August 12, 2022

Sunrise — 5:48, 5:50, 5:56, 5:59.





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farmgirl said...

I love the texture!

Lem Ozuna from the Braves said...

Plucked from the Headlines: A South Carolina woman succumbed to her injuries after being impaled by a runaway beach umbrella, People reported.

Tammy Perreault, 63, was sitting at a local beach when the rogue umbrella flew into the air and then punctured her upper torso. Bystanders did their best to administer medical aid, but unfortunately, they were unsuccessful and Perreault died soon after at the hospital.

Link to story

Josephbleau said...

I may be having a bad day, due to supply chain problems (caused by Trump of course), but in your photos I am beginning to feel like I am in Baptist Heaven. Yea, rapturous, sure. But that does not get my BP above 115/65 anymore. Hi God, what's shaking.

Human happiness is-- victory in tooth and claw and reproduction. Conan was correct after all.

Inga said...

I don’t know which one I like best, the first or the second, the first I think. The dark skies over the glow is usually more striking.

On another note, one just has to laugh, Vos fired Gableman after wasting taxpayer money on a bogus investigation into voter fraud. Trump is probably too preoccupied to opine on the firing of Gableman.

Maynard said...

The usual lefty suspects seem to be turning on you, Althouse. That is my surmise based on the past few days comments. Of course, they always get upset when they imagine you are going conservative.

There is a similar phenomenon on the Jonathon Turley blog which I strongly recommend.

It seems as if being a traditional liberal (not mugged by reality) is not good enough these days. We must be good loyal Soviets.

rhhardin said...

Searle, somewhere in the lectures on The Philosophy of Mind, related a picture in a German museum, a well dressed man, his wife, and his daughter seated at a table, titled The Admonishment. The man has admonished the daughter for something, and the wife is looking on but not participating. Goethe apparently offered that description of the painting.

Searle said it looked to him like a brothel, and the man is negotiating the price for the young lady with the madam.

The names went past too fast to decipher. It would be nice to see the painting.

The lectures are on youtube.

Narr said...

One of the greatest influences on my thinking has been the late historian John Lukacs. I am re-reading his book "Historical Consciousness" (1968) and was struck by this quotation from Bernanos, writing in 1946:

The democracies have been decomposing, too, but some decompose more quickly than others. They have been decomposing into bureaucracies, suffering from it as a diabetic does from sugar, at the expense of his own substance. In the most advanced cases, this bureaucracy itself decomposes into its most degraded form, police bureaucracy. At the end of this evolution, all that is left of the state is the police . . ."


FullMoon said...

Reminds me of the poor mentally ill guy with a bunch of Pro Trump stuff pasted on his van who was convicted of terrorism. Part of his arsenal was (paraphrasing)"material that when rubbed together vigorously would create incendiary ignition".

"georgfelis | August 12, 2022 at 3:47 pm

Bear in mind, the released inventory contents will be phrased for Maximum Disinformation and Hyperventilation, i.e.
-“One item containing an exchange of diplomatic gestures between the President of France and POTUS on (date/time/location) = A napkin with “where is the bathroom?” written on it.
-“Detailed correspondence between Putin and various Russian officials sent as an overture to POTUS on an unspecified topic, potentially election-based interference along with a possible bribe” = A store-bought Happy Birthday card signed by Putin and several members of his cabinet, along with a signed 1-ruble note bearing various birthday greetings for Baron Trump"

Gusty Winds said...

Does former President Donald J. Trump get arrested and charged with something before the midterms? It's the obvious question du jour.

Gusty Winds says "yes".

What say your Althouse pseudonym?

William50 said...
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Gusty Winds said...

If you're in on the Deep State/DNC/RINO meetings about arresting Trump, do you?

1) Insist on perp walking Trump in front of cameras and the media?
2) Do and early morning arrest with or without flashing light footage?
3} Agree to let Trump arrive in a limo with secret service protecting and/or arresting him?

The visuals are HUGE:

If you're Trump, which one do you agree to?

If I was writing the script, I'd say Trump should pick #3. It's on camera. Milania steps out looking like Venus. Men and women all over America would like to search her underwear drawer too. You insist that the Secret Service arrest you. They are sworn to protect you, and are the only one's that should be allowed. You get out of the limo, uncuffed, and allow them to cuff you.

Or you go with #1 the perp walk. You're weighing "will I be perceived as a martyr by the people" vs. "what does that historical picture look like?" Depends on the outcome.

If ends up a perp walk, the last detail to negotiate is; Is it hands cuffed in front of the belly or behind the back?

If I'm Trump I take cuffed in front. Behind the back is submissive and makes his belly look huge. Cuffed in front, on the way to the car with agents on his elbows, he can still grab his junk and say, "Right here motherfuckers".

Beto O'Rourke will be quietly fuming having been upstages again.

You think I'm nuts??? Shit's gettin' real.

Jupiter said...

"Is the spike protein acting as a prion with regard to hemoglobin molecules? And is porphyria being induced?"

In most cases, the jab-load stays in the muscle tissue. But in a few cases per thousand, it gets shot into a capillary and goes into the general circulation. Which is why young, formerly healthy people are dropping dead all over the world.

Humperdink said...

Has the perp who attacked Salman Rushdie been released with "no bail" yet?

William50 said...

One more try...
Is the spike protein acting as a prion with regard to hemoglobin molecules? And is porphyria being induced?

Jupiter said...

"If I was writing the script, I'd say Trump should pick #3."

If these vermin can dredge up the guts to arrest him, they won't contact his lawyer. They'll pull the same SWAT raid bullshit they've been doing with the little old ladies who wandered through the Capitol on J6. I only hope they get their signals crossed and the Secret Service kills a few of them. Or actually, a whole lot of them.

Andrew said...

I was in the mood to get out of the apartment tonight. I went to a restaurant/bar close by. The music is chosen by whatever patrons pay for. Sort of like a juke box, but it's all online. The sound system reverberates very loudly throughout the establishment.

Someone here has paid for "Soulja Boy" to be played at full volume, and I may have to kill myself tonight. Then that was followed by... lesser rap music. And I do my best not to have hate in my heart. But this music is just shit.

Lem Ozuna from the Braves said...

"Nobody expects the Muslim Inquisition"

What Salman Rushdie reportedly said, upon waking up from his injuries πŸ˜‰

Howard said...

Autumn is falling ever so slowly in Center Mass. We had 17 swimmers for our full moon swim last night. Was even cooler this evening. First use of a knit cap and fleece jacket for apriswimwear. The pond temperature has fallen three degrees since last Sunday.

effinayright said...

farmgirl said...
I love the texture!

Isn't what Cheech and Chong said about corn in a dog's....

(I denounce myself for even remembering such a thing)

Narr said...

I'm not sure Trump will be indicted or arrested by November '22, but it looks to me like that's the plan. At the least, the Kafkaesque demand for every presidential document since Jan '17(!) becomes the motherfucker of process-punishment, and will keep the spotlight on him instead of on those who actually have power . . .

The SWAT-style raids are now SOP. Personally I think treating him (Stone, Manafort, Navarro etc.) as potentially armed and dangerous only makes the Organs look ridiculous.

And as others have noted, Trump is Maganified in the spotlight, not diminished.

rhhardin said...

Mickey Kaus says this warrant raid thing is the same sort of thing that Trump would do so it's fair.

wildswan said...

While the media gets everyone focused on Trump + a few pieces of paper, the Biden Administration is signing a treaty with Iran that will allow it get the bomb and that will lift sanctions. That's the piece of paper that matters.

LibertarianLeisure said...

Truly ribbons of color. Lovely pictures.

gadfly said...

Lying John Solomon wrote that Trump had a standing order which permitted routine declassifications in the White House then went on to display President Obama's executive order that covered the classification procedures of the Obama Administration. What? Trump didn't have an executive order? "Tough titty said the kitty." Trump's undocumented standing order is in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 793 of the Espionage Act. Declassifications require documentation.

Solomon claims that he was appointed as Trump's representative to the National Archives on June 24, 2022, but he could not have had authorization to access classified documents after Trump's term ended on January 20, 2021. So if he was fooling around with the MAL cache of classifieds, he is going down.

Rory said...

A "jolly ball" is a heavy rubber ball with a handle on it. Big dogs play with them. My German Shepherd was gifted one nine years ago, and has never played with it once. Its sitting in the yard has become something of a joke - when we moved I brought it and put it in the new back yard for him to ignore.

Tonight the light sensor went on in the yard. I looked and saw a young deer kicking the heck out of the ball. I suspect that the deer was actually trying to stamp it to death, but it was pretty funny.

gadfly said...

wildswan said...
While the media gets everyone focused on Trump + a few pieces of paper, the Biden Administration is signing a treaty with Iran that will allow it get the bomb and will lift sanctions. That's the piece of paper that matters.

wildswan's wild understatement: "Trump + a few pieces of paper."

Here is the latest on the EU-sponsored treaty with Iran:
[Quote] By implication, Washington is offering Iran the opportunity to avoid a strike by all elements of U.S. power as long as it does not overtly weaponize its nuclear capabilities.

The Biden administration suggests to Iran a tantalizing, implicit compromise:

"Master the nuclear fuel cycle s’il vous plait, but if you must go nuclear, keep your bomb in the basement—as Israel does—and we’ll keep our weapons and Israel’s holstered.” If you are not deterred, however, and openly pursue a weapons program, the United States will use all means at its disposal, not excluding nuclear weapons themselves, to prevent you from getting the bomb."

Israel lent its qualified endorsement of Biden’s new strategy of nuclear deterrence.[Close Quote]

Mutaman said...

Humperdink said...
"Has the perp who attacked Salman Rushdie been released with "no bail" yet?"

Guess it all depends if the local DA is a Lee Zeldin campaign co-chair.

Clark said...

@rhhardin —

This is from Goethe's Elective Affinities:

For the third picture they had chosen Terburg's "Paternal Admonition." Who is not familiar with Wille's splendid engraving of this painting! A noble, knightly father sits with crossed feet, apparently admonishing his daughter. We see her only from behind, a splendid figure in a richly draped white satin dress, but her whole bearing seems to suggest that she is pulling herself together. That the father's scolding is not angry or belittling is apparent from his expression and gestures; and as for the mother, she appears to conceal some slight embarrassment as she looks into a glass of wine she is about to drink.

This is Wille’s “splendid engraving.”

And this is the painting that Goethe calls “Paternal Admonition.” The painting is in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Whoever wrote the description of the painting for the museum's website takes Searle's view rather than Goethe's.

Clyde said...

Has the Saharan dust that we've been getting in Florida been making it that far north (Wisconsin)? It gives us hazy skies and enhances the sunrises and sunsets.

Humperdink said...

Humperdink said...
"Has the perp who attacked Salman Rushdie been released with "no bail" yet?"

Mutaman responded: "Guess it all depends if the local DA is a Lee Zeldin campaign co-chair."

Commie-Pinkos remain in denial.

BUMBLE BEE said...

Once again, you led off with the heavy hitter. Number one is outta here!

Christopher B said...

Factor into any Trump arrest scenario that the full-on-SWAT body-armor-clad automatic-weapons-drawn early morning raid on Mar-A-Lago Monday last was apparently timed to occur when Trump *wasn't there*.

wendybar said...

This thread is the best I have read....

wendybar said...

Mike Davis πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
· Aug 11
In 2012, President Obama secretly told the Russian president he'd have "more flexibility" to negotiate with Russia after the 2012 presidential election.

Clearly classified information.

Why not Espionage Act violation?

Because he's the President.


Humperdink said...

General Michael Hayden .... what happened to you? You claimed, with emphasis, the Hunter Biden was Russian disinformation. And then you doubled when proven wrong. Now you want former president given the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg treatment.

farmgirl said...

Ewwww, effinayright! Lol

I never watched Cheech &Chong. I only listened to Sr Mary Elephant and Dave’s Not Here on a cassette tape back in the day. I never had access to their movies.

My favorite photo is the last. Meditative and soft Southwestern tones. Just beautiful.

On another note: our local hospital is falling to pieces. All part of the plan, methinks. Down to 25beds, surgical team down to 1. The local nursing homes that contracted the hospital doctors have lost that service, now. And ER service. Pure discrimination against the oldest population. Distances up here are not a joke and a family member is expected to take the responsibility over of bringing the I’ll to a hospital.

All this is bonfire talk- but, from an involved and informed person. Who gets healthcare is next… Canadian socialism is creeping downward.

Narr said...

Taking comments about a Iran nuke deal at face value--

I feel SO much better knowing that we're threatening nuclear war over Zion.


Rusty said...

gadfly quoted' "qualified endorsement" That covers a lot of real estate. If you were smart, you'd know that. But you voted for Biden. So that's off the table.
Bad people will do bad things. No matter what amount of assurances to the contrary they give you.
Sometime. Probably before the end of the Biden- I hate to call it an administration- White House residence. Israel will pull a pre-emptive strike on Iran. And you will howl bloody murder about the perfidious Jews.

gadfly said...

Rusty said...
gadfly quoted' "qualified endorsement" That covers a lot of real estate. If you were smart, you'd know that. But you voted for Biden. So that's off the table.

Your comment makes no sense. I voted against Trump but not for his opponent in the past two presidential elections. In 2016 I voted Libertarian because Hillary is also a liar. Under no difference could I ever vote for a known criminal like Trump.

All I was doing was updating the partially incorrect comments of wildswan. Whatever you think is off the table is not your choice to make.

Drago said...

Rusty (to gadfly The Hopeless): "gadfly quoted' "qualified endorsement" That covers a lot of real estate. If you were smart, you'd know that. But you voted for Biden. So that's off the table."

gadfly the Hopeless: "Your comment makes no sense"



Saint Croix said...

I'm going to ditto wendybar at 6:26

good stuff from Gorsuch's clerk.

Gorsuch, by the way, is my favorite on the Supreme Court since we lost Scalia.

Image a world where Gorsuch is not on the Court and Garland is.


Cocaine Mitch for the win.