June 29, 2022

Sunrise — 5:22, 5:23, 5:24, 5:26.





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Lem said...

Rich Lowry: No, the conservative Supreme Court justices didn’t lie.

"Typical was an exchange between Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Amy Coney Barrett during her hearings. Klobuchar pressed Barrett whether Roe was a “super precedent,” or a ruling that no one thinks is in play anymore. Barrett demurred, “I’m answering a lot of questions about Roe, which I think indicates that Roe doesn’t fall in that category.”

This wasn’t deception — it was clearly saying, if obliquely, that Roe was vulnerable to challenge.

Read the whole thing.

Iman said...

Hutchinson claims to have written a note that Trump Attorney Eric Herschmann says he wrote. A committee searching for the truth would address it as an inconsistency that should be looked at.

Not Clownshow Committee. They say hmmm… inconsistency, but we believe Hutchinson, cuz she’s credible.

There is much fuckery afoot… but still time for the fair-minded Cheney to give Hutchinson an embrace after her performance.

Kai Akker said...

"This is BP with the GM." 2nd to last of his regular weeknight radio shows, for those who know Bob Perkins and his Good Music.

After 57 years on the radio, he decided to take a break. No Mon-Thurs nights anymore, just the Sunday Jazz Brunch show now. Well, 88 years old. WRTI-FM in Philadelphia.

Beautiful show tonight, not a mention that I caught of anything more than that. I took too many of those shows for granted and now I am going to miss them; me and a half-million or so others.

Before BP, well, overlapping, there was Harrison Ridley Jr. and The Historical Approach to the Positive Music.

Will someone else play great cool "classic" American jazz like them? Especially early Nina Simone? I hope there are a couple experts left on the dial.

R C Belaire said...

At least some companies are taking direct action against their woke subsidiaries (from UK Telegraph):

Unilever has blocked Ben & Jerry's from boycotting Israel by selling the ice cream brand’s operations in the country to a local manufacturer.

Consumer giant Unilever slapped down efforts by Ben & Jerry's to take a political stance in the region, saying it "rejects completely and repudiates unequivocally any form of discrimination or intolerance".

Lem said...

Coleman Hughes and Jonathan Haidt talk about the origins of the censoriousness in vogue with the young generation.

Link to YouTube video

BTW. Today is the 15th anniversary of the iPhone.

Narr said...

5:25 needs to shape up.

Narr said...

Is that the Mendota Monster at 5:24?

Jake said...

I bet a flat earth we would say your pictures disprove the globe. They are pretty pics btw.

farmgirl said...

All these photos are calming and sublime- the 2nd fills my heart.

tim in vermont said...

So we have two theories of the war. One is that it's all going swimmingly, and Russia is being ground down and will be humiliated, and that provoking this war was a huge win for NATO, and the other is that US tactics are simply not working, and Russia is showing NATO to be a paper tiger. I don't know which is right. So many lies come from all. sides during war.

I do know that NATO's aggressive war in Libya unleashed a huge influx of refugees into Europe, and the US war in Syria drove millions of refugees into Europe, which was also destabilizing, and may have led directly to Brexit. I don't know why Europeans put up with it, to be honest.

Narr said...

"So we have two theories of the war."

Speak for yourself. The reality is more complex than either, full of unknown unknowns, and not reducible to one extreme or the other.

As for Libya, Syria et.al. I have always favored a minimal footprint--if any--in Islamia for the USA.

Norpois said...

I was interested to see that Hillary called Clarence Thomas a "person of grievance." That sounds like a phrase, whether newly minted or not, that Ann might be interested in discussing. Is a "person of grievance" someone who overdoes their grievancing? as I think Hillary meant? More generally, aren't virtually ALL Hillary supporters "person of [some sort of] grievance"? I don't necessarily mean that in a condemnatory way. You could say, in a democracy, all political views are expressions of grievance.
Is this a new phrase I've missed?

Bender said...

We didn't fight for 50 years just to say that killing babies at 14 weeks was OK.

We didn't fight for some niceties of constitutional law. We fought to stop the killing.

The end of Roe wasn't the end. It was the beginning.

Bender said...

Sandinista dictator Daniel Ortega has ordered Mother Teresa's nuns to be shut down in Nicaragua.

Lem said...

Business Insider: "Since the Roe ruling a gynecology clinic in Texas says it has received increased requests for permanent sterilization: 'I sense that they're scared'"

Anybody still saying abortion was not a form of contraception?

Crazy World said...


gilbar said...

So we have two theories of the war. One is that it's all going swimmingly, and Russia is being ground down and will be humiliated, and that provoking this war was a huge win for NATO, and the other is that US tactics are simply not working, and Russia is showing NATO to be a paper tiger.

here's My Third Theory:
The War is Going Like Shit, and Russia is being ground down and will be humiliated.. AND
US tactics are simply not working, Nato is a paper tiger
BOTH sides are losing (men,supplies,land, materials, time, money).. Russia has LOTS more of each.

Kai Akker said...

And how about a mention of one of the contenders for most beautiful movie ever made? "Jazz on a Summer's Day" features a 1958 Newport Jazz Festival with a little bit of the America's Cup sailing trials thrown in. Made by advertising photographer Bert Stern, it was a labor of love that captures a routine blissful summer day in Newport. The music doesn't start until maybe halfway through. The low-key festival, the young American women with those funny pointy Suzy Secretary eyeglasses, the cool cats snapping their fingers, and a very young George Wein -- a perfect mood. Not a lot of drama but that's partly why it's so tranquil and enjoyable. Musicians include Louis Armstrong, Chico Hamilton, Chuck Berry, Jimmy Guiffre, Thelonious. This movie plays on TCM.

I had thought it was a 1960 festival day but the Imdb blurb says 1958, movie released in 1959. Very different America! All those young people about to step out of the 1950s and then enter a crazier and, arguably, not-better time. The movie lets you enjoy that sweet innocence again for an hour and a half.

peacelovewoodstock said...

Two interesting data points: 1) Republicans have increased their lead in YouGov generic ballot since Roe overturned; 2) CBS poll shows January 6 is least important issue (tenth of list of ten) to voters.

Hard panic time for the left, expect them to be digging deeper into their bag of dirty tricks.

Receipts: https://twitter.com/AndrewHClark/status/1542154325497192450


wendybar said...

Open your eyes.
This is Stalinesque....and it is the left doing it.
Notice that the early morning raids ONLY happen to Trump supporters, and NOT the corrupt, lying under oath Democrats who spewed Russian Collusion bullshit for 6 years lying to the American people to format a COUP against a sitting President??? Why aren't people protesting THIS?? If they can do this to these people, they can do that and worse to YOU. Just ask the people rotting in the DC gulag for trespassing.


tim maguire said...

Lem said...Klobuchar pressed Barrett whether Roe was a “super precedent,” or a ruling that no one thinks is in play anymore. Barrett demurred, “I’m answering a lot of questions about Roe, which I think indicates that Roe doesn’t fall in that category.”

That's funny. "Super precedent"? Is that like double-secret precedent? There's no such thing. A justice's authority to overrule a previous justice is absolute. And potential justices never testify about how they would rule on specific cases.

Humperdink said...

TiV said: "So we have two theories of the war."

Narr responded "Speak for yourself."

Even though he included "we", I believe he is speaking for himself. It is his opinion, which I happen to subscribe to.

This is has inadvertently turned into a US proxy war, with the Ukrainian citizenry suffering as the pawns. It didn't have to be, but Biden provoked the Russians into this without thinking of the consequences. Kinda reminds me of our recent military adventures across the globe - trillions spent, hundreds of thousands killed and maimed, with no positive result. What did we accomplish?

NATO a paper tiger? Wait until the winter heating season begins. They will fold like a cheap suit.

wendybar said...
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wendybar said...

Isn't it funny, how the Pravda media is ALL over the lies of the J6 Propaganda committee, but don't cover things like a Judge ruling that Trump is NO LONGER considered Under Contempt at the witch hunt that New York Attorney General Letitia James ran on because she has been after Trump for years??? What a joke Progressives are. I am glad the truth is seeping through. I hope that somebody goes after the corruption that these assholes forced on us (money wise and time wise) for over 6 years. They all belong in Gitmo. They have done MORE damage to America than many of the terrorists still being held there, that the left haven't release yet.


gadfly said...

Stuck with Jim Jordan during the Capitol siege, Liz Cheney discounted his expressions of concern, saying: “Get away from me. You fucking did this.”

And Jordan proved Cheney's assessment was true when he begged Donald Trump for a pardon.

Mike of Snoqualmie said...

Gaddafi was our guy in Libya. After we destroyed Saddam's Iraq in a blitz, Gaddafi gave up his nukes and stopped terrorist activity. Then comes Hillary Clinton and her desire to reclaim Gaddafi's $Bs so her cronies could get finder's fees. Result, Gaddafi dead, Libya an unstable state with terrorist claiming territory.

Another result was the collapse of the North Korea talks when Trump's National Security advisor (can't remember his name), told Kim that the U.S. would use the Libya model to disarm North Korea. Kim isn't stupid. If the U.S. could turn on Gaddafi, it could turn on him. Say goodbye to a de-nuked North Korea.

Mike of Snoqualmie said...

My phone (Galaxy S10) died this morning. It went into a low-level boot and kept doing that. Sometimes it would boot all the way to operational status, only to start a reboot after 5 or 10 minutes of operation. I can get a new S22 phone for free if I change plans to unlimited data and keep the phone for 36-months.

I'm changing carriers from ATT to T-Mobile. T-Mobile has a home internet plan via 4G/5G while ATT doesn't. ATT has a hot spot plan for 50GB/month for $80/month on top of an unlimited plan for about $140/month (two phones + iPad). T-Mobile's plan is unlimited data for home internet, 2 phones and an iPad. Goodbye ATT! We'd been ATT customers for some 30-years, when our provider was GTE.