are cultural holdovers from being at times Muslim territory?

The Cracker Emcee Refulgent said...

Hilarious and accurate,

Slightly off topic, some time ago I was naively ceded control of the office Muzak (via YouTube Music). It’s become a fun struggle to find fresh music that is work place-appropriate and won’t offend the delicate sensibilities of other employees wandering by. Also, that won’t drive me batshit. I’ve discovered that I have a tolerance for the cello of not more than three minutes. I do enjoy the Spaghetti Western and Space Rock Instrumental channels but, alas, they’re not for everybody.

Anyway, listening to the Spanish Guitar channel I was struck by how strong the Middle Eastern influence in the genre is. Not surprising given the Umayyad conquest and all that, but thought-provoking to note the long arc from Muhammad to what you might hear in your local Tex-Mex joint.

stlcdr said...

Blogger Lurker21 said...

The opening notes, though, almost made me think "Spain." You can hear that there was some influence there.

11/6/22, 12:06 PM

Or…Mexico? The same recipe works there, too.

Achilles said...

That is good.

Saint Croix said...

ha ha ha

The kingdom of Qatar bought some ad space in the World Series, I forget what game it was.

Lot of fucking water and beaches in Qatar!

I was like, "shit, man, Qatar for my honeymoon!"

It was all swimming pools, movie stars.

They might have spent some money on this shit, too.

Oil billionaires going, "Make us look good!"

Dude, that's how billionaires get orange hair. Don't spend too much. Things get wacky.

I don't want to say lipstick on a pig, but it took a couple of years for his hair to normalize. And his skin. Now he looks pretty good. You know, for his age.

That's what Qatar should shoot for. Normal.

I doubt my wife will be on board, though. Have to hide her face and shit, right? I can maybe pull off some sort of Handmaid Tale fantasy tour, but heads up, it's a sexy costume and there's definitely skin showing, I think. Ankles, maybe? Her forehead? Plus am I going to have to buy seven fucking Handmaid Tale costumes?

Can I wear shorts?

I have a lot of questions about Qatar, all right, and not a lot of trust. Just saying.

Y'all got AC?