June 22, 2022

Here are 6 TikToks I've selected for you. Let me know what you like.

1. A downplayed gift.

2. Fear of heights.

3. The opposite of fear of heights.

4. Paul McCartney, on horseback, shows you his sequoia.

5. A man imitates that chickadee you liked so much yesterday.

6. Is it too weird to skip small talk?


Wa St Blogger said...

That cyclist is going to make one little mistake and then we will read about him in the paper or as a finalist for the Darwin award.

AJ Ford said...

No. 6 is thematically related to how long it takes to become friends. Perhaps we are all just asking the wrong questions.

David Begley said...

#3 but without the song.

Temujin said...

#2 & #3 equally as the winners for me. Mainly because driving along high mountainside roads or high-peaking bridges is not easy for me. I hate heights.

#6 was well done. Surprised that I stuck through it, but it was well done.

#5 Chickadee man. If he does another version of that tomorrow, we need to call for help for him.

#4 Sir Paul

#1 Meh.

Godot said...

The last time I cried was during #6

Marc said...

#3 is worse than #2: I don't experience vertigo watching a video clip (although I would as a passenger in that car) but my stomach felt queasy half way through #3. 1, 4, and 6: nice (but didn't watch the Beatles one). #5 was amusing; have now listened to my season's ration of Samuel Barber.

Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

Mountain bike was terrifying! What if he hits a little rock?
Happy to see a reprise of the wonderful chickadee. It looks like the man took the disappointing Ritz cracker with him.
Small talk was really good -- but I do wish TikTok guys who play girls wouldn't show us their hairy chests.
Like Temujin said, #1 Meh.

Curious George said...

#2 The Pike's Peak race is this weekend. See the windy road below? They race up the mountain on that. My son is on his way there tonight. He'll get to watch the race with one of the teams.

dbp said...

"When is the last time you cried"?

Five TikTok videos ago. Also, about one minute in the future.

LH in Montana said...

I liked all of them. But #6 got me to look at his other TikTok's. His video skills and acting are quite good. And I love the philosophy theme throughout.

Also, #5. The timing! I mean how long did he practice that?

The mountain biking one made me think not to show my son and give him any ideas. That looks just like something he'd want to try.

Ann Althouse said...

“ Five TikTok videos ago. Also, about one minute in the future.”

Yes, exactly. I built the list to a narrative arc.

Bob_R said...

In one of the recent tributes to Paul, the writer described him as "the bard of optimism." What is more optimistic than planting a 12" sequoia?

Susan in Seattle said...

The sequoia reminded me of my parents laughing about the 'slow growing sequoia' they'd planted that soon grew to 25'
I ended up liking the small talk video the most of this batch.