September 24, 2022

An overcast sunrise today.


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Andrew said...

Hi Ann,
Go Bucks.
14-0 at the moment of writing.
Perhaps the clouds are prophetic.

Lurker21 said...

The Northman tells the story of Amleth, a Scandinavian prince whose uncle kills his father and marries his mother and Amleth's plans for revenge. That sounds strangely familiar somehow.

If you like blood, gore, grime, carnage and filth, you will love it. Alexander Skarsgard fits into the lead role well, being Scandinavian, a vampire and the son of Sweden's Liam Neeson, but Nicole Kidman, Ethan Hawke, and Willem Dafoe are a little out of place in the Viking world.

Dave Begley said...

Badgers down 21-0.

gspencer said...

"BREAKING NEWS - This just in, the Queen is still dead"

"Get more details with Action News at 11"

Andrew said...

I stand corrected. 28-0. Still time for Wisconsin to turn it around, though.

Lem Former Twitter Aficionado said...

Here's an idea. Bring back Jack Nicholson to make a comercial for the democrats, asking women to vote for making abortion great again.

traditionalguy said...

After 2 years ASO is back in business. Tonight we heard Mozart piano concerto no18and Rachmaninov symphonic dances. And much to our surprise at the beginning the entire audience stood up for The Star Spangled Banner. These elite Atlantans all stoop up. It seemed that I was the only one who knew the words. So I made sure they heard them.

Howard said...

Rode from Providence to Bristol and back today. 34-miles on a 20-yo Gary Fisher Yahoo. Still rolls like a dream. Fantastic bike path on Narragansett Bay. Perfect weather, the headwinds going back weren't too bad. Everyone who was out and about was chill and friendly. Lunch in Bristol was tasty, blackened salmon with veggies and chili aioli wrapped in nan like a big taco, capped off with a strong mug of Guatemalan French press. The ponds are getting colder. Tomorrow maybe the last wild swim of the season without a wetsuit. Life is Good

Roger von Oech said...

Yeah, baby!

Buckeyes up big late in the 3rd quarter.

I bet Meade is digging this!

Buckwheathikes said...

"Life is Good"

Bro, you ended up back in Providence, RI.

Your life is not good.

Caroline said...

Traditionalguy: lovely.

walter said...

Got the bivalent booster in your quest for health?

Owen said...

Bristol RI has the Herreshoff Museum. Gorgeous wooden boats designed by a genius. He maintained control of his hull designs by not using drawings but only wooden models from which builders could take dimensions using calipers and transfer them to the frames of the boat as they built it.

tim in vermont said...

Read about what was written about Ukraine in 2014, you can notice here that it was a given that these were nazis we were backing.

The New York Times was full of stories about Ukrainian nazis back then too. Doubtless Maureen Dowd never reads her own newspaper, it would harsh her war buzz.

Howard said...

Thanks Owen. I'm definitely hitting the Herreshoff Museum next time.

Of course I got the latest clot shot, Walter. I have had great luck being a medical guinea pig before so why stop now? Got the flu shot at the same time. Didn't miss a single workout or adventure.

You are probably right Buckwheatcakes. India Point park is the only stop we made in Providence.

Howard said...

Roger: from afar, your Avatar looks like Coach Jim Harbaugh.

Humperdink said...

Wow, just saw a film clip of Beto O'Skateboard and Gov. Ozzie Newsome decrying the Dems handling of the border crisis. Where did this occur? In the New York Times offices? Ah, no. In front of the WaPoo editorial board? Nope. It occurred at Tribune Festival in Austin, Texas.

Andrew said...

Ann, is there a way to insert gifs into the blog comments?

Ann Althouse said...

"Ann, is there a way to insert gifs into the blog comments?"

No, thankfully. And if there were, I would switch it off.

Narr said...

Sounds great, Trad Guy. The MSO has been performing since last fall. They did Beethoven's Ninth in the spring, and played both the SSB and the Uke anthem.

I stood for the SSB of course.

John Pilger as a source? Tim.

wildswan said...

Ukrainian War Humor
This refers to the fact that Russian oligarchs and others have had accidents due to being too close to windows.

Michael McNeil said...

… is there a way to insert gifs into the blog comments?

One can always upload your pic to (e.g.) Flickr, then put an (html, please!) link to it in your comment. The reader(s) then have the option of following the link or not.

MadTownGuy said...

No link as the article is behind the Epoch Times (yeah, I know) paywall, but whether or not you like Epoch Times, it's worth reading because as far as I know it's it being reported elsewhere.

"Newsom Is Pushing Hideous New Extreme Abortion Bills: Lawyer

The executive director of a law firm trying to stop a California bill that he says will enable infanticide has criticized billboards paid for by the campaign of California Gov. Gavin Newsom which promote abortion with Bible quotes.

Newsom, a Democrat, announced on Sept. 16 that he had launched the billboards in Texas, Indiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and three more of what he called “the most restrictive anti-abortion states.”

The billboards encourage women to seek abortions in California, with some including a Bible verse from Mark 12:31, in which Jesus is quoted as saying: “Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no greater commandment than these.”

“To any woman seeking an abortion in these anti-freedom states: [California] will defend your right to make decisions about your own health,” Newsom wrote on Twitter alongside images of the designs of each billboard.

The move has been denounced by Jordan Sekulow, the executive director of the American Center for Law and Justice, a constitutional law firm urging Newsom not to sign an abortion bill, AB 2223, which has gone to his desk.

“Governor Newsom has taken it upon himself to be the ambassador of abortion in America, inviting others to come to California to have abortions,” Sekulow wrote in a blog post.

“But while it’s obnoxious to post billboards in other states, he goes a step further into pure evil,” he added. “The most depraved part is that the very same billboards quote and twist the words of Jesus Christ in order to promote the killing of unborn children in abortion.”

Sekulow said he finds it “hard to imagine” that Newsom loves God when he “advocates for legally killing babies after they’re born.

MadTownGuy said...

Link to the aforementioned bill pending Gov. Newsom's review:


Introduced by Assembly Member Wicks
(Principal coauthor: Assembly Member Mullin)
(Coauthors: Assembly Members Bauer-Kahan, Bennett, Berman, Bryan, Cristina Garcia, Haney, Jones-Sawyer, Kalra, and Santiago)
(Coauthors: Senators Gonzalez and Wiener)

February 15, 2022