November 23, 2022

Quiet. Too quiet.


n.n said...

Björk - It's Oh So Quiet

It's oh, so quiet, shh, shh
It's oh, so still, shh, shh
You're all alone, shh, shh
And so peaceful until

You fall in love, zing boom
The sky up above, zing boom
Is caving in, wow bam!
The sky caves in
The devil cuts loose
You blow, blow, blow
Blow, blow your fuse, ahh!
When you fall in love

ConradBibby said...

Then there's this variation:

Character 1: Do you hear that?
Character 2: I didn't hear anything.
Character 1: That's what I mean!

Readering said...

A bunch of comedies. Would have preferred unironic uses from golden age.

John Mac said...

No one has commented yet. It's quiet in here...too quiet.

rrsafety said...

TMNT show with all the best lines.

FullMoon said...

Biden doing Thanksgiving at some billionaires joint.
Wonder what people say about him when he is gone? Do they believe his b.s. stories about how smart, tough, and intelligent he is? Or do they laugh, shake their heads and say "That guy is so full of shit, his eyes turned brown.."

Nancy said...

This guy lived in a lighthouse and every night at midnight a loud cannon would go off. One night it didn't fire, and he leaped up out of bed exclaiming "What was that?"

rcocean said...

I tried to think of some movie examples (unironic) and couldn't come up with any. The closest I can come up with is "The drums fall silent" trope which occurs in several old timey adventure stories Like "Five came back" or "Zulu". I'm sure the "Quiet. Yeah, too quiet" was used on some TV Western given there a zillion of them in the 50s and early 60s.

rcocean said...

IT sure is loud out there.

Yeah, puts hands over ears, too loud.

Doesn't have quite the zing.

Readering said...

FullMoon: I get it. When they notice he's gone they say, It's quiet [next line to be added to taste].

exhelodrvr1 said...

Quiet as a moss mouse?

Ryan said...

Nobody ever says this in real life. Or in a David Mamet screenplay because then THE SCENE WOULD BE A CROCK OF SH*T.

Tommy Duncan said...

So listen very carefully
Closer now and you will see what I mean
It isn't a dream
The only sound that you will hear
Is when I whisper in your ear
"I love you forever and ever"

oldirishpig said...

No John Wayne in Red River?! Barbarians.

Mikey NTH said...

So the Great Hunter goes on safari and as he and his native bearers go into the jungle they hear drums. This goes on without stop for three days and nights and finally the hunter says to his guide "Will these drums never stop? "
"No bwana," the guide replied. "If the drums stop it is very bad."
"What could be worse," the hunter cried.
The guide looked him in the eyes and said "The bass solo."

Howard said...

As quiet as a mouse pissing on moss.

Achilles said...

Is this in reference to the Colorado shooting incident where the story was suddenly memory holed after certain facts surfaced?

Will Cate said...

The robot is my favorite: "Exactly the precise amount of quiet."

FullMoon said...

For me, exceptional quiet is when baby is sleeping in other room. I am up every hour checking..

Saint Croix said...

ha ha ha

precisely the right amount of quiet

fucking AI!

Saint Croix said...

"It's quiet"

"Now it's too loud because I'm talking."

"Now it's too quiet."

"Except that I keep damn talking."

"It would be too quiet if I wasn't talking out loud."

"It really is quiet though."

"I should text this shit so you could hear how quiet it is."

Lem Former Twitter Aficionado said...

“The perfect joke would be when the punchline and the setup are almost identical” - Norm McDonald

link to Norm SNL weekend update video

effinayright said...

I think it was Frank Zappa who said his idea of musical hell was ""Caravan" with a drum solo."

lonejustice said...

Three quiet. It's one more than too quiet.