September 28, 2022



This may look like a nondescript sunrise, but it was unique in the 1,000+ sunrises I have witnessed. Just a second or 2 or 3 before I took this shot, I saw the sunrise completely green. This must have been the "green flash" I've heard about!


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Lem Former Twitter Aficionado said...

From an earlier post: "We can use terms successfully not because we know much about the referent but because we’re linked to the referent by a great social chain of communication.”

For example.

I used the line from the movie Jaws, "we're going to need a bigger boat", in a comical way at my AA meeting earlier tonight, talking about the concept of "a higher power". Listeners pick up on it and ran with it. When a plane crashes into the ocean, it was said to have gone into the drink, and so it goes.

I'm always reluctant to share at meetings because I never quite get across what i want to say, how i want to say it, like it sounds my own mind. Using movie lines works, because what that professor said up above, at the beginning of this comment.

Lem Former Twitter Aficionado said...

Good news. It looks like the Oops glitch has been... mitigated. Nothing on the intertubes is really ever fixed.

BudBrown said...

Green flash. At dawn? Aren't the green flashes a sunset thing I've never seen?

Unknown said...

The green flash is spectacular and you are lucky indeed to have seen it! I saw it once in 1978 and the image is still vivid in my memory. It is very rare: conditions have to
be just right, the air very clear & the horizon very flat. Congratulations!

Mike (MJB Wolf) said...

Seeing the flash is a cool thing. I imagine that the sunrise outside your frame, as well as your observance of it before and after the photos is just as beautiful if not more so. Sandy and I cherish the time we get to spend watching the abundant wildlife around us. Our home borders a swath of wild land that runs through two SoCal counties. With the late heat wave we’re enjoying (enduring is more like it) the roadrunners have been very active and we watch them hunt snails in our African daisies and crack them on the pool deck to get the meat. The more we observe them the more we appreciated the old cartoon. Roadrunners do chase each other around and the way they move their feet and leave clouds of dust when they take off was captured by those animators.

Unknown said...

To Budbrown--it's true that the green flash is usually associated with sunsets, maybe because more people see sunsets that see sunrises, but in terms of the physics/optics of the situation sunset and sunrise are really the same.

Lem Former Twitter Aficionado said...

Fun Fact: The west has broken most if not all the post-coldwar promises and agreements made to the then Soviet Union in exchange for the end of that Soviet Union.

A guest of Joe Rogan explains how the fuck we are making nuclear war great again

traditionalguy said...

Peter Navarro reads his new book Taking Back Trump’s America on Audible. Very interesting point of view about 2016 and the next 4 years. Worth the credit spent.

Earnest Prole said...

Just a second or 2 or 3 before I took this shot, I saw the sunrise completely green.

I drank four bottles of bourbon last night, then hooked up with 4 chicks at the same time, then Donald Trump came to my house and gave me a million dollars.

Lurker21 said...

Yes, it was strange to realize that sunsets weren't just orange, but also had green in them. It shouldn't have been so strange. Yellow sun and blue sky ought to provide some green. Sunrises are similar, though I never noticed when I was up that early.

The Green Ray was a novel by Jules Verne and a film by Eric Romer. It wasn't the same story, but a lot of people in the Rohmer film talked about the novel and the green ray and waited on the shore at sunset to see the optical effect.

Susan in Seattle said...

I've seen the green flash several times but always at sunset. This photo calls to mind open water swimming: inviting; wide-open; the promise of a new day after a good swim; a little choppy but manageable.

dande said...

Congratulations Ann. I have seen the green flash twice. Once on the coast of Maine at sunrise. The other time, a few years ago, was at Point Lobos, California at sunset. Both sightings were shockingly beautiful and are still seared in my memory.

Andrew said...

There's a nice green flash here (although at sunset):

There are others on YouTube. What a beautiful phenomenon.

tim in vermont said...

There is absolutely an Overton Window, and when the evidence leads beyond it, most people will prefer to believe comforting lies to following it further. The purpose of the repetition is to affect these judgment calls, I know reasonable people who believed Russian collusion because “they wouldn’t talk about it so much if it wasn’t true.”

Humperdink said...

Per the Howard News Service, in an effort to continue his bipartisan crusade, President Biden has emailed a luncheon invitation to congressperson Lazarus Walorski.

MadTownGuy said...

We saw the green flash in Hawaii some years ago and it was a marvel.

MadTownGuy said...

Joe Biden Asks About Whereabouts of Congresswoman Who Died

"At a White House conference on nutrition and hunger in America on Wednesday, President Joe Biden looked for Representative Jackie Walorski, an advocate for the issue during her time in office. “Jackie, are you here?” Biden asked. “Where’s Jackie? She was going to be here.” But Walorski was not in attendance: In August, the Indiana Republican and two of her aides were killed in a head-on collision on a highway outside South Bend."

wendybar said...

“Epps is the one person seen on video directing people towards the Capitol seconds before violence broke out, yet he has never been arrested or charged with any crime while more than 800 others have and countless more remained jailed.”

Kai Akker said...

I skipped this article by Michael Anton on the website. Then I skipped it a second time when Mrs. X linked to it in a thread yesterday or the day before. But I went back to look at that thread a second time and finally had the patience to go read it. I don't know if Anton always has such good points, but the few times I've read him (2016 being the most famous moment on the Flight 93 election) he has been worth it. This one, a speech, even has a pretty good opening joke. Thank you, Mrs. X.

Jersey Fled said...

"Where’s Jackie?"

A very profound question, actually.

Whiskeybum said...

The green flash is caused by atmospheric conditions with the sun at a very low angle to the observer. Specifically, the line of sight must be completely unobstructed (that's why this phenomenon is most often seen over large bodies of water), and a mirage must be present. A mirage is a refractive inversion of the light, and this condition allows the green wavelength to be the dominant one (as opposed to blue from Rayleigh scattering or red from direct low-angle passage through the thicker atmosphere). Think of the mirage on a desert road - it is a very thin atmospheric inversion at the surface of the road. Likewise, this mirage phenomenon can happen right where the sun is setting if the conditions are right (mainly, a temperature inversion). During that instance of the sun passing through the mirage zone, the green light dominates... but it only lasts as it passes through the thin mirage zone.

Christopher B said...

So Biden turns a White House signing ceremony into an impromptu seance, leading me to suspect even the Democrats know they need to warm up the 25th Amendment machinery.

They have a serious timing problem, however. They will likely lose control of at least one if not both chambers in November 2022, effective 3 January 2023. But in order to have a shot at two full terms, Harris needs to be installed after 21 January 2023.

I have to wonder if shortly after Thanksgiving there will be an announcement that Biden is going to step down effective late January 2023 with the delay excused as allowing an orderly transition to President Harris over the holidays, and that the Democrats in the lame-duck Congress are going to prospectively confirm a VP for when Biden actually vacates the Oval Office.

tim in vermont said...

The pipeline divides Europe, it exposes Ukraine and central Europe to Russian manipulation and coercion, it goes against Europe’s own stated energy goals.” - Zelensky in Le Figaro, March 2021

At this time Zelensky called Luhansk and Donbas "occupied territories," though basically their crime was refusal to go along with the 2014 coup.

Poland in April 2021 buzzed and harassed the pipe laying ships with its airforce and Navy

in 2015, an explosives laden underwater drone was found in a safety survey of the pipelines. Owner of this drown has never been disclosed, but certainly NATO knows who owns it.

But yeah, Russia threw away all of these strategic advantages and tens of billions of dollars as a P.R. stunt, when we know that they can overthrow governments with just $50K worth of Facebook ads showing Hillary wrestling with Jesus.

Mike (MJB Wolf) said...

Sadly Tim, we likely did it more to further Biden’s bloody Green Transition Fantasy than as retaliation for the Ukraine invasion. They want a violent painful (for us) revolutionary change away from the oil-based economy that powered our economy for over one-hundred years.

Achilles said...

Christopher B said...

I have to wonder if shortly after Thanksgiving there will be an announcement that Biden is going to step down effective late January 2023 with the delay excused as allowing an orderly transition to President Harris over the holidays, and that the Democrats in the lame-duck Congress are going to prospectively confirm a VP for when Biden actually vacates the Oval Office.

They have to push Harris out first. She is not an obedient puppet and everyone dragging the Biden marrionette around hates her.

Additionally she is too stupid to realize she is too stupid to be president.

And the only individual more unpopular in american politics is Kamala Harris.

Biden is just demented. They have some sort of excuse for his stupidity. Harris's word salads would be truly embarrassing to the Democrat party.

Harris is obviously only a democrat leader because she sucked democrat men's dicks. She has no other redeeming qualities. She got zero votes in the DEMOCRAT primary.

Achilles said...

Everyone in the world knows that the Biden administration bombed the pipeline.

They are the only people in the world that benefit from it.

Even most Americans are going to pay for the Biden Regime warmongering.

Achilles said...

Jordan Peterson responds to Olivia Wilde's incel comments.

He also mentions driving the cost of a bachelors degree from 160000$ to 4000$.

Howard said...

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Lem Former Twitter Aficionado said...

Looks like my link to Joe Rogan clip was bad.

Let’s try copy pasta to your browser this time…

Achilles said...

Orders of magnitude more people are watching this video than reading the NYT's or watching MSNBC.

The people of the United States know who the warmongers are.

They know why the Bidens started this war with Russia.

They know that Ukraine is just a slush fund for the DC crooks and this war is just to protect their rice bowl.

Achilles said...

This is an amusing segment.

It demonstrates how and why the globalists are distraught about Meloni.

Meloni has put her finger on a core problem with the globalist view of the world and what the leftists want for people.

And she is quite eloquent in verbalizing her view. The more I watch her the more I am impressed.

DINKY DAU 45 said...

Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) came out in favor of the Electoral Count Reform and Presidential Transition Improvement Act, sending a strong signal about its prospects. And shortly thereafter, he joined with nearly all Republican members of the Senate Rules Committee to advance the bill to the full Senate.20-30 Republicans and some Maganites getting on board.To be continued.

DanTheMan said...

Congratulations, Ann. I've looked for the green flash hundreds of times, and have never managed to see one.

One of these days.... :)

TheOne Who Is Not Obeyed said...

I do find it amusing that the people who are cheering for Russia are twisting themselves into knots to figure out how to put a vast conspiracy together such that the US is to blame for the pipeline sabotage. The easiest, most straightforward answer is that the Ukes did it. But no one seems to want to go with that one.

The funniest part is watching people like Tim and Achilles (and various pundits) take their wild assumptions as facts and stretch interpretations of tweets beyond the logical stretching point, all to come up with this wild confabulation that the US government is so vastly corrupt and so amazingly competent - and this includes the US military, by the way - that they blew up the pipelines simply to protect their graft.

The problem with all of these Russian-supporting "the US did it!" conspiracies is they presume waaaaaaaaaay too much competence and cooperation on the part of the various branches of the US government.

The beauty of the Russian-causal theory is that all it requires is the Russians to make a bad decision. Something they have been very, very prone to doing all through this little episode with Ukraine.

Drago said...

TheOne Who Is Not Obeyed: "I do find it amusing that the people who are cheering for Russia are twisting themselves into knots to figure out how to put a vast conspiracy together such that the US is to blame for the pipeline sabotage."

It's actually the other way in terms of logic and pretzeling.

And, of course, there is always the "cheering for Russia" smear that has to be added.

Here we have the intersection of the neocons/New Soviet Democraticals/DeepStaters/Grifters, and they seem quite proud of it.

PM said...

Whiskeybum @ 7:21
Yeah, that's what I thought.

rhhardin said...

Leftist pro fee speech support of Amy Wax Loury and Bazalon her abhorrent views should be allowed to be heard so that they're refuted.

What in the world makes her think they'd be refuted. No refutation is offered.

CharlieL said...

No sunrise is "nondescript". It's a cause for celebration.

wendybar said...

During the interview, Chelsea Clinton said that her family was the reason Fox News was created. (Maybe because the American people were sick and tired of getting lied to by Progressive stations that were all Liberal leaning and protected Rapists like your father) Notice what channel is #1?? When all the rest of them repeat propaganda, people change the channel.

Lurker21 said...

I will try to read the Michael Anton article sometime. I'd like America to be a functioning 21st century society. Conservatives can help do that, but it seems like they are aiming at much more -- or much less -- than that.

wendybar said...

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi dismantles Don Lemon’s effort to ‘weaponize weather in a phony climate war’

Joe Bastardi
Don Lemon is clueless. I outlined 10 days before why a major impact hurricane was coming to Fla
He grew up in Fla..?? He must not know their history (shock) so let me school him 16 majors in 50 yrs. ending 1965 6 since then
They weaponize weather in phony climate war
12:20 AM · Sep 29, 2022

NOAA HURDAT database and tabulated all 15 hurricanes to landfall in Florida as a C4 or 5. In the sample, 10 occurred at or before 1960, five of which made landfall between 1945 and 1950. Those saying it's the “new norm” are full of crap.

tim in vermont said...

You know what I'm cheering for? To keep the US of A out of Old World blood feuds and to avoid WWIII. A lot of that has to do with looking at the history of this conflict, which did not start in Feb, or even 2014. If it's "cheering" for a strategic rival just by tying to understand his motives, and wrong to examine my own country's motives, then I may as well live in a totalitarian country.

tim in vermont said...

BTW, I don't think "The US did it." I think that the CIA may have known about it, but I think it was Poland, and perhaps Ukraine along for the boat ride. It certainly wasn't Russia, it makes zero sense, and you need look no further than Zelensky's own description of the strategic threat that the pipeline posed to know why.

The best argument that it was Russia is that if the people ever found out who really did it, and it was anybody but Russia, the whole coalition will be blown apart. Therefore it's traitorous to believe that it was anybody but Russia, even though anything Russia gained, it could also have gained by simply turning off the taps, and unrest in europe over the sanctions was growing by the week, and waiting for it to grow and do its work, while having the ability to simply turn the gas back on when the situation was ripe... Which is what Zelensky said a year ago April, that he feared.