July 5, 2022

Early July wildflowers at sunrise.


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Inga said...

Flash flood warnings. Looks like there will be thunderstorms all night according to the radar.

farmgirl said...

Stay dry, Inga.

The smell of July in bloom is one of my favorites.

Joe Smith said...

Every single day there is a promo on Twitter's 'What's happening' sidebar promoting something gay.

Today it's from the account 'Openly' titled 'A brief history of LGBTQ+ acronyms – and the meanings behind them'

Also WNBA basketball stories.

It is relentless. Every. Fucking. Day.

And I read no Twitter feeds that would promote those agendas.

Totalitarian media anyone?

gilbar said...

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot denounces 'toxicity in public discourse' days after shouting 'F--- Clarence Thomas!'

When asked about the seeming incongruity of her remarks, Lightfoot replied; "In con WHAT?"

Butkus51 said...

June 25th

'Thank you. F**k Clarence Thomas

10 days later

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot slammed 'the toxicity in our public discourse. 'The toxicity in our public discourse is a thing I think we should all be concerned about, right? And it's ironic obviously that we're having this conversation and what happened on Independence Day,'

had enough yet?

walter said...

Unique experience chez Walgreens tonight. Had a more involved transaction with cashier and realized at some point she is physiologically incapable of direct eye contact. I get it..but it was very hard not to feel alienated by that. Then as I was reaching for my bag of stuff, she tells me "Can I at least take 15 minutes? I haven't had a break yet".
Talking to her manager in headset.
Lack of eye contact very misleading.

Lurker21 said...

I thought, "Gee, Lou Dobbs is all over the news lately. I wonder why?"

Then I realized what was going on.

Wa St Blogger said...

From a Washington Examiner Op Ed.

Democrats will be forced either to stand firm on an unpopular extreme or moderate their positions and anger their base further. As of now, they cannot decide, and they are unprepared.

The dems have really let the radicals box them in on this issue. In effort to appease the radical left, they are preventing themselves from getting a win on abortion. The smart move would be to push for a compromise at 15 weeks. This would be a reasonable and achievable position for the left to take and something they could get in just about every state. The vast majority of abortions take place before 15 weeks, and most people (65%) would support that limit There would be very few times anyone would want an abortion after that, and the Dems could help make sure that people never need that, but they can't do that. They can't get a win at 15 weeks because they radicals want total domination on this issue, they won't settle for anything but unrestricted. This is a position they cannot win, and they will lose moderates because they cannot compromise at a level that would easily get them almost everything they would need. They could focus their time on helping women in crises get their abortions in under the wire and spend less money then they would fighting for 39+ position. An easy win and they can't have it.

Owen said...

The Lori Lightfoot Syndrome of self-contradiction is a kind of linguistic incompetence that parallels or echoes her functional incompetence as mayor. More generally it is a common syndrome among Progs and morons (but I repeat myself) because they just can’t do what they promised or what was expected of them, and so we all end up confused and disappointed. Our own expectations of consistency and effectiveness confound us. We have trouble believing our eyes and ears as we witness their chronic epic failure.

And that disbelief can hinder or even paralyze the only healthy response: which is to laugh them off the stage.

Owen said...

Wa St Blogger @11:30: “…An easy win and they can’t have it.” I agree with your analysis but I worry the pro-life side will be tempted to a similar angry maximalist position —or allow itself to be characterized by the pro-choice side as being that. There is just so much emotion cooking off right now, both because Covid made us all crazy and because Roe had acted like a deep freeze. It was unsatisfactory or revolting to many —but it was settled or seemed to be so. And now nothing is settled, which is at a minimum disruptive and stressful and at the maximum is a shining moment of opportunity for every zealot. I worry that the sane, prudential, least-bad compromise will be trampled by the crazies and the power-hungry.

Lem said...

While most of the writing and commenting seems to focus on how Dobbs is going to negatively impact their lives, is anybody writing about what good could the decision possibly do?

There's got to be something good to come out of a 6-3 decision.

gilbar said...

Serious Question:
How Long, will it be? Before the Highland Park shooter 'self identifies' as a woman?
and is placed in a woman's cell?

Will this happen while he is in jail? Or will he wait until Prison?
I can't see little Skirt Boy wanting to be in a cell with men

michaele said...

Lurker21, I seem to be out of the loop on what's going on with Lou Dobbs. A google search didn't shed any light on the why. If you check back in, do share. Ha, maybe this was a little experiment to se who reads comments.

Lem said...

An easy win and they [Dems] can't have it.

Maybe they want to add abortion to the stable of winning issues for them, like race, the environment, guns.

I’m not going to go as far as saying they want wire hanger stories spattering the press. That would be a terribly biased comment for me to make, so I won’t make it.

link to evergreen video

Lurker21 said...

Michaele, It's good to know that I wasn't the only person in the country who didn't know that Dobbs (Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization) was the recent abortion decision.

Wa St Blogger said...

I agree with your analysis but I worry the pro-life side will be tempted to a similar angry maximalist position

But that is at least a logical position for the right to have. For the pro-life, any abortion can be seen as a loss, and so it is logical that they hold the hard line position in support of that. Not so for the pro-choice. Any abortion is a win, so they CAN settle for 15 weeks and get almost all the abortions they want and with a little work, almost eliminate the need for later ones. Making the right fight against the magnanimous 15 week compromise would be the win, the win they won't do because of the radicals.

Marc in Eugene said...

Who is Lou Dobbs?