June 30, 2022

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Joe Smith said...

Who leaked the SCOTUS draft?

Who planted the RNC/DNC pipe bombs?

Bender said...

While reading about a Supreme Court case decided today and mentioned in the Trump thread, I came across this Sotomayor dissent from a denial of cert in a death penalty case. She opened with, "A jury sentenced Anibal Canales, Jr., to death without hearing any meaningful evidence about why life in prison might be punishment enough."

Why life imprisonment might not be sufficient.

Well, let's see. At the time of the murder, the defendant was already in prison. And he was a member of the "Texas Mafia." And he killed the fellow prisoner on the orders of the Texas Mafia because he had interfered with their business.

In other words, he had already shown that he continues to be a risk to the lives of others even if imprisoned.

Lem said...

I guess we’re never going to find out who leaked the Alito draft.

If we never do, doesn’t that affect the entire flock of law clerks serving SCOTUS right now.

If you’re a law firm that would have hired supreme law clerks the safe bet would be to just skip the entire batch serving at the time the leak took place. Seems unfair that one person can ruin it for their colleagues.

wendybar said...

Is everybody ready for a "Liberal World Order"?? Because that is what a Biden Adviser claimed when asked about the price of gasoline. This was his reply : "“Well, what you heard from the President today was a clear articulation of the stakes. This is about the future of the Liberal World Order, and we have to stand firm.”


Call me a Conspiracy Theorists, but so far I have been right about everything they say they are going to do. You just have to read between the lines if they don't outright TELL you what they are planning.

Wake up. Gas Prices ARE NOT getting better. They want to screw us.

wendybar said...

STILL believe there was no fraud going on int he elections?? It is sad that they are pushing this hard to deceive us, and we wonder WHY they want to take our guns?? THIS is not going to end pretty. They are cheaters.

Humperdink said...
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Howard said...

Free market economies emmerge from liberal democracy. The opposite of a Liberal World Order is a Totalitarian World Order. Too bad Trump failed the January Sixers. Cowardice has consequences.

MadTownGuy said...

Lots of ads these days for biologic medications (mostly ending in -ab), almost all of which give a caveat about yhe potential side effect of lowered immune response. Can any MDs weigh in as to how much risk is involved?

There are a couple of ads about treatments for HIV that render people 'undetectable,' and claim that undetectable=not transmissible. I wonder how true that is.

wendybar said...

Oh Howard. A Liberal World order would make prices of everything higher, and the would force the Progressive view on everything. THAT is Totalitarian. They are Liberal Progressives. They aren't classic Liberals. That boat sailed years ago.

MadTownGuy said...

Howard said...

"Free market economies emmerge [sic] from liberal democracy. The opposite of a Liberal World Order is a Totalitarian World Order."

From shat I've seen, the liberal world order is the totalitarian world order. Lockdowns, ineffectual vaccine mandates,travel restrictions, and outlawing off label use of therapeutics that have been shown to be effective.

"Too bad Trump failed the January Sixers. Cowardice has consequences."

Remember that when the Truth and Reconciliation Police come for you. What's a useful idiot who is no longer useful?

Howard said...

You people don't understand Western Civilization. No doubt the MSM educrat cabal has deprived you of the historical perspective of dead white men like Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, etc. whom saved the world from tyrants with Libralism.

Also, your problem is you don't believe in America. Your pessimism is very Soviet.

wendybar said...

The same clowns pushing a “Liberal World Order” are the same clowns that allowed the WHO to shield China as it unleashed a worldwide pandemic & the same clowns that pushed the Paris Climate Accords & now have them licking Putin’s boots to get his oil.

TheRightWingM πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
We’ve gone from 2021: ”We saved you $.16 on your July4th BBQ.”

to 2022: To those families going bankrupt. Fuck You!!! We have a “Liberal World Order” to build!

#Democrats2022 #Biden2024

Humperdink said...

You people? To whom do you refer oh Master Chef of the word salad?

wendybar said...

Classic Liberalism Howard, not whacked out Progressive Liberalism which is what the Democrat party consists of today. YOU need to open your eyes.

wendybar said...

Tell me Howard....Is this totalitarian enough for you??
These are YOUR people.


farmgirl said...


Peterson has something to say :0)

farmgirl said...

“Also, your problem is you don't believe in America. Your pessimism is very Soviet.“

Please don’t ever change.
Your nonsense makes me laugh when I need it most!!

Yay, 2nd Amendment & the rights to zLife, Liberty &the pursuit of Happiness!!! So Soviet- lol!

Be best.
America last(eh, Howard?)

Michael K said...

Howard said...

You people don't understand Western Civilization.

Howard, we are the ones who took Civics in school and History in college. Your types took CRT and white supremacy. You have no idea how normal people think. Go off and do a Jeffrey Toobin or something. It will relieve your angst.