June 25, 2022

Althouse photographs a sandhill crane great blue heron.

Meade's photo of me:

My photo of the crane in flight:


UPDATE: As explained in the comments to my other post about this bird, it is not a sandhill crane but a great blue heron. I see a lot of sandhill cranes, and I am too quick to see something this shape as a sandhill crane. But I know the sandhill crane has a red patch on its head and doesn't have those spiking feathers at the nape of the neck.


wendybar said...

Airborne Heel
I don’t know how I’ll be able to look at my son and explain June 24 and how close we came to losing our democracy. Some scars never heal. #June24th


David Begley said...

The Daily Mail reports that a considerable number of prosecutors in states where abortion is now illegal or restricted have agreed not to prosecute the abortionists. IOW, ignore Dodds. Recall that when SCOTUS made SSM legal any judge or clerk who refused to perform a SSM or issue a license got all sorts of grief.

The Dem. candidate for county attorney in Lincoln, Nebraska has vowed to do the same. If he wins, I’m going to file a grievance against him with the Nebraska Bar. To my mind, every prosecutor who refuses to enforce state law should be disbarred. This is pure lawlessness.

gilbar said...

When DOES the J24th committee meet?

Gospace said...

Horror on Oslo Pride day as gunman goes on deadly rampage at gay bar

"Permits and requirements
Norway has some of the strictest gun control laws around today. It is only possible to obtain permission to own a weapon by having officially documented a use for the gun with the local police and taken extensive training relevant to the intended use of the weapon"

So- is this fake news? Or more evidence gun control doesn't work? The court's recent gun control decision was correct.

Lem said...

Breaking: Sandhill crane files safe space grievance against Ann Althouse, husband Meade, Apple iPhone, the Althouse blog commentariat, The University of Madison, The lake wildlife authority (official name scaping my memory right now) and Zeus the dead dog.

gilbar said...

i suppose; Seriously.. You HAVE TO give Joe Biden some credit. I mean; LOOK at the things that have happened on His watch
Gas Prices
Inflation in general
The Ukraine
Gun Control
Abortion Rights
As President O'Bama said..
“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.”
He then reportedly added: “And you know who really doesn’t have it? Joe Biden.”
credit where credit is due

Lem said...

how fiscally painful can an abortion get?

You know, given how the news keeps telling us we are so pain averse that millions of Americans find themselves addicted to pain medications every year, while on the other hand, in the year 2020 alone, almost a million women opted for early termination of their pregnancy with extreme prejudice.

Either, women are being sworn to secrecy about the pain, to protect PP cash cow, or abortions are not that painful at all.

The more I think about the barbarity, the less I understand.

Caroline said...

Absolutely stunning photo…you need a #nofilter tag.

gilbar said...

Okay, today's Serious Question
Why is Dr Jill with the President, in EVERY picture???
Seriously, can you remember a first lady that was Such a Camera Hog?
WHY is she in a picture of him singing a gun control bill? WHY is she in EVERY picture?

I understand, that Joe is NOT able to travel 10 feet without assistance; but what i DON'T understand is WHY they WANT us to know that?
FDR hid his wheel chair
Mrs Wilson HID the fact that Woodrow had suffered a stroke and was brain dead.

But Dr Jill! She WANTS us to know that Joe can NOT function without her. I just don't get it

Lem said...

Heard on the internet: Joe Biden is so bad, even his bicycle doesn't support him. 🤣

reader said...

On a dog walk a few years back we had a crane take off from a perch and glide down the trail in front of us. It was surprising and amazing. I just manage to grab a picture.

Lem said...

Lem said...
how fiscally* painful can an abortion get? 👆🏽

Sorry, I meant to say physically.

Lem said...

Someone please check in on WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin. Her Roe take is really out there.

Link to tweet

Meanwhile, Dave Portnoy, Barstool Bad Boy is saying whatever he believes he has to say to continue his playboy lifestyle. Has Portnoy ever paid for a girlfriend's abortion?

Check Dave's incoherent rant.

Ann Althouse said...

I thought the photo I took was funny. The bird flew by quickly, and Meade caught the shape of the bird, but in my photo, it might as well be a large fright wig suddenly thrown in front of me.

Rusty said...

Plus a sandhill Crane is half again as big. But good photographs anyway. You don't hear that enough.